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Loser Week 8: Idiots

This week was broken into two episodes, so I will break my comments into two sections.


Tuesday Night:

We began this episode with a challenge. Up downs. In the mud. Whoever got to 100 first got to keep their own trainer. Everyone else had to flip a coin to see who’s team they’d be on. Whoever got in last place definitely had to switch trainers. Of course Tear-a won. She’s a machine. Nobody else had a chance. Sione was only a few seconds behind her so he got second. Helen got last. This is when the drama started. Tara and Laura were automatically part of the black team with Jillian. Everyone else flipped the coin. And it pretty much changed everything. They almost completely switched trainers.


Immediately afterwards, Jillian’s new black team got together to talk. They basically discussed how they’d need to get to know each other and learn how they all work. It was straight business. The team (who was mostly Bob’s previously) was upset. They didn’t want to talk and didn’t want to be there. Then they went to work out. Bob’s team meeting didn’t go as well. You could tell Bob was flustered. Kristin, Cathy, and Ron were the only ones there who had previously been on his team. Kristin cried. None of Jillian’s old team mentioned that they were really going to miss Jillian. (Or maybe they did and I just chose not to hear it?)


As the blue team headed toward the gym, the black team was leaving. Sione, Filipe, Helen, and Mike stopped to talk to Bob. Now if you were an outsider and had never watched this show, I could see how you’d think the next scene was extremely cheesy and overly dramatic. But as someone who watches this show religiously, I was sad. Bob knows his team. He loves his team. He works with them all day every day. And they were good. Really good. So for those 4 contestants to be taken away from him, I could see why he’d be torn up. So Bob cried. And Helen cried. And so did Sione and Filipe. And Mike. And they all hugged, then parted ways. The contestants caught up with their new team. And Bob made his way into the gym to be the trainer for a group of contestants that would later prove to be the biggest fools that ever walked on campus.


Time for another challenge. I loved this challenge. As a team, you had 24 hours to put as many miles as you could on a bike. The winning team got a 3 pound advantage and a Trek bike. The black team had a great game plan. Each person would bike for 30 minutes and then take a 2.5 hour break. This would allow each player to bike as fast as they could and get a good amount of time to sleep or eat or rest. The blue team had no plan. Just ride until you can’t ride. After a while, the blue team decided they had enough. They wanted the black team to agree to quit so they could all get some sleep and be able to work out the next day. Sione (I love him) gave an inspiring speech about how he couldn’t quit because quitting is what got him fat in the first place. The speech gave everyone a little boost. In the end, the black team won. By a lot.


Wednesday Night:

Last night was only the last chance workout and the weigh-in. I enjoyed watching the last change workout, I always do. I love seeing them sweat and cry and complain. And then succeed. It was also interesting to hear the contestants talk about the differences in the trainers. I think if I was going to be on Biggest Loser, I’d choose Bob. I like the way he encourages and gets excited. He doesn’t just yell yell yell until he gets what he wants the way that Jillian does. Don’t get me wrong, Jillian is fantastic at what she does. But I’d cry too much.


The weigh-in was great. There was a shocking amount of weight lost. But, as you could probably expect, the blue team fell below the yellow line. Cathy lost the most weight so she had immunity. So the blue team had to decide between Kristin (not going to happen, she’s a fierce competitor and her mom would never vote her off), Aubrey ( not my fave, but not likely to get voted off since her sister was there), Mandi (once again, not likely to get voted off), Ron (the obvious choice since he can’t lose much weight for the team), and Dane (the best asset to the team).


To me, this was a no-brainer. Vote Ron off. He has a hurt knee and a hurt shoulder. He can’t compete. He can’t pull big numbers and will hurt the blue team’s success. Apparently the blue team is a bunch of  “no-brainers”… apparently they’ve never seen the show. They pulled their vicious teeth out wayyyyy too soon. I’m all about game-play. But when you have SIX people left on each team, it’s way too soon to make decisions based on your own strategy. At this point, it MUST be about the team. So the blue team did the dumbest thing in Biggest Loser history (even worse than keeping Joelle when they had the chance to get rid of her). They voted off Dane. WHAT? Are you kidding me? Dane? The biggest guy? Really? And now you have four girls and RON? Oh my gosh. Ridiculous.


I want to go hug Bob and tell him I’m sorry. I think he’s had the worst week of his life. I want to tell him that America knows he has a team of fools. Come on Kristin, I thought you knew better. I thought you were smarter. This episode depressed me. Jillian will probably mourn the loss of Dane for about .6 seconds and then do a happy dance because she is sure that her team will win. Tear-a may go into a state of depression after learning her other crush is gone.


As always, I can’t wait until next week! Looking forward to hearing your comments.

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