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Time Flies!

I’m a lover of blogs. I love blogs about day to day life. I love reading the humor that comes along with being transparent. While this is not my New Year’s Resolution, it’s still a great time to get started and see if I enjoy keeping a blog as much as I enjoy reading them.

The origin of the name: Well it’s about me and my life. Right now, my life is all about marriage, family, and homeownership. I feel that Roots and Rings is a pretty accurate depiction of both the irritation and glamour that come along in these stages of life. Everyone remember the wonderful beast of a root that was waiting for us in our beloved home on move-in weekend? And when kids come along, “roots” will take on a new meaning.  

I love reading and have always wished I were a good writer. This will provide me some sort of outlet to write about what I want, and it will provide you updates on our lives and hopefully a little entertainment. Stephen and I will now have a way to look back and remember what is happening in our lives. Honestly, I just blinked and I am suddenly an adult. I have been married a year and a half, I own a home, Rookie has lost her puppy energy, my sister is well into college, and my husband is wanting to add “Make a Baby” to our 2009 To Do List. And all of a sudden I have decided that knowing one crochet stitch is no longer stimulating, so my New Year’s Resolution is to give in to the aging process and learn to knit like a proper old woman. Yes, time flies.



Welcome! (Happy birthday Mom!)

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January 2009


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