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Strength in Numbers

Have you ever read “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”?? Yeah, yesterday was one of those. I didn’t wake up with gum in my hair or trip on my skate board, but the frustration was comparable, I’m sure. We can assume that our buddy Alex was in the early years of elementary school. So while it may have seemed awful to have to wear his train pj’s, we know (since we are in our older, wiser years) that he has no idea what a bad day entails.


I woke up and got ready for work. I knew I had to wait until 8 before I could leave the house. I wanted to speak with the insurance company before taking our beautiful new baby on the crazy Houston freeways. Since their offices opened at 8, I figured I’d be out of the house by 8:15. No such luck. For some reason, they decided that the opening time was optional. I started calling at 7:55. No answer. Again at 8. No answer. This goes on and on. At about 8:20 I decide to start typing in random extensions… surely someone is there! Nope. All voice mail. I finally got an answer. At 8:40.


For the sake of brevity (and to make sure I don’t look too whiny) I will leave out a few instances that added to my frustration. Like the pissed off postal worker, the two prescriptions that cost over $100 a piece, the phone circle I had to go through in order to make an appointment for the repairs on our car, the sales guy (Claude) laughing at my question like I was some sort of idiot, the chicken I dropped on the floor while making dinner, really don’t think I need to go on.


Claude called me to tell me I needed to come pick up our car from the service center. At this point, the car had been there 3.5 hours. He proceeds to tell me that they had the wrong paint so they couldn’t fix the scratches on the door. Well can I just leave it there so you can do it tomorrow? No ma’am. Our repair guy won’t be here tomorrow. He only works on Wednesdays. You mean to tell me that you only have one guy in your entire company that can paint my car door? Well yes. Well I know it’s inconvenient but I assure you that you will be very pleased with the car. Yeah, okay. We’ll come pick it up.


We get there to bring home our beautiful (non-Aggie) vehicle. And wait, hmm, yeah, we can’t find your keys. I know they are here somewhere (I sure hope so!) if you will just give me one minute, I will find them. One minute goes by. Then many many more one minutes go by. Then the verdict. They are in the vault and we can’t get to them. But you will come out great in this deal, we’ll lend you a nice 2009 for the day. I think I almost growled at him. Honestly, if Stephen weren’t there, I may have lost my mind. More minutes go by as he finds the key to this vehicle.


As Stephen goes outside to get a copy of our insurance I tell Claude that I will be back in the morning to return this car and pick up mine.

Claude: No, go ahead and keep it all day, bring it back after work.

Me: No, I have a doctor’s appointment close by in the morning, I’ll come by afterwards.

Claude: No, you should take advantage and enjoy driving this car for a day.

Me: No thanks, I’d really prefer to enjoy the wonderful car we just bought. I really like it and I’d prefer to drive that one. I’ll be here in the morning.

Claude: Well yes, that would be good.


I growl the entire drive home in our old Cavalier. Little did I know, Stephen was in the 2009 Murano LE drooling over all of the features. I was near my breaking point as we pulled into the driveway. He yells over to me, “Come here. Check all of this out! Get in, we’re going for a drive.” I walk over and take a look. Yes, it is very nice, but it’s not ours. (This was another grocery store type event where I felt like I was cheating… My poor scratched up Murano waiting in the service center while we are driving around in the newer, fancier car… It broke my little heart.) I tell Stephen that if we are driving somewhere, we are getting ice cream. I run into the house and grab a “buy one get one free” coupon and we head to Baskin Robins. Things were starting to look up. Ice cream can do that to a girl. So can the promise of a foot rub. (Oh how I love my husband!)


We go into the store and start reading the menu, trying to figure out what these “Tasty Creations” are that are advertised on my coupon. The woman sees my confusion and asks if she can help. I give her my coupon and ask her what Tasty Creations are and how can we get them asap?! She looks at the coupon and smiles at me. “This is for Marble Slab…”


Alexander, I feel your pain. If the only bad thing that had happened to you all day was not having a toy in your cereal box while your two stupid brothers found their toys, it wouldn’t have been so bad. If it were only the railroad train pj’s, you would have gotten through it. I know this. Because, honey, there is strength in numbers. This is one of those instances when the sum is greater than its parts… and, wow, January 28, 2009 was Chelsea’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

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