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Bringing Down The Cheer

I spent Saturday taking down our Christmas decorations. It’s a long process, and quite honestly, it sucks. Of course nobody wants them to stay up all year, but its really depressing to take it all down. I kind of enjoy having 3 giant socks hanging by my fireplace. So with my head hung and a tear in my eye, I put all the shiny, sparkly, festive decor into their homes. As I snapped the last Rubbermaid tub shut, I was sad to think about the excitement of the season coming to a close.


Friday was an especially exciting day for us, Stephen’s 25th birthday. Just as Christmas season, there is a lot that goes into birthdays. Shopping for the perfect gift, making plans, anticipating the day. It all seemed to fall into place. We had plans to go to his parents’ house on Saturday so he decided he wanted to go to a nice dinner on Friday. On the way home from work, we stopped at my parents’ so that they could give him his gift. We visited for a while and Stephen got a steel firepit/chiminea. He was thrilled. He had been left heartbroken after the untimely death of his previous chiminea, and it seemed that this would be the perfect replacement to fill that void.


We then went home to open gifts and get ready for our nice dinner. Excuse me for a second while I brag on myself. I am a good gift giver. I think I have a special file in my brain that holds gift ideas. If I have talked to you for at least 10 minutes, I can come up with a great gift for you. All that to say, I was pretty puffed up about Stephen’s gift. So when he opened his new Weber grill and then I saw the smile on his face and sparkle in his eye, I did a little happy dance in my head. See, everything was falling into place.


We then got ready to go. I chose my outfit so that I could wear my new amazing red shoes that both Stephen and I think are super hot. I freshened my hair and makeup, did a twirl, and decided Stephen would be proud to have me on his arm. As Stephen got dressed, I finished icing his ridiculously sinful Oreo cake. I felt like my Super Wife points were racking up. We loaded up in the car and headed off to Perry’s Steakhouse, drooling at the thought of our perfect steaks. We were excited and enjoying our evening. Just as the past season’s cheer was ripped down after a season of excitement, we were quickly ripped down from our state of cheer and excitement.


We were seated at a romantic table with candle light. It was beautiful. Then, as I was settling into my seat, the waitor snapped the Rubbermaid shut on our excitement as he said, “Good evening gentlemen.”

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