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There Are No Words…

Actually there are words. There are lots of words. There are 796 of them to be exact. But you know what I mean…


Is there something you’ve wished for your whole life? Something you thought would be absolutely amazing but never ever thought it would actually happen? You know, like some people wish for world peace. Some wish they could fly. Or win the lottery. Or be famous. Or own a Lou Gehrig signed baseball. You know, those unreachable wishes. Well I have one of those too.


You know how you can play that game “If you could have lunch with 5 people, dead or alive, who would they be?” Okay, well play that game with yourself. Right now. Got your 5? Okay, now imagine if the mysteries of science could actually make that happen? How would you feel? What would you do? I’ll tell you. You’d cry. You’d have a massive headache brought on by insane amounts of excitement. It would take you twice as long to type your blog because your hands are shaking uncontrollably.  I know this because my lifelong wish ranks up there with the 5 People Game, and I learned on Friday that my wish is coming true.


I wish for eyesight. And the mysteries of science can now make it happen.


There are many of you who will not understand the magnitude of this event in my life. If you’ve never had a tiny pair of glasses strapped to your head at the ripe age of 2, you won’t understand. If you’ve never been made fun of for having a crossed eye, you won’t understand. If you’ve never wondered what it actually means to see clearly, you won’t understand. Basically, I don’t expect you to understand.


When I was two, my parents knew there was a problem. My doctor knew there was a problem. My right eye crossed and I didn’t use it. Now, 22 years later, my right eye still crosses and I still don’t use it. My eye sight has improved significantly over the years. I’ve (unknowingly) trained my eye how to straighten itself when I’m not wearing my contacts. (This takes years of therapy and lots of money for most people.) However, when I straighten my eye, my vision is terrible. Imagine opening your eyes underwater. It’s like that. So I had a few options. One: Uncross my eye and see blur. Two: Cross my eye and see wonderfully. Three: Wear contacts, have a straight eye, and see mediocre. But now, there is an option four… lasik.


But Chelsea, lasik has been around for a long time. Yes friend, it has. But it wasn’t available for my type of eyes. I’m one of those “complicated cases.”  In the past few years, technology has been improved enough to fix my eyes. However, my doctor and I haven’t been comfortable with it just yet. You see (no pun intended), when you have terrible eyes, you learn to be extremely grateful for the sight that you do have. I always swore I’d never get lasik for fear that it would take away what I’ve got. Well, times have changed. My doctor has another patient very similar to me, he’s been in glasses since 3, has a crossed eye, far-sighted, the works. He had successful lasik surgery last year. (If you understood where I’m coming from, that would make you tear up a bit. Or, minimally, do a happy dance.)


So if all goes as planned, I should have perfect vision with completely straight eyes this time next week. Unbelievable, I know. I am beyond ecstatic. I’m sweating. And I don’t sweat. (Seriously.) I leave you with three things:


1. Please please do not ever make fun of someone with crossed eyes. Do not ever cross your eyes if you are making a joke or pretending to be dumb. Know that on every single movie that shows a dumb person with crossed eyes, millions of kids (and now adults) just like me cry inside.

2. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for my parents. Ever read 5 Love Languages? Well they don’t tell you this, but the 6th language is The Gift of Sight. I feel your love! Not that I didn’t before, but this is the most wonderful gift you could ever give me. I am also grateful to my doctor who has been the most amazing doctor. For 22 years she’s cared for my eyes. She is a wonderful lady.

3. Pray Pray Pray. At (Time TBA) on Friday, pray. Pray for my nerves, my husband’s nerves, my parents’ nerves, my doctor’s nerves. Pray for the doctor performing the surgery. Pray a prayer of peace, a prayer of healing, and then pray a resounding prayer of thanks.


Now if only I could get rid of this headache and stop shaking!


Note: This blog was written on Friday when I got the call that all was good to go. The headache has now subsided and I’m no longer shaking. I doubt I’ll sleep much Thursday night and I’m sure I’ll have a massive migraine on Friday. As soon as I know the time of my appointment, I’ll update #3 up there. (Lindsay and Kaitlin, that is why I didnt post sooner, I was hoping to know my appointment time.) Please check back for that info. Prayers are needed.

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