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Surrounded By Losers

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again. Time to sit on your couch with a plate of chicken parmesan and watch the inches fall off of these poor Biggest Loser contestants. Yes, at some times it is overwhelming. You may be tempted to look away when you notice that all of the men have bigger boobs than you. But keep your eye on the goal people!! Just a few months and about 13 million Brita and Extra Sugar Free Gum plugs later, these people will have made the ultimate transformation. It’s addicting. I can’t stop watching. From week one, I learn to love these contestants. I want to see them succeed. Each week that Jillian makes someone cry or Bob make someone vomit, I rejoice as I know they are one step closer to reaching their goal.


Last night I turned on the tv to see the 22 new contestants that NBC had picked. Oh the joys!! The heaviest woman! The oldest couple! And (are you kidding?!) the heaviest man… weighing in at 454! It was a fabulous start to season 7. The old man passes out before things even get started, giving everyone a scare. They all stand there crying, knowing that they are getting a glimpse of their future. How could you not love this show? Reality television for a good cause.


The men in my office have decided to start their own Biggest Loser. They all threw in $50 to contribute to the prize, I made an awesome spreadsheet that will automatically calculate everyone’s weight loss percentage, and a scale was brought in. Can you imagine my excitement? Another place for me to watch the progress. I don’t think anyone will be losing 30 pounds like our dear friend Daniel did last night, but the possibilities still excite me. Just knowing that these men will have to put down their cigarettes and dip cups long enough for the weigh-in makes me a bit giddy.


To all of you Loser lovers, who is your pick? Do you think it will be a Jillian victory yet again? Does anyone else think Team Orange and Team Black are going to dominate? Ohhh the anticipation!!

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