A Day in the Life of Rookie Dog

February 3, 2009 at 9:27 am 9 comments


We’re all creatures of habit. I’ve been learning how true this is more and more as I’m reading everyone’s “25 Things” lists. (Which I LOVE, by the way!) My dog is no different. She thrives on habit. She really takes after her momma, and I’m convinced that if she had thumbs, she’d also keep a daily planner. Hers may be a bit boring, but she’d keep it nonetheless. This is a sample of what her day would look like:


5:50 Wake up and walk mom to the bathroom. See that she is turning on the shower, immediately run out of the bathroom.

5:51 Go look out the front windows. Still dark. Nothing to bark at.

5:52 Walk back to mom and dad’s room and go back to sleep.

6:15 Wake up with dad and walk him to the bathroom. See that he is turning on the shower but realize he’s already shut the door. Oh crap, I’m stuck.

6:16 Lay against the door, as far away from the shower as possible.

6:35 Lick dad’s knees. Run into mom and dad’s bedroom. Stand next to mom and give her kisses until she pets my head.

6:40 Go outside and potty. Try to ignore the squirrels (mom and dad don’t like it when I chase them into the neighbor’s backyard).

6:43 Sit. Take my benadryl. Lick my lips to show daddy that I swallowed my pills like a big girl. Eat breakfast. Drink water and drool half of the bowl on the floor.

6:46 Go check on mom (sometimes she falls back asleep after dad and I wake her up).  If she’s asleep, I lick her more. If she’s awake putting her makeup on, I get bored real quick.

6:47 Go stare out the front windows. Bark if anything walks by.

6:55 Go watch mom blow dry her hair. Let her point the scary gun at me twice before getting upset.

7:00 Watch mom and dad as they run around getting dressed, make lunches, and get stuff together.

7:15 If mom and dad haven’t left, they are going to be late for work. Walk to my room. Walk back and look at them from around the corner. Repeat until they realize it’s time for them to leave.

7:19 Hear mom or dad say “Go to your room”… think “duh, I should have been in my room 5 minutes ago!” Run enthusiastically to my room.

7:20-5:45 (I will NEVER tell mom what I do all day)

5:46 Hear mom and dad come home. Continue napping.

5:47 Run to the backdoor when mom lets me out of my room.

5:48 Jump on dad, get yelled at for jumping on dad’s work pants, lick him to apologize, go potty.

5:50-10:15 Hang out with mom and dad, hang out with Molly if mom and dad let me, eat a bone, bark at people outside, cuddle with mom when she makes me, smell every inch of the kitchen floor incase mom dropped something, try not to get in trouble.

10:16 Uh oh, time for mom and dad to get ready for bed. Look at them, walk to their bedroom and lay down. Wait 5 seconds. Walk out to the living room. Look at them, walk to their bedroom and lay down. Keep repeating until they realize it’s time for night night.


If one of these time slots changes, it throws her off. If you want to confuse her, tell her it’s time to go night night but then don’t follow her to the bedroom. If she comes with us to my parents, her internal clock is on high alert. As it’s getting late, she knows its time for night night. She’ll stand there and stare at me, her little eyes saying “Moooom! I’m tiiired!” If I say the words “bye bye” she’ll run from the front door to the back door to me, over and over.


My dog is awesome. My dog is a doggy genious. She knows that “Rookie look” means that I dropped something on the floor that she needs to eat. If I say “Where’s Stephen?” she’ll run to each window in the house looking for him. She knows who Chelsea, Stephen, Lindsay, and Molly are when we say those names. She grabs your hand and pulls it to her chest when she wants you to scratch her… and if you stop, she’ll keep grabbing your hand and pulling it back. She knows when things don’t belong to her and she won’t touch it if it’s not hers. Just tell her “no” once and she won’t ever touch it again (this includes food on the floor). She loves her best friend Molly and makes sure that Molly gets a fair chance when they play tug-of-war with the rope… she even “accidentally” drops the rope so that Molly can win sometimes.


The bottom-line, Rookie is the best. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to spend an extended period of time with her, you’ll agree. I never realized how much I could love my dog. I genuinely miss her if I’m away from her for more than 2 days.


I needed to devote some blog time to her and how wonderful she is. Thanks Rookie, we love you!


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  • 1. osarah  |  February 3, 2009 at 11:04 am

    You have no idea how much this makes me wish we could have a dog. Unfortunately, until we’re out of Army family housing, it’s no pets for us. There’s not enough room.

  • 2. Jimbo  |  February 3, 2009 at 11:40 am

    This was good to read this morning Chelsea. In the last 24 hours, I have wanted to kill little Janey three times and have seriously questioned the wisdom of having a dog (even though she is wonderful 95% of the time). So, thank you.

  • 3. bluehorsekate  |  February 3, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    Wonderful! That could almost be my dog, except he shadows me everywhere in the house. Dogs are absolutely wonderful. We also have two cats, who actually have personalities and are friendly. Imagine that!

  • 4. Lindsay  |  February 3, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Rookie IS the smartest dog in the world. I miss her a lot.

    And yeah, she does know my name and totally loves me more than Molly!

    …I bet she misses me, too!

  • 5. Mom  |  February 3, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    Yes, you do have one smart dog – sooo much smarter than Molly and soooo good with her too. I do love my molly though – some days she is so smart (well, kind of) and some days…well, she’s just Molly!

  • 6. The Husband  |  February 4, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Molly is smart, just undisciplined like most dogs. Honestly, I don’t know where Rookie gets it from, I guess it’s that whole breeding thing? Who knows but she’s a great dog!

  • 7. The Husband  |  February 4, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    btw… i wasn’t trying to put Molly down, i was saying how odd rookie is. As I’ve tried training lots of dogs and none of them did the same as Rookie. A potty trained puppy?! c’mon!

  • 8. Jimbo  |  February 4, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    “A potty trained puppy?! c’mon!” Well, except for that whole peeing when visitors came to the apartment thing. (Note: I love Rookie…just reminding everyone about her excitability in the early days)

  • 9. Chelsea Hurst  |  February 4, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    If only it was just the early days… She still has that problem Jim. She still pees with just about everyone except Stephen, my sister and me. Sometimes she does with my parents but not all the time. It’s frustrating. The vet said she just has a weak bladder and she’ll probably never grow out of that. 😦

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