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What’s In A Name?

I have been called many things in my life. Chelsea, Squirt, Chelsea Megan, C-Money, El Presidente, and (if my mom is speaking) Justin or Lindsay. But it’s about time to retire one name. Chelsea Rosenhagen.


To all of you married ladies out there, I’m sure you can relate to this issue. Changing your name after marriage is a difficult thing to get used to. For 22 years, I was Chelsea Rosenhagen. How, all of a sudden, am I Chelsea Hurst? Now, I love my husband dearly and I think it’s a great honor to be able to take his name. But I’m finding out more and more that other people don’t really care to remember that I’ve made this commitment and prefer to call me Chelsea Rosenhagen.


I guess we should have seen this coming. After all, at our wedding, the DJ announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Rosenhagen. (Let’s take a second to acknowledge the fact that this is extremely disrespectful to my man!) I’ve noticed that people at my church have the hardest time with this change. They know my siblings, they know my parents, the know my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Yes I have the same blood (and height!) but I do not have the same name.


Thursday night I was up at the church setting up for an event we were having on Friday. There were a few women there that I had never met. I guess one of them overheard me talking to my mom. She then said, “Hey Chelsea. Is that your mom?” (uh oh, here we go…) I tell her that, yes, that is my mom. “Wait, what’s your mom’s last name?” I hesitate. “Rosenhagen. But that’s not my name.” I could see the wheels in her brain turning, “Yeah, I know. You are Hurst. But, hmm, where does Kurt fall into this?” (Her little brain hamster was at a full sprint now!) “He’s my dad.” I could see her trying to sort through the family tree, placing all of the appropriate branches at the appropriate heights. I quickly thought it was time to add, “But, I’m a Hurst. My name isn’t Rosenhagen. I’m a Hurst.” She sort of laughed it off but I’m about 90% sure she’ll make that mistake in the next few months.


It happens all of the time. People who met me as a Hurst somehow think that just because they know my family, my name has changed back. People who were at my wedding make this mistake regularly. I believe that in marriage, two become one. (Not because it’s a sweet cliche, but because it’s Biblical.) On that day, Stephen and I became the Hursts. We didn’t become Rosenhagen-Hurst and Hurst. We didn’t become Rosenhagen and Hurst. We didn’t even become the Rosenhurstenhagens.


And yes, I know it’s a difficult transition to make. I first experienced this when my friend Rachel got married. And to this day, when I talk about her I call her by her first, maiden, and new last name. And if you ask her, I bet she’s okay with that. She probably calls me Chelsea Rosenhagen Hurst. And I’m okay with that. What do you call me? Look in your cell phone, how is my name saved? My mom and I got a good chuckle on Sunday. I was sitting next to her at church and as we went up to the front for communion, I was kneeling next to her. The man comes to her with the wafer, “This is the body, shed for you Alice.” (I always think that’s a nice touch.) Then he comes to me, “This is the body, shed for you Alice’s daughter.” You know what, I’ll take it! Because I am her daughter. I will always be her daughter. That part did not change on July 28, 2007.


So to the rest of you. I ask that you take the leap. Change my name. Edit your cell phone, your email log, your brain. And if it’s too hard to get used to Hurst, just stick with Chelsea. Or Lindsay’s sister. Or Alice’s daughter. Or Ron’s granddaughter. Or Becky’s niece. Or whatever. To those of you marrieds, you understand. To all of you un-marrieds, you will understand. I will forever be a Hurst, so I think it’s worth your time to get used to the change. (It’s 50% less letters, think about it as being more efficient!)


Wow. Spell-check had a heyday with this post!

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