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Loser Week 4: Featuring Kurt Warner (because he’s not busy right now)

I’m going to have to apologize for this post in advance. I began my Loser viewing at 10pm, after hours of discussion and decision-making at the dealership. (Just so everyone can rest easy, we bought the Murano. It is beautiful and perfect and I’m pretty sure it was made for me! Pictures to come.)


Maybe it was just my severe fatigue, but I thought this episode was dull. It was Superbowl week (even though this was filmed months ago!) We started off with a challenge, guess the calories in the common Superbowl dish. I’m pretty sure these contestants have been slacking on their homework because their answers were all over the place. The winners were Dan, Helen, and Kristin. They then got to spend some time with Curtis Stone (who?!) to learn to cook (one meal, chicken skewers). Whoever guessed the calories in that won a 2 pound pass for his teammate and Curtis would go home and teach them to cook as well. Dan won that, and I was extremely happy about that (although it proved to not matter). I would actually have been happy with any of those three.


We then got to travel home with Blaine for the birth of his 4th child, baby Brecken. I’m not so sure how I feel about that name, but that family is so sticking cute! And it was great to see that even though he was gone for three days, he was still able to lose 11 pounds. I’m still in favor of team black and think they will go far.


The physical challenge this week was one of those that ticks me off. I think that the winner of the physical challenge should be the person with the most strength, endurance, drive, etc…. NOT the person who sucks the most and isn’t seen as a threat. Anyone with me on this? Basically, the contestants ran up and down a football field, carrying a football with them, Kurt Warner cheering them along. They’d then drop their football in someone else’s bin. If your bin gets 5 footballs in it, you’re out. So obviously the strategy is to go for the strongest players first. Within a couple minutes, all of the strong players are out and it’s now a competition of the weaker links. I think this defeats the purpose of a physical challenge. I don’t think it’s rewarding these strong competitors. NBC, can you please hear my cry and make adjustments??????


The weigh-in started off pretty sad. The two youngest teams were below the yellow line. Dan and Dave (team orange) and Mike and Ron (team brown). Ron gave a sad plea to the group for him and his son. Everyone was crying, people were torn in their decision, and you could see the stress on their faces. As a viewer, you really want the brown team to succeed. There is something about them that makes you want to see this father-son combo come out of this with a new view on life.  Then there is the orange team. Although Dan is extremely overweight, he has a lot of heart. He wants to be thin and he’s willing to work for it. He’s a fun, lovable guy. Dave, his teammate, was an at-home contestant. They often showed video of him eating fried chicken or hanging out and smoking. During the orange team’s time to make their plea, Dave said “It’s very hard for me to be here. I can do this at home.” (Which we can see is NOT true.)


The voting was almost exactly split. So many people were pulling for team brown. However, there were some people who were so appalled by Dave’s comment that they wanted him to stay. It appeared that he didn’t think he had a problem. In the end, team orange was voted off. It was nice to see that Dan had lost 101 pounds since starting and the ranch. Dave had lost 40.


Oh, and an update on Joelle. She actually worked a bit this week. They made it sound like she’d done a 180 and is now committed to the process. I’m not sold. She was just 2 pounds from being under the yellow line. So sit tight, there may be more Joelle drama coming. Her teammate is back and, well, we all know what a lovely friendship they have!

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