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Loser Week 7: Life Without a Gym

Hallelujah. Praise God. God Bless America. Dane speaks! And shockingly, it’s not awkward. So what was the deal with that?


This was one of my favorite episodes in Biggest Loser history. We began with an awesome challenge. The gym was locked up and there were only 2 keys. There were about 100 keys at the top of this mountain (hill?) and the contestants had to run up the hill, get a key, and try it in the lock on the gym.  This would continue until both keys were found. The two teams that found the keys are the only two teams that have access to the gym… all week. Awesome. So of course Tara (of the green team) and the two blue guys were amazing. They were sprinting and lapping people. And once again, these contestants prove to be “above the game”. Members of all teams were helping Ron up and down the mountain. He has two bad knees so the steep parts were too difficult for him. But each time, someone was there to push, pull or lend a helping hand. In the end, the pink team and brown team got the keys.


This meant that everyone else was forced to work out outside. And this is where Biggest Loser history was made. Jillian turned into a girl. It was odd. She went on a rant about how she hates being outside because it’s dirty, your shoes get dirty, you get stinky, etc. It was sort of endearing. So instead of working out outside, she turned the living room into a gym, doing 80’s style aerobics classes. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be enough. I thought her team would suffer this week during the weigh in.


Bob’s team on the other hand, adapted well to the outdoors. The used lawn furniture as step blocks and weights. They worked out on the beach and carried giant stumps around. They sweat. A lot.


The other challenge this week was the type I like. It was fair. It wasn’t the type that rewards the weakest links. Each contestant was on a rowing machine. You had to row at a certain pace. If you dropped below that pace, your light turned yellow. If you didn’t speed up, your light turned red. Then you and your partner were out. The winner won immunity. I thought it was going to come down to the purple team and green team yet again, but Cathy wasn’t able to keep the pace up. So the final two teams were the green team and black team. Since Blane left last week, it was up to Dane to keep rowing. And keep rowing he did. Tara is a machine, so she had no trouble with this challenge. It was Laura that quit first, leaving Dane as the winner. And at that moment we saw that not only can Dane speak, but he can celebrate. He can jump. And smile. And pick people up. It was refreshing to see that personality come out of him. I was proud of him.


Quick side note. I think it’s disgusting that Jillian pronounces Tara’s name “Tar-a”… it’s pronounced “Tear-a”. Gross.


At the weigh in, we saw Kristin excel. She lost 12 pounds this week. Although I’m not quite sure how accurate that is since I’m pretty sure she “cheated” last week. It was still nice to she her shine that way. (Once again let me point out that I don’t actually think it’s “cheating”… It’s game play. And I’m all for it. When you win immunity, you win the right to strategize.) The brown team impressed me as well. I just love that father/son combo. I really want Mikey to do well. It was ultimately the pink team that was below the yellow line (despite being one of two teams with access to the gym). They sent Shanon home… all claiming that they were “respecting her wishes” but I think they sent her home because she has more weight to lose.


My closing thoughts:

-This season is awesome. I love these contestants. They are so nice. They genuinely care about each other and went to see each other succeed.

-I think there was a mistake on Shanon’s birth certificate. There is definitely a missing “n”.

-I hope we see Dane shine throughout the rest of the season. He and Blane can take both prizes this year.

-Stephen is no longer a big fan of Tara. He thinks she’s a big flirt. She was crying over missing Blane. And did anyone see her climb over Filipe when they were mud wrestling? Inappropriate? They have wives! I’m just saying…

-I hope they break them into individuals soon. (I think that’s coming this week with that coin toss thing.) I just really want Mike to do well and he can’t keep carrying his dad each week.

-Anyone think Tara and Laura’s friendship is hurting now that Laura is watching these episodes?

-I still don’t like Aubrey.

-What the heck is roller derby? I’ve heard of it but it just seems weird.

-Tune in next week… Bob cries.

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