“Awesome! Awesome!”

February 25, 2009 at 9:51 am 4 comments

Have you ever felt like you’ve gotten something you don’t deserve? I don’t mean that you got a speeding ticket when you were only going 5 over. And I don’t mean that you got a D in the class when you thought you deserved a B. I’m talking about the opposite. Like if you got off with a warning when you were going 15 over. Or you got a job that were weren’t qualified for because your father-in-law works at the company. These are more like hand-outs or favors. And very often they are wonderful blessings. But there are times when it’s just flat out degrading.


This is why we have a hard time taking money from our parents when we are at that awkward “beginning of adulthood” phase. We want to do it on our own. We want to be good enough. Can anyone relate? This is also why we often feel that we “owe” someone a favor. “She picked up my tab when I forgot my purse, so I need to pick up her tab next time.” Even if it was a favor. Even if she didn’t want or expect anything in return. We don’t want pity hand outs.


I experienced this last night. I was playing Space Balls and losing horribly. If it were real life, you’d all be dead. At least one of those asteroids would have hit earth and that would have been the end of all man-kind. It was a disappointing game. My paddles were just no match for those speedings rocks of death. So I was bracing myself for that stupid lizard to come on the screen and give me some speech about doing better next time. Instead this lady penguin with a pink bow on the top of her head came on the screen. She clapped her arms (or fins? or something?) together and said “Awesome! Awesome! You successfully completed this level!” I sort of wanted to punch her in her cute face. I did not do awesome. Don’t tell me I did awesome. I did awful and you’ll find out in a few seconds when one of those meteors finally makes it to earth and smashes you on the head and turns you and your bow into a pile of ashes. I did nothing successfully. She’s probably the coach of her son’s little league team and probably lets all kids get the same amount of playing time. They all probably get MVP plaques at the end of the season and she probably tells them all that she thinks they can go far in baseball. Stupid lady penguin and her fake praise.


The truth, though, is that I didn’t do so bad. I didn’t fail. And I should be proud of myself. But I think there is a lot of pressure on us to be better than average. But how can we all be better than average? Statistically, that’s impossible. I recently heard a song that I think is fantastic. It puts this into words perfectly. (Not my struggle with Space Balls, but the struggle to be perfect at everything.) If you ever listen to Christian music, you’ve probably heard it and would agree. If you don’t, give this song a chance.


Its by Francesca Battistelli and its called “Free to be Me.” You can go here to hear the song on her website. These are the lyrics to the chorus:

I got a couple dents in my fender
Got a couple rips in my jeans
Try to fit the pieces together
But perfection is my enemy
And on my own I’m so clumsy
But on Your shoulders I can see
I’m free to be me

And You’re free to be You


Oh my! How true! And how encouraging! I think the world could be a better place if people would keep in mind that “perfection is your enemy”. We aren’t supposed to be “perfect”. And I think women struggle with this a lot. It’s not enough to work full-time. You must also be a great mom, cook dinner, grocery shop, keep up with the laundry, keep a clean house, be attentive to your husband, be wonderful with your children, and look put together.


So last night when Stephen made a completely innocent comment in my direction that included the words “thick” and “thighs” in the same sentence, it was hard to take. He immediately realized how it sounded and shoved his foot in his mouth. I know I’m not fat. He knows I’m not fat. So why should I be offended? I shouldn’t be. Striving for perfection will get me nowhere. I think it’s about time we all climb up on His shoulders and see how free we are. Free to be happy and normal and YOU!


And you want to know what I think about that? Awesome! Awesome!



*Biggest Loser update will come tomorrow. This week was split into two one hour episodes. One Tuesday and one Wednesday. But, gosh, it was fantastic last night!!


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  • 1. Matt  |  February 25, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    The cute penguin should go into some sort of protection program…

  • 2. Cindy Swanson  |  February 25, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Darn, Chelsea…you’re making me wait another day for your Biggest Loser review! All righty…I’ll be back. I already blogged about last night’s show, because I was so ticked off at the producers again.

    Oh, and kudos on the Francesca Batistelli reference. I like that song too!

  • 3. Jimbo  |  February 25, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Spot on! Perfection is the enemy of contentment in my experience; I don’t think we should ever stop striving to be better, but we also should be grateful and full of praise to our Lord for who we are now and where we are. Striving in contentment…!

  • 4. Mom  |  February 25, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    “Awesome” entry today, Chels – I have this bookmark in my bible that I have had since you kids were little and I was feeling so STRESSED about being the “perfect” mom/wife/etc. It says, “A woman of excellence is one who has found her serenity and worth in Jesus. Because of God’s lovingkindness, His sovereignty and His provision, she does not have to look to people or things to feel of value or loved. She is now FREE to love and serve because she can trust her needs to be met by her heavenly Father.”

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