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Here’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo, take it or leave it:


*I couldn’t be more pleased with the game last night. Since the stress of the UT game left me with a three-day migraine, I decided not to actually watch the BCS “Championship” Game. But I had it on (because, honestly, how could you not?!) Well done Gators, well done Tebow. Poop on Stoops.


*Anyone ever tried to teach an 8 pound Shih Tzu how to high five? It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.


*Stephen and I pulled into the driveway after work last night. I started walking to the back door as he was getting his laptop of out the car. I was shocked with the sight, “Oh wow Stephen, the neighbors tore down their garage. It looks so weird back here.” He hesitates (probably thinking that my migraines have really messed with my memory) “Chelsea, they tore that down yesterday. Don’t you remember?” So I keep staring because, yes, now I remember that they actually tore it down yesterday. What is different?? Something is different!! Suddenly I realize. Our fence is gone. And, uh, that’s a weird feeling.


*I’m having knitting withdrawls.


*I have to take down all of my Christmas decorations this weekend. Yes, they are still up, don’t judge! It’s a lot of work to take it all down. I’m sad to think about how plain our house is going to look. Maybe that means its time to take on a new project… Paint the wood panel walls? Yes please!


*Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!!!! “What did you do for him this morning? Did you make him a wonderful breakfast?” Well… no. I’m not good at mornings. Especially mornings post-migraine. So my poor husband woke up at 5am to go turn the hot water on so we’d have hot showers (remember our leak? we turn off the hot water to stop the leak… we’re geniouses, I know!) He’s walking back to bed and notices a spot on the floor. Rookie vomit. He cleans it up and goes back to bed. What a great start to a b-day. When he wakes up for his shower, Rookie follows him into the bathroom and throws up again. I’m convinced that Rookie thought this was some sort of special b-day gift. My phone died so I was relying on him to wake me up. Needless to say, we were running late. Breakfast came from the Whataburger drive-thru. Best. Wife. Ever.


(Oh also, this day reminds me that Stephen was an 11 pound baby… oh dear God, please please please don’t let that happen to me!!)

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