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Loser Week 2: When Trainers Attack

Last night, all of America was bundled up on their couches with popcorn and judgement on their lips. It was the season premiere of American Idol. Thousands of hopefuls lined the streets in Phoenix to test their luck in front of the four skeptical judges. Were you there on the couch tuned in to whatever channel it is that now reaps millions from this show? I wasn’t. Of course not, it was Biggest Loser night! I’m not sure if I’ll be devoting every Wednesday blog to Loser, but it’s very possible!


First of all, worst temptation ever! Not familiar? Okay, a few weeks during the process, the producers set up ‘temptations’. These usually involve food and money. Example: There is a poker chip hiding under one of these donuts, whoever finds it, wins $10,000. However, you have to eat every donut you pick up. Get it? Well last night’s was LAME! Stand behind this line. If you cross the line, you get $5,000 but have to leave the ranch and go home. (Crickets chirp, contestants roll their eyes, and Joelle almost pees her pants.) Nobody? Okay, how about $10,000? (More crickets, a couple chuckles, and Joelle talks about how she could buy a house for $5,000 and move out of her moms house.) Still nobody? Okay, final offer. $25,000. (All Losers make sure to take a giant step away from the line so they can show America how serious they are, Dan gives an inspiring speech about not being here for money, and Joelle almost faints because “that’s more money than she makes in a few years”.) Times up. Everyone is safe. Aside from learning that Joelle doesn’t understand what money is or it’s true value, that temptation was pointless.


Moving on! The challenge was fantastic! It seemed to be a fairly difficult challenge for this early in the game. Basically, paddle boat to the land and run up the mountain. First place gets immunity and a phone call home. Second through fourth get phone calls. Last place, a one pound disadvantage in the weigh in. (To all of you Loser virgins, that is HUGE in week 2.) This, sadly, went to Dan. He struggled his way up the mountain as his teammates ran back down to given him a hand and encourage him.  Beautiful Tara wins and does the unspeakable… she gives her phone call to the 5th placer so he can call his wife. Absolutely amazing. It was a refreshing move after last season’s hair pulling and nastiness.


The highlight of the show was during the last chance work out. This is the work out right before the weigh in for that week. It’s usually pretty brutal. Jillian almost always makes people cry, people fall of treadmills, and many people scream their way through each rep. Last night, drama. Bob lost it. Joelle proved to have lost her mind. She quits when she wants, saying either that she’s done her best or repeating cheesy statements like “I’ll give you my best” or “I will not quit” or “I can do this”… Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with those statements if you are actually giving your best or trying. After giving up over and over and screwing over her teammates (“Don’t think about yourself Joelle, think about us!” screamed a teammate after their millionth sprint) Bob lost it. This family show instantly became TV-M. Beeps and blurs were all over the place as Bob continuously used the f-word to get through to the woman who said she was going to “fake it until I make it.” Jillian’s team laughed and silently cheered as the drama unfolded. It was wonderful.


The weigh in was sad. As Jillian put it, it truly was the worst case scenario. As I previously mentioned, the one pound disadvantage is a huge deal on week 2. And it was. That one pound put Dan below the yellow line. And once again, this season’s contestants chose to be above the game-playing and scheming. (If Heba and Vicky were there, they would have voted him off since he had the most weight to lose, snickering about how hard it would be for him at home, and announced they they worked harder than anyone did that week.) It was touching. And oh how I love this show!!!


After this week nothing has changed, I’m still Team Orange and Team Black. Although, I do have a bit more respect for Bob…


I got a few text messages last night, but I’d like to know how many Loser lovers are out there.

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