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25 Things

There has been a facebook note going around for some time. I’ve been tagged multiple times. Assuming everyone who tagged me actually reads this, I’ll participate here instead.


25 Random Things About Me


1. I am deathly afraid of snakes. A few years ago, Stephen and I took a trip to visit my friend Rachel in Kansas. There was an incident involving the three of us, a local water hole, and a very very pissed off snake. My fear began that day and is out of control. I can’t even watch The Jungle Book anymore!

2. I save coke tabs and wine corks. Eventually I’ll give all of my coke tabs to the Ronald McDonald House, apparently they use them or recycle them or something. The wine corks, I’m not sure yet. I’ll make something with them.

3. I don’t go anywhere without my planner. It’s pocket sized. It took me weeks to pick out one that was acceptable.

4. I’ve had glasses since I was two. I am far-sighted and have a crossed eye (no you’ve never seen it, no I won’t show you). I got contacts in the 5th grade. I’m seriously considering getting a pair of glasses even though I swore I’d never wear them again. I’m also going to discuss the option of lasik.

5. I don’t have career goals. I’ve never laid in bed dreaming of the ideal career. Ever. Well, maybe in the third grade. But then I just made my sister come play school with me so I could be the amazing teacher I thought I could be! This really made me feel out of place in the UT business school… surrounded by overachievers and business-minded people.

6. When I’m stressed my body goes crazy. I get headaches and golfball sized knots in my shoulders.

7. I have a LOT of random health issues. None of them are really serious. My doctor has actually told me that I should play the lottery since the chances of one person having all of these random no cause/no cure issues is so slim.

8.  Sometimes I still stare at my engagement ring.

9. I’m terrified of knives. I use them all of the time, but I’m nervous when anyone else is using them. When I was little, I sliced my hand open when I was trying to cut an acorn in half… on my hand. Yeah real smart.

10. If there is no Chapstick in my pocket, I have a slight panic attack.

11. I thought marriage was going to be harder than it actually is. I thought homeownership was going to be easier than it actually is.

12. I love getting mail. (Not bills.)

13. I truly think I have the best dog in the world. I will devote a blog to her awesomeness in a few days.

14. I think baseball is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

15. Every food can be improved by adding one of the following: cheese, chocolate, bacon, or butter.

16. I love to read. But I don’t usually like to read anything with any substance. That’s very similar to the movies I watch. Just dumb and mindless chick flicks.

17. I forget to pack underwear on about 60% of the trips I take. I always have to buy new ones when I arrive. Consequently, I have a lot of cheap, Walmart underwear.

18. I truly think that The University of Texas is the best school in the world. If you consider the education, price, sports, amazing location, available activities… it’s hands down. I think singing The Eyes of Texas in a crowded stadium is awesome. I think the Longhorn logo is classy. I think the hand sign is better than any other school. And I think burnt orange and black are a beautiful combination.

19. I hate the word raw. I’ve gotten better and can now handle it if it’s reference to food. But if you say that your skin is r** from blowing your nose too much, back up because I may vomit on you.

20. I wish Lindsay, Lyndsey, and Rachel would move to Houston.

21. I’m an extremely picky sleeper. It has to be cold. I have to be covered. Nobody can touch me. I lay flat on my back with my hands laying over my abdomen, like I’m in a coffin. If there is any noise, I will wake up.

22. I enjoy grocery shopping. I clip coupons and make a detailed shopping list. I never have a shopping trip that is less than an hour long. I take my time, read prices, go over my menus, and get extremely excited when they say, “You saved $____ today, Mrs. Hurst.”

23. My ideal vacation is a cruise or a beach. I’m perfectly content spending 5 days on the beach, eating, drinking, and reading. I don’t need to travel the world. I don’t need to see monuments. I just need to sleep and see a pretty ocean. Any non-beach vacation we ever take will be Stephen’s idea. Oh, except Disney World. That’s actually my ideal vacation. It’s the happiest place on earth and I’d go once a year if I could afford it!

24. I have very healthy fingernails. They grow quick and thick. I very rarely paint them though. However, I believe that women should always have their toenails painted. Toenails are so ugly, they need to be covered up.

25. I truly enjoy blogging and wonder why I didn’t start sooner. Everyday, I am humbled by the amount of people that actually read this. I truly appreciate it and love your comments. And I’m also curious as to why Thursdays don’t get as much traffic. Maybe I should do some sort of science project on this topic!


Hope you enjoyed this and learned a little something about me. I’m curious if Stephen, my sister, or my mom learned anything new.

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Strength in Numbers

Have you ever read “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”?? Yeah, yesterday was one of those. I didn’t wake up with gum in my hair or trip on my skate board, but the frustration was comparable, I’m sure. We can assume that our buddy Alex was in the early years of elementary school. So while it may have seemed awful to have to wear his train pj’s, we know (since we are in our older, wiser years) that he has no idea what a bad day entails.


I woke up and got ready for work. I knew I had to wait until 8 before I could leave the house. I wanted to speak with the insurance company before taking our beautiful new baby on the crazy Houston freeways. Since their offices opened at 8, I figured I’d be out of the house by 8:15. No such luck. For some reason, they decided that the opening time was optional. I started calling at 7:55. No answer. Again at 8. No answer. This goes on and on. At about 8:20 I decide to start typing in random extensions… surely someone is there! Nope. All voice mail. I finally got an answer. At 8:40.


For the sake of brevity (and to make sure I don’t look too whiny) I will leave out a few instances that added to my frustration. Like the pissed off postal worker, the two prescriptions that cost over $100 a piece, the phone circle I had to go through in order to make an appointment for the repairs on our car, the sales guy (Claude) laughing at my question like I was some sort of idiot, the chicken I dropped on the floor while making dinner, really don’t think I need to go on.


Claude called me to tell me I needed to come pick up our car from the service center. At this point, the car had been there 3.5 hours. He proceeds to tell me that they had the wrong paint so they couldn’t fix the scratches on the door. Well can I just leave it there so you can do it tomorrow? No ma’am. Our repair guy won’t be here tomorrow. He only works on Wednesdays. You mean to tell me that you only have one guy in your entire company that can paint my car door? Well yes. Well I know it’s inconvenient but I assure you that you will be very pleased with the car. Yeah, okay. We’ll come pick it up.


We get there to bring home our beautiful (non-Aggie) vehicle. And wait, hmm, yeah, we can’t find your keys. I know they are here somewhere (I sure hope so!) if you will just give me one minute, I will find them. One minute goes by. Then many many more one minutes go by. Then the verdict. They are in the vault and we can’t get to them. But you will come out great in this deal, we’ll lend you a nice 2009 for the day. I think I almost growled at him. Honestly, if Stephen weren’t there, I may have lost my mind. More minutes go by as he finds the key to this vehicle.


As Stephen goes outside to get a copy of our insurance I tell Claude that I will be back in the morning to return this car and pick up mine.

Claude: No, go ahead and keep it all day, bring it back after work.

Me: No, I have a doctor’s appointment close by in the morning, I’ll come by afterwards.

Claude: No, you should take advantage and enjoy driving this car for a day.

Me: No thanks, I’d really prefer to enjoy the wonderful car we just bought. I really like it and I’d prefer to drive that one. I’ll be here in the morning.

Claude: Well yes, that would be good.


I growl the entire drive home in our old Cavalier. Little did I know, Stephen was in the 2009 Murano LE drooling over all of the features. I was near my breaking point as we pulled into the driveway. He yells over to me, “Come here. Check all of this out! Get in, we’re going for a drive.” I walk over and take a look. Yes, it is very nice, but it’s not ours. (This was another grocery store type event where I felt like I was cheating… My poor scratched up Murano waiting in the service center while we are driving around in the newer, fancier car… It broke my little heart.) I tell Stephen that if we are driving somewhere, we are getting ice cream. I run into the house and grab a “buy one get one free” coupon and we head to Baskin Robins. Things were starting to look up. Ice cream can do that to a girl. So can the promise of a foot rub. (Oh how I love my husband!)


We go into the store and start reading the menu, trying to figure out what these “Tasty Creations” are that are advertised on my coupon. The woman sees my confusion and asks if she can help. I give her my coupon and ask her what Tasty Creations are and how can we get them asap?! She looks at the coupon and smiles at me. “This is for Marble Slab…”


Alexander, I feel your pain. If the only bad thing that had happened to you all day was not having a toy in your cereal box while your two stupid brothers found their toys, it wouldn’t have been so bad. If it were only the railroad train pj’s, you would have gotten through it. I know this. Because, honey, there is strength in numbers. This is one of those instances when the sum is greater than its parts… and, wow, January 28, 2009 was Chelsea’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

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Loser Week 4: Featuring Kurt Warner (because he’s not busy right now)

I’m going to have to apologize for this post in advance. I began my Loser viewing at 10pm, after hours of discussion and decision-making at the dealership. (Just so everyone can rest easy, we bought the Murano. It is beautiful and perfect and I’m pretty sure it was made for me! Pictures to come.)


Maybe it was just my severe fatigue, but I thought this episode was dull. It was Superbowl week (even though this was filmed months ago!) We started off with a challenge, guess the calories in the common Superbowl dish. I’m pretty sure these contestants have been slacking on their homework because their answers were all over the place. The winners were Dan, Helen, and Kristin. They then got to spend some time with Curtis Stone (who?!) to learn to cook (one meal, chicken skewers). Whoever guessed the calories in that won a 2 pound pass for his teammate and Curtis would go home and teach them to cook as well. Dan won that, and I was extremely happy about that (although it proved to not matter). I would actually have been happy with any of those three.


We then got to travel home with Blaine for the birth of his 4th child, baby Brecken. I’m not so sure how I feel about that name, but that family is so sticking cute! And it was great to see that even though he was gone for three days, he was still able to lose 11 pounds. I’m still in favor of team black and think they will go far.


The physical challenge this week was one of those that ticks me off. I think that the winner of the physical challenge should be the person with the most strength, endurance, drive, etc…. NOT the person who sucks the most and isn’t seen as a threat. Anyone with me on this? Basically, the contestants ran up and down a football field, carrying a football with them, Kurt Warner cheering them along. They’d then drop their football in someone else’s bin. If your bin gets 5 footballs in it, you’re out. So obviously the strategy is to go for the strongest players first. Within a couple minutes, all of the strong players are out and it’s now a competition of the weaker links. I think this defeats the purpose of a physical challenge. I don’t think it’s rewarding these strong competitors. NBC, can you please hear my cry and make adjustments??????


The weigh-in started off pretty sad. The two youngest teams were below the yellow line. Dan and Dave (team orange) and Mike and Ron (team brown). Ron gave a sad plea to the group for him and his son. Everyone was crying, people were torn in their decision, and you could see the stress on their faces. As a viewer, you really want the brown team to succeed. There is something about them that makes you want to see this father-son combo come out of this with a new view on life.  Then there is the orange team. Although Dan is extremely overweight, he has a lot of heart. He wants to be thin and he’s willing to work for it. He’s a fun, lovable guy. Dave, his teammate, was an at-home contestant. They often showed video of him eating fried chicken or hanging out and smoking. During the orange team’s time to make their plea, Dave said “It’s very hard for me to be here. I can do this at home.” (Which we can see is NOT true.)


The voting was almost exactly split. So many people were pulling for team brown. However, there were some people who were so appalled by Dave’s comment that they wanted him to stay. It appeared that he didn’t think he had a problem. In the end, team orange was voted off. It was nice to see that Dan had lost 101 pounds since starting and the ranch. Dave had lost 40.


Oh, and an update on Joelle. She actually worked a bit this week. They made it sound like she’d done a 180 and is now committed to the process. I’m not sold. She was just 2 pounds from being under the yellow line. So sit tight, there may be more Joelle drama coming. Her teammate is back and, well, we all know what a lovely friendship they have!

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Altima vs. Murano

Today will be a different type of post… I need your help. Stephen and I will be buying a car in the next couple days. We’ve narrowed it down to two vehicles. We’re back and forth on this decisions, there are pros and cons to each. So please help. Ultimately, it’ll come down to our decision and how we feel after we’ve driven both cars. But I would love to have your vote and any supporting arguments. (Anyone see The Office last week? Hillary Swank, hot or not? Much like that, only this vote matters.)


Pictured below are our two choices. If we go with the Altima, it’ll be the brick red. If we go with the Murano, we are unsure. I do know that I want an actual color (not white, cream, champagne, etc.)


Take into consideration our lifestyle. Necessities: safety, comfort, family-friendliness, design of car, etc.






Or Murano?


It’s a tough decision, I know. Both are so beautiful! Any thoughts, arguments, and observations will be helpful. Here are two more pictures to help with your decision-making.






Or Murano? (We won’t be getting this orange one…)


Let the voting begin.

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Long Lived The Kar

Dear KAR,


Since 1998, you have been a constant in the Rosenhagen family. You began your life devoted to your namesake, Mr. Kurt Alan Rosenhagen. Over the years, you began to show your wear and tear. Carting around kids, having mounds of suitcases stuffed in your on-going trunk. Then, on July 28, 2007 you shifted your loyalties and accepted Stephen as a new master.


We thank you for your service. Even on your moodiest of days, you still took us to work. Even though you threatened us often, you only refused to do your work a handful of times.


I apologize for any ill words I may have ever said to you in anger. So your front windows didn’t roll down, that’s okay. You refused to display the majority of the lights on the dash, that’s okay. Sometimes the AC turned on full blast for no reason, that’s okay. We all have our quirks.


It’s a sad day in the Rosenhagen-Hurst households. We knew this time was approaching. However, that doesn’t make it any easier to let you go.



Chelsea, Your Passenger on the Road of Life


-Tonight, in remembrance of The Kar, raise a glass in her honor. She will be missed.

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Diagnosis: Ignoritis

This was one of those eventful weekends that provided many blog-worthy events. “Chelsea, how in the world did you decide?” Well friend, it was tough. I chose this topic because, honestly, there is no better way to start your week than with a great Stephenism.


I thoroughly enjoy a clean, well decorated house. I don’t actually have a house with those qualities, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them. For those of you who have never visited Hurst Castle, we have 4 bedrooms. Four bedrooms, two people. You may think, “What do you possibly do with that much extra space?” I’ll tell you. We fill it with crap. We don’t throw anything away. We shove it into an extra bedroom and shut the door. It’s awful and embarrassing and we both hate it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t one of those people who are scared of the trashcan. I’ll blame my frugal father. He always has a use for something. Old kitchen cabinets? Don’t throw them away, those are great for garage storage! Extra garage door lying around? That’ll be a perfect roof for my wood storage area! Extra orange church pew? Bring it over, that’ll look excellent in our sun room.


So when the good Lord blesses me with a desire to clean out, I do not ignore His voice! Those moods are few and far between. Of course when I approach a closet or bedroom, I’m completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. I start doubting my ability to throw things out. How God? How do you expect me to do this?? Don’t you know who my father is? You can’t possibly think I could put that aside and throw out this perfectly good Rubbermaid drawer set?! I know its purple and pink and sparkly. I know the middle drawer’s handle is broken off. I know the top drawer doesn’t open if there is anything sitting on top of it. I know! But what if I need it some day??So this is the pattern. I keep crap, I flirt with the idea of throwing it out, I wimp out, and I don’t think about it for a while. I ignore it. We’ll call this “Ignoritis.”


I didn’t realize how common this Ignoritis was. But my wonderful husband was also experiencing it this weekend. Just so you know, as Stephen as my witness, I never make these stories up. He really is that hilarious. So below is the encounter when I was able to diagnose my husband with Ignoritis.


Sunday afternoon, sitting on the couch. (I’m C, he’s S… you know, in case that was hard to figure out.)


C- So are you going to go hang that thing in the hallway for me?

S- puts head down and closes his eyes… long pause

C- Um, are you praying over this decision?

S- another long pause, turns head slightly, cracks open eye and looks at me. Well, no, I was just hoping you’d forget.


Much like a toddler, Stephen assumed that if he closed his eyes, I would go away. The to-do list would go away. The responsibility would go away. And as ridiculous as it is, I’d argue that most of us do that. (Except the freaks out there that actually do have a pristine house and are friends with the trashcan.) If I want the mess to go away, I close the door… somehow assuming that it will forget it needs to be cleaned.


So it was a long weekend of prying open those eyes. Of course when you’ve been shutting your eyes for as long as I have (and with such great strength), it takes longer than a weekend to truly address the issue. I’m trying to face my vicious disease head on. I’m armed with black industrial trash bags and a vision for the future.


And mark my word, I will do everything in my power to hide our bags of trash from my dad.

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You Say ‘Weird’… I Say ‘Unique’

Yesterday my friend Jim posted on his blog about weird daily habits. I thought it was hilarious so I’m going to copy. I shared a few of mine with him and we got into a discussion about how weird people are. So, I will list a few of my super weird daily habits. Use the comment section to share your own. (Jim and Sarah, I’ll let you share yours!)

Here’s mine (don’t judge me):


-Every morning, I wake up at 5:50, take a shower (in the dark), throw my hair up in a towel, and go back to sleep. Every morning. Most days, I don’t remember my showers. When my second alarm goes off to tell me to wake up (which of course I don’t), I am often unaware what time it is and if I have showered, so I reach up and touch my hair to see if there is a towel on my head.


-Stephen wakes me up every morning by popping my toes. He often pops them at night too.


-Stephen and I kiss 4 times before going to sleep.


-I have a severe Chapstick addiction. This is more like an hourly habit, not a daily habit. I would say that I apply atleast 12-35 times a day. (Application varies depending on what I’m eating, how much I’m talking, the weather, etc.) I completely blame my friend Lucy for this. She moved to Houston our sophomore year in high school. You know how high school friends are: I liked baseball,  so I taught her to like baseball. She liked flavored Lip Smackers, so she taught me to like flavored Lip Smackers. We had every kind. Little did we know, there are addictive qualities. After further research, I have found that my lips no longer produce their own moisture, so I am literally dependant on chapstick. It takes me approxiamtely 21 days to go through a tube. No, I won’t quit. No, don’t try to convince me. (For the record, the only reason Lucy was able to quit was because she moved to windy Corpus and it was necessary so that her hair didn’t always get stuck in her lip gloss.)


I think those are the major ones. I’d share some of Stephen’s but I’m afraid that would be breaking some sort of blogging rule. So maybe he’ll share them on his own. I’m looking forward to hearing some of yours, they may make me feel a bit normal.

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A Stranger in a Foreign Land?

You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you go some place familiar? There are no surprises, no confusion, everything seems right. The people in Cheers had it right… sometimes you do want to go where everyone knows your name. And even if they don’t know your name, they atleast know your face. At least when you walk in, you don’t feel like a fish out of water.


Last night on the way home from work, I had to stop at the grocery store. I’m normally a Kroger’s girl. But I had an HEB gift card so I thought I may as well do my quick trip there. Honestly, when I pulled into the parking lot, I felt like I was cheating. What had my dear Kroger’s ever done to me? The trip doesn’t start off well. The parking lot (as usual) is packed. At MY grocery store, I’m always in the first 5 spots. So I pull up to a spot about 15 spots back and there is a lady in the next spot over unloading her groceries. I’m not quite sure why, but she has chosen to park her cart in the empty parking spot and walk back and forth to her trunk. Besides the fact that this is completely illogical, it’s also rude! So I sit there with my blinker on. (Because if I had passed this spot up, I’d have to drive at least 10 more spots… no thank you!) She finally wheels her cart over to her trunk (not because she’s being courteous, but because her cases of water are too heavy to carry.) I pull in and get out. She turns to me and says, “Would you like to take my cart?” Okay now lets not kid ourselves. She wasn’t asking because she thought they may have run out, she was asking so she didn’t have to put it away. She was politely telling me to take this away for her. I smiled my biggest smile and said, “Well thank you! I’d love your cart”  and made my trek inside.


I walk in and as I do, I notice big boxes of firewood outside. I remember Stephen mentioning that we should get some more. But now I’m inside. And there are mobs of people coming through the “IN” door. I’m new here, is this the type of place where I can walk out the IN door? Should I leave my cart and run out and get some? But someone may steal my cart… and if I just had to walk across a bumpy parking lot listening to the awful cart-rattle, there was no way I was going to give it up. I stand there for a second, thinking it over. I turn around and an old man is staring at me annoyed because I’m blocking his way to the berries. At my grocery store, I’d hold my head up with confidence. Say, “Excuse me sir, I need to get around you. I need fire wood.” But not here, I’m on his terf. Defeated, I walk on and ignore the fire wood.


Next stop, avocados. I prefer the smaller ones since they are cheaper. I had perfect access to the large ones, but at $1.69, I decided I’d make my way to the small ones. Standing there was a girl with her mom. She was probably a junior or senior in high school but looked like she was 25, wearing an elegant cardigan and a sleek, short haricut. I heard her saying, “Regardless, I don’t expect you to be one of those helicopter moms. You’re just not that way Mom. You are much more mature and you trust me.” I stared for a short second and the both looked at me. “I, uh, need some avocados,” I sputtered out to this grown up girl. She looks at me and bursts out, “Oh my! I didn’t mean to block you. I apologize ma’am.” MA’AM? I’m a ma’am at HEB? Oh dear God, we aren’t in Kansas anymore Toto!


The rest of my shopping trip was similiar. It was unfamiliar. I had to back track numerous times since I’m not used to the layout. I was frustrated. As I walked up to my cashier, he greeted me with a smile. What? Happy employees? This really wasn’t like my Kroger! He’s scanning all of my goods and I look down on the counter in front of me. I see a shopping list, so of course I read it. (I should have taken it for proof, but see below for an abridged version.)


Shopping List

-Potatoes (these are just past the veggies, on your left. Just get a few (3) big bakers)

-Milk (skim)

-Olive Oil (this is on the aisle with all of the baking supplies, call if you need help picking)

-Bread (whatever kind you like)

Thanks honey! Call if you have any questions.


I smile as I realize that this HEB isn’t much different than my Kroger… men don’t know how to shop here either!

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Loser Week 3: Losing Nicole Richie

Last night as I was watching the screaming mad cat fight between Joelle and her teammate Carla, I thought to myself, “This would be a pretty tame season without these two. Nobody else has drama.” If I was a character in a book and I had said that, we would call that foreshadowing. And foreshadowing it was.


The episode started with another temptation. Whatever team consumes the most calories gets to take their trainer home and work with them one on one. The twist: You don’t know how much your teammate is eating, and you don’t know how much the other team is eating. Well as you might guess, Joelle and Carla won. So Bob packed his bags and went to Detroit to train with them watch them almost kill each other. You know, I didn’t actually see the fire breathing hot dog lady from last week (I don’t eat any sort of tubed meat, so I definitely never went to the hot dog line) but I wonder if her name happened to be Carla. That woman was scary.


So anyways, the rest of the episode wasn’t all that exciting. Maybe it was to you, but I was busy trying to knit and since I have the equivalent of two left feet when it comes to knitting, it took a lot of my attention. The weigh in was normal. A few people lost a great amount of weight. The brown team has now lost 93 pounds in the past 3 weeks which prompted the quote of the week from Bob, “That 93 pounds is Nicole Richie!” As expected, Joelle was under the yellow line. You could see a little glimmer of hope in Bob and his teammates at the chance of getting rid of her. Of course it’s not that easy. She was up against Damien, a very nice man who is on the show with his fiance. He, naturally, didn’t seem worried. There was no question who Bob’s team was going to vote off and it seemed that all the other contestants were straightforward as well. Apparently when we weren’t looking, Jillian’s team grew another face to become the stereotypical two-faced game playing team. They all “on their own” decided to vote Damien off. Oh yeah, and Joelle cried. Ha. She was so close to being released, but at the last second, it was snatched away from her. At least she’s safe from the wrath of Carla for one more week.


So that’s that. It wasn’t too exciting. But I’m anxious for next week. I think the fangs are officially out and it’s now a ‘game’. With the black team seeming to be the leaders of this pack, they will go far. Let the drama ensue.


On another note, the plumber came out yesterday and fixed our shower and washing machine leak for a mere $55 (oh how I love our Home Warranty!). I think a truly relaxing bath is in order.

January 21, 2009 at 9:13 am 5 comments

Kids These Days

I’ve always hated when adults talk about the “real world”… Really, this is one of my greatest pet peeves in life. I understand that high school and college are extremely different than adulthood, but that doesn’t make them less real. In college I still woke up in the mornings a few hours later than I do now, I got dressed mostly t-shirts and flops, did my daily activities usually more exciting than they are now, sometimes went to work more fun, less pay, and went to bed many hours later than I do now. You know, I drank in college but not enough for me to have imagined all of those things… I’m pretty sure they were real. And, yes, they occured in the world. Hence, real world.


I can, however, relate to the saying “kids these days.” They are definately living in a different time. Listen, I’m only 24. But looking back to my childhood, I can’t deny that things have changed. Think about the obvious… video games. I come from a family that didn’t really play video games. We played outside. (Imagine that?! Kids? Outside? Gasp!) When we finally got some sort of a game system, it was the original Nintendo. “Well that’s not so bad, Chelsea. That was a great game system.” I’m not knocking the Nintendo, it’s still my favorite. But we didn’t get it until the Super Nintendo came out and my dad got the original at a garage sale. So I’m used to a game system where you can only walk forwards and you have to blow in the cartridge to make it work. Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way.


A couple weeks ago we were hanging out with some of Stephen’s family. At one point, I was dragged into one of the bedrooms to “see the kitties” with Stephen’s cousin’s daughter, Taylor. She was using an old toothbrush to brush Kitty. Good thing Taylor is cute because hanging out with cats instead of family is really not my idea of a great time. I tell Taylor that I think her kitty brush is funny. She says, “It was Tia Boo’s (read: Aunt Maureen’s), but it’s broken so I use it on Kitty.” I think the word “broken” is an interesting choice of words so I respond, “Oh, did Tia Boo get new one and that’s why she gave that to you?” And Taylor looks up at me and says, “Yeah, she got a new one because this one is broken. It ran out of batteries so it doesn’t work anymore.” I didn’t know what to say. Do ‘kids these days’ actually not know what a manual toothbrush is??


This past weekend I was shocked yet again. Stephen and I went to see the Body Worlds exhibit on Saturday. We were standing at a case that held a spinal cord. There was a mom across the case that was explaining to her son that Superman, Christopher Reeve was paralized because he injured his spinal cord. I thought it was great that this mom was trying to relate to her son so he’d understand what he was seeing. (A few short minutes later I overheard a kid ask his dad if that was an ear – it was a kidney – and the dad just kept saying yes. Um, what? Way to educate your child!) Anyways, so I was enjoying the way the mom was leaning down to her son and explaining this. All of a sudden the kid looks up and said, “Wait a second. I thought Dean Cain was Superman?!” Stephen and I exploded in laughter. The mom looks at us and is like, “I cant believe my son doesn’t know who Christopher Reeve is!” I told her that I was actually sortof impressed that he knew who Dean Cain was. The kid was like, “Well that old Superman just looks like dad in a jumpsuit.” We’ll blow past the idea that this woman is blessed to have a husband that looks like Christopher Reeve! (See previous entry, I know I’m blessed too!)


So here I am, announcing to the whoever cares to listen… I don’t understand kids these days!

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