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You Say ‘Weird’… I Say ‘Unique’

Yesterday my friend Jim posted on his blog about weird daily habits. I thought it was hilarious so I’m going to copy. I shared a few of mine with him and we got into a discussion about how weird people are. So, I will list a few of my super weird daily habits. Use the comment section to share your own. (Jim and Sarah, I’ll let you share yours!)

Here’s mine (don’t judge me):


-Every morning, I wake up at 5:50, take a shower (in the dark), throw my hair up in a towel, and go back to sleep. Every morning. Most days, I don’t remember my showers. When my second alarm goes off to tell me to wake up (which of course I don’t), I am often unaware what time it is and if I have showered, so I reach up and touch my hair to see if there is a towel on my head.


-Stephen wakes me up every morning by popping my toes. He often pops them at night too.


-Stephen and I kiss 4 times before going to sleep.


-I have a severe Chapstick addiction. This is more like an hourly habit, not a daily habit. I would say that I apply atleast 12-35 times a day. (Application varies depending on what I’m eating, how much I’m talking, the weather, etc.) I completely blame my friend Lucy for this. She moved to Houston our sophomore year in high school. You know how high school friends are: I liked baseball,  so I taught her to like baseball. She liked flavored Lip Smackers, so she taught me to like flavored Lip Smackers. We had every kind. Little did we know, there are addictive qualities. After further research, I have found that my lips no longer produce their own moisture, so I am literally dependant on chapstick. It takes me approxiamtely 21 days to go through a tube. No, I won’t quit. No, don’t try to convince me. (For the record, the only reason Lucy was able to quit was because she moved to windy Corpus and it was necessary so that her hair didn’t always get stuck in her lip gloss.)


I think those are the major ones. I’d share some of Stephen’s but I’m afraid that would be breaking some sort of blogging rule. So maybe he’ll share them on his own. I’m looking forward to hearing some of yours, they may make me feel a bit normal.

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