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Loser Week 6: Raising the Bar

This was a big week for Biggest Loser. The contestants and producers had to prove that they could still entertain America without their Silver Bullets. I was excited about this, as I was never a fan of the drama Joelle and Carla brought to the show. I got the impression that trainer Bob was quite excited about this as well. For the sake of his reputation and his job, he kept him mouth closed, only saying “That team just didn’t work.” And he’s right. It may be the understatement of the century, but he’s right.


The first challenge of the week was a balance challenge. Balance on a board as long as you can. The winner gets 24 hours with a loved one, at the ranch. Ron was the first to go, staying on only about 11 seconds. The others slowly dropped. The final four were Mandi, Filipe, Blaine, and Aubrey (yuck). In another effort to show America that they are worlds different than last season’s cruel contestants, the competition turned into a favor. Mandi whispered, “Filipe, please, let me see my husband.” Being the awesome guy he is, he stepped down. She then asked Blaine. He turned to Aubrey and asked, “Aubrey, if I step down, will you let Mandi win?” And, well, they are sisters so she really had no choice. They stepped down. Mandi then got 24 hours with her husband and sons. It was sweet. And while it may have been a distraction to have them on campus, I like her and was happy for her.


The main challenge this week was amazing. It was literally a test of who could hold a bar over their heads for the longest, in 38 degree weather. Each player had one end of a bar. If either member put their hands down too far, they were out. It came down to the green team and purple team. It was amazing. The purple team won after 4.5 (!!!) hours of bar holding. I like the way Tara explained this challenge. Just standing in the same place for 4.5 hours hurts. Raising your hands for 4.5 hours hurts. Put those two together… it was painful. The purple team won and received immunity for the week. I was extremely impressed. I especially enjoyed the part when Dane tried sucking on his thumb to try to defrost it.


The weigh in wasn’t too surprising. Kristen gained two pounds, her mom lost 4. No surprise there. When you win immunity, you cheat. That’s they way of the game. Thankfully, Mike was able to lose enough weight to keep him and his dad safe. Side note: I was thoroughly impressed with him this week. He is a great guy and I really hope he succees. His dad is going to have a tough time and I’m not sure how much longer Mike can save his dad. We’ll see. Anyways, in true Loser fashion, they changed things up this week. Only one team would fall below the yellow line. The other teams would then vote off one member of that team. Sadly, my black team fell below. I’m not quite sure how that happened, but it did. (tear)


During the discussion time, Blaine asked everyone to vote him off. Of course people cried. Others argued. This is a game, after all. And Bob’s team recently got screwed over when Jillian’s team voted Damien off and kept crazy Joelle. So you could see their concern. Dane is the better competitor at this point. But Blaine made a good plea, he said he’d like to go home and see his baby. That sounds fair but, Dane, can you please start speaking? Besides the thumb sucking comment, I don’t think we’ve heard 2 words from you this season. Not acceptable. In the end, the pink team was the only one to vote for Dane, all others respected Blaine’s wishes to go home. And wow, Brown and Blue, I loved your reasonings. I really love how respectful these contestants are.


Maybe I’m not like the rest of America. I enjoy the show without the drama. I enjoy seeing them make huge accomplishments. I enjoy seeing them develop some pride in themselves. So, please Aubrey, don’t start crap. You’re the only one I don’t like. Prove me wrong please.


Team black is now set up to be the at home winner and Biggest Loser. Let’s go Blaine and Dane!!!

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