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Loser Week 3: Losing Nicole Richie

Last night as I was watching the screaming mad cat fight between Joelle and her teammate Carla, I thought to myself, “This would be a pretty tame season without these two. Nobody else has drama.” If I was a character in a book and I had said that, we would call that foreshadowing. And foreshadowing it was.


The episode started with another temptation. Whatever team consumes the most calories gets to take their trainer home and work with them one on one. The twist: You don’t know how much your teammate is eating, and you don’t know how much the other team is eating. Well as you might guess, Joelle and Carla won. So Bob packed his bags and went to Detroit to train with them watch them almost kill each other. You know, I didn’t actually see the fire breathing hot dog lady from last week (I don’t eat any sort of tubed meat, so I definitely never went to the hot dog line) but I wonder if her name happened to be Carla. That woman was scary.


So anyways, the rest of the episode wasn’t all that exciting. Maybe it was to you, but I was busy trying to knit and since I have the equivalent of two left feet when it comes to knitting, it took a lot of my attention. The weigh in was normal. A few people lost a great amount of weight. The brown team has now lost 93 pounds in the past 3 weeks which prompted the quote of the week from Bob, “That 93 pounds is Nicole Richie!” As expected, Joelle was under the yellow line. You could see a little glimmer of hope in Bob and his teammates at the chance of getting rid of her. Of course it’s not that easy. She was up against Damien, a very nice man who is on the show with his fiance. He, naturally, didn’t seem worried. There was no question who Bob’s team was going to vote off and it seemed that all the other contestants were straightforward as well. Apparently when we weren’t looking, Jillian’s team grew another face to become the stereotypical two-faced game playing team. They all “on their own” decided to vote Damien off. Oh yeah, and Joelle cried. Ha. She was so close to being released, but at the last second, it was snatched away from her. At least she’s safe from the wrath of Carla for one more week.


So that’s that. It wasn’t too exciting. But I’m anxious for next week. I think the fangs are officially out and it’s now a ‘game’. With the black team seeming to be the leaders of this pack, they will go far. Let the drama ensue.


On another note, the plumber came out yesterday and fixed our shower and washing machine leak for a mere $55 (oh how I love our Home Warranty!). I think a truly relaxing bath is in order.

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