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Kids These Days

I’ve always hated when adults talk about the “real world”… Really, this is one of my greatest pet peeves in life. I understand that high school and college are extremely different than adulthood, but that doesn’t make them less real. In college I still woke up in the mornings a few hours later than I do now, I got dressed mostly t-shirts and flops, did my daily activities usually more exciting than they are now, sometimes went to work more fun, less pay, and went to bed many hours later than I do now. You know, I drank in college but not enough for me to have imagined all of those things… I’m pretty sure they were real. And, yes, they occured in the world. Hence, real world.


I can, however, relate to the saying “kids these days.” They are definately living in a different time. Listen, I’m only 24. But looking back to my childhood, I can’t deny that things have changed. Think about the obvious… video games. I come from a family that didn’t really play video games. We played outside. (Imagine that?! Kids? Outside? Gasp!) When we finally got some sort of a game system, it was the original Nintendo. “Well that’s not so bad, Chelsea. That was a great game system.” I’m not knocking the Nintendo, it’s still my favorite. But we didn’t get it until the Super Nintendo came out and my dad got the original at a garage sale. So I’m used to a game system where you can only walk forwards and you have to blow in the cartridge to make it work. Let’s face it, we’ve come a long way.


A couple weeks ago we were hanging out with some of Stephen’s family. At one point, I was dragged into one of the bedrooms to “see the kitties” with Stephen’s cousin’s daughter, Taylor. She was using an old toothbrush to brush Kitty. Good thing Taylor is cute because hanging out with cats instead of family is really not my idea of a great time. I tell Taylor that I think her kitty brush is funny. She says, “It was Tia Boo’s (read: Aunt Maureen’s), but it’s broken so I use it on Kitty.” I think the word “broken” is an interesting choice of words so I respond, “Oh, did Tia Boo get new one and that’s why she gave that to you?” And Taylor looks up at me and says, “Yeah, she got a new one because this one is broken. It ran out of batteries so it doesn’t work anymore.” I didn’t know what to say. Do ‘kids these days’ actually not know what a manual toothbrush is??


This past weekend I was shocked yet again. Stephen and I went to see the Body Worlds exhibit on Saturday. We were standing at a case that held a spinal cord. There was a mom across the case that was explaining to her son that Superman, Christopher Reeve was paralized because he injured his spinal cord. I thought it was great that this mom was trying to relate to her son so he’d understand what he was seeing. (A few short minutes later I overheard a kid ask his dad if that was an ear – it was a kidney – and the dad just kept saying yes. Um, what? Way to educate your child!) Anyways, so I was enjoying the way the mom was leaning down to her son and explaining this. All of a sudden the kid looks up and said, “Wait a second. I thought Dean Cain was Superman?!” Stephen and I exploded in laughter. The mom looks at us and is like, “I cant believe my son doesn’t know who Christopher Reeve is!” I told her that I was actually sortof impressed that he knew who Dean Cain was. The kid was like, “Well that old Superman just looks like dad in a jumpsuit.” We’ll blow past the idea that this woman is blessed to have a husband that looks like Christopher Reeve! (See previous entry, I know I’m blessed too!)


So here I am, announcing to the whoever cares to listen… I don’t understand kids these days!

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