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Ancient Chinese Torture, Provided by Ike

Life in Hurst Castle has been a bit more interesting since Hurricane Ike’s visit. We had the typical damage… down trees and fences. The tree debris was removed shortly after the storm leaving a massive hole in our backyard that slightly resembles the effects of a meteor. Our fences were replaced as well. New post holes were dug, cement was poured, and a new beautiful fence now spans our backyard. All except two spots… an area for our neighbor to have full access to his electric meter thing (it’s the least we could do, we crushed his garage) and a spot by his garage that we will not replace until he replaces his garage. So we came home yesterday to a giant machine of some sort, tearing down his garage. It was loud and a mess… but it was so beautiful! We’re seeing progress! Almost four full months after Ike, our neighbor is finally able to get someone out to remove the remains of his crushed garage. So I went inside with a little hop in my step!


Sadly, that wasn’t our only damage. A branch pierced our roof and rotted out our bathroom. For the last 4 months, we’ve been using the guest bathroom. It’s not ideal, but it works. Last night was a relaxing night. I made dinner, practiced my knitting (screwed that up horribly!), and in an effort to avoid putting away the Christmas decorations, I took a bath. Since our master bath doesn’t have a bath tub, I never took baths before Ike. I’m enjoying this new activity of mine. Except last night… Slowly that faucet had developed a leak. It started with a drip, now it’s a stream. Like a good wife, I googled “faucet leaks” and printed instructions on how to fix it. It seemed easy. They didn’t mention that one of the pre-requisites for 1965 faucet fixing is a Masters Degree. Since neither of us have one of those, it’s still dripping. So there I am, in my nice bubble bath, smelling like peaches and reading my latest book, with a constant stream of water pouring into my bath. I decided it would be a good time to practice the art of speed reading and speed shaving. (Neither are really recommended during times of distress.)


While I’m ecstatic about our neighbor’s progress and an entirely completed fence in our foreseeable future, I’m also reminded that there is a long way to go before we are back to normal. The reminder comes in the form of a stream of water in my otherwise relaxing bath.

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