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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I love children’s book. You could probably figure that out when I posted about my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I don’t just love them for the nostalgia factor, I genuinely love them. I loved them when I was a child and they never did any wrong, so I continue to love them. There was Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Stinky Cheese Man, and all those Amelia Bedelia books. My favorites were the Shel Silverstein books, the Berenstain Bears, and Tomie dePaola. I don’t really know if Tomie dePaola was actually that well known. Do any of you know who he is? My first grade class read Legend of the Indian Paintbrush and then we got to meet him. Live. In the flesh. A think at that point, that was the highlight of my life. We got a picture with him in the newspaper. Maybe it was just the local paper but, hey, what difference does it make to a first grader?!


Another favorite was Eric Carle. Man his books were great! I loved The Grouchy Ladybug. And now, all of a sudden, The Very Hungry Caterpillaris eating it’s way back into the spotlight. It’s a great book. Why wouldn’t you love it? The pages have holes in them! And it’s much more interesting than any normal book because the pages are different sizes. No wonder it has sold a bagillion copies! Apparently this is the 40th anniversary of that book! I know this because one of my many addictions is Google and last week I opened Google and was delighted to see this:


The Best Google Logo in the history of all Google logos!

The Best Google Logo in the history of all Google logos!


Now, to a child or a naive adult, it appears that Eric Carle’s intention with this book was to teach children the days of the week, numbers, and the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. After some experiences yesterday, I’m certain this isn’t true. I think that Mr. Carle was a gardener. I think he came home from work after a tough day of drawing picture books and as he was unlocking his back door, he glanced back at his garden. There stood a sad, brown stalk of something that might resemble a tomato plant. In shock he ran over to it. “What could have happened? I swear I just watered you! And we just got rain. Surely you aren’t that thirsty!” Eric was right. He had just watered his plant. After further inspection he found a small green caterpillar. “Well that sucks! And you suck! Normally I’d just move you to another place in the yard but, nope, not this time. You’ve pissed me off something awful and now you’re going to get squished under my shoe.” Eric was mad. He felt betrayed. Just the previous day he’d moved the caterpillar off the plant onto the hibiscus. How did it find it’s way all the way back? Did the caterpillar only hunger for the sweet flavor of tomatoes? He squated back down to inspect the damage. That’s when all hell broke lose. Caterpillars. Tens of thousands of caterpillars. Okay, maybe just tens of caterpillars. They were all over. Hiding under leaves, too lethargic from a day of tomato feasting to run away. One by one, Mr. Carle picked the disgusting gluttons off his plant. And one by one he squished them under his shoe on his white cement.


Mr. Carle went inside and used his anger as energy and inspiration. He drew and he wrote and he wrote and he drew. And he finished with a masterpiece. A beautiful story about a caterpillar eating all week. Eating cake and ice cream and a watermelon. But with a stroke of bitterness, he made certain that this caterpillar would never get a taste of a sweet homegrown tomato. Then, to add insult to injury, he gave the beast a stomachache and turned him into a butterfly.


Too bad this story has already been written. What are Stephen and I supposed to do with our anger??

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A Watched Pot

It’s really quite amazing what can happen when you aren’t paying attention. To prove my point, I’d like to point out that it’ll be April in two days. I’m not really sure how that happened. Wasn’t it just Christmas?! It’s almost Easter! I’m not really having that much fun, why is time flying so fast?


As many of you know, Rookie loves squirrels. Or she hates them. I’m not sure which is true… all I know is that if she’s outside she chases them and if she’s inside she barks hysterically at them. It’s really a lose/lose situation for us. We can’t let her outside to chase them since we are still missing a significant part of our fence. So she’s stuck inside, leaving paw prints and puppy nose prints on our windows. Since it was a gorgeous weekend, the squirrels were out in full force, frolicking around in our front yard. Rookie was running to each window that faces our front yard, fussing and barking. I finally went to the front living room to try to calm her down. I sat by the window with her. This, shockingly, seems to settle her down a bit. What does this have to do with a watched pot?? Well as I was sitting there staring out the front window (which I very rarely do) I noticed that we have tiny vines curling around up around the beams on our porch. Clearly I don’t spend much time staring out my front window because these vines were probably 6 inches high. I’m sure that according to green thumbs and gardening guru’s, these vines are considered a nuisance but I thought it was kind of cute!


I think there are a lot of pots we watch on a regular basis. Weight, bank account, to-do lists, investments, success, etc. I’m sure you have a few pots of your own. I urge you to quit watching them. It’s not healthy. And it’s certainly not entertaining! I know, it’s easier said than done. And I’m not really one to talk. I’ve recently learned to quit looking at the “Remaining Balance” line on our mortgage statements. That pot won’t boil until our kids are out of college! (When I was little, I always thought mortgages were good things. In Monopoly, you got lots of money when you mortgaged your property. Nobody ever told you that you’d need to make monthly payments on that for 30 years! I thought MOnopoly was supposed to be an educational game. I wonder if we can blame the housing crisis on Parker Brothers…)


This morning I saw a pot boil. Over the weekend (when I wasn’t watching!) I officially reached (and passed) the 5000 hits mark on this site. As a new blogger, that’s pretty exciting! So thanks to all of you for reading and for continuing to read!! And many thanks for the comments and emails!


-Do any of you Houstonians have an eye for design? If so, please email me.
-Does anyone know where I can find a tall, skinny cabinet for our bathroom? I’m having a hard time finding ones that are over 5 feet.
-My cold is almost gone! There is minimal mucus today. And last night I slept on only one pillow and slept through the night with only a half dose of NyQuil!

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Having a Productive Friday

I’ve been in sort of a funk this week. I guess that’s what happens when you’ve got mucus oozing from your ears! (For the record, I don’t have mucus oozing from my ears, I was just trying to make a point. Although I sort of wish I had mucus oozing from my ears. Maybe then they wouldn’t be so clogged.) So today you get a really short blog because I’m certain that I’d regret any post written while under the influence of cough meds.


This morning when I got to work and had my Friday morning kolache, I got my box of cold pills out. I’m currently taking CVS Non-Drowsy Cough & Cold PE. I decided to read the back to see if this is the sort of medicine I should be taking right now. And for your entertainment, this is what it said:


-temporarily relives these symptoms associated with a cold: headache, nasal congestion, cough, minor aches and pains, sore throat

-temporarily reduces fever

(and my favorite…)

-helps loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions to make coughs more productive


Happy Friday friends! Here’s to a productive cough!

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Questions for God

I’m sick today. I haven’t figured out if it’s a cold or allergies. All I know is that it’s not fun. I have no idea what brought it on and no idea how to get rid of it. Sleeping really isn’t an option because everytime I’m horizontal, my nose clogs and my heads gets closer to exploding. So I’m just at work, sulking and moaning.


Since I didn’t sleep much last night I just laid in bed and tossed and turned. I blew my nose a million times. I moaned. And I thought. I first started thinking about how much it sucks to be sick and I wanted to ask God where all of this mucus is coming from. Then I started thinking of more questions. Below are a list of other questions I’d ask God if He came to my house for dinner.


If oranges are supposed to be good for you when you’re sick, couldn’t you have made them less citrus-y. It’s burns my sore throat!


My nose is running constantly. The only way to get rid of the snot is to blow my nose. This unfortunately makes my nose really sore. Do you see my problem?


Did you mean for people to eat mushrooms? I can’t possibly think that this was part of your plan. They are fungus.


When we are young we want kids but don’t have much money to support them. When we are older we have money but no kids to support. Not sure how to fix this, but you are God, be creative!


The way a turkey’s head looks is disgusting. Was it an accident? It looks like you forgot to cover it with skin.


Why do some weeds look like flowers? I think they are pretty but I feel like they should be pulled. What’s that about?


I started getting gray hair at age 20. Do you really think that’s old?


Migraines are of the devil. Can we agree on that?


Why don’t vegetables taste better? Some of them are just awful!


Why is it so easy to gain weight but so hard to lose it? This just doesn’t seem fair.


What’s the deal with hormones?


I’m sure I have a million more but I can’t really think straight right now. Do you have any? I could stand to be entertained right about now! I hope you’re all having a better day that I am!

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Loser Week 12: All About You

This week the contestants broke out of their blue and black teams and became their original colors. I enjoy this stage of the game. I think it should be every man for himself. There’s more pressure, less blame, and a better sense of pride in what you’re doing. The first thing the contestants had to do was pick their trainer. I’m pretty sure this is the first time this has happened. And I’m pretty sure the producers wanted to do this to cause drama. I really thought more people were going to choose Bob. I keep thinking that they are going to replace Jillian next year, so everything I see is through those eyes. But I was wrong. The teams were split. I think Laura is stupid for choosing Jillian though. She should have given Bob a chance, I’m sure she’d enjoy working with him more. Mike chose Jillian, to which Ron said “My son is 18. All 18 year olds are idiots.” or something like that. I disagree. Mike is going to lose weight no matter what. I think it’s best that he does it on the opposite team of his dad. He needs to grow on his own. So at this point, it looks like Jillian’s team is stacked to win again.


The shift to singles isn’t the only reason I’ve titled this week “All About You” – it’s also in honor of Tara. Yes, she’s a machine. Yes, she’s amazing. Yes, she’s one of the fiercest competitors the show has ever had. But she’s also a baby. She wants all of the attention, but only if it’s good. (This reminded Stephen and I of last week’s Office. “I’m going to be honest. I want all of the credit and none of the blame.”) Besides Joelle, Tara is the most talked about player this year. She’s always in the spotlight. Yes she’s good, but she’s also vocal. And needy. And flirty. And complainy. Tara you can’t be a tough competitor in this game and be loved by all. Unless you are Mike! So the first part of the challenge this week was pretty simple. Each player had 5lb blocks that represent how much weight they’ve lost. They could split those blocks up however they wanted and give them to the other contestants for them to use in part 2 of the challenge. The majority of the weight went to Tara. Helen got the second most. Everyone thought it was funny that Tara and Helen were being ganged up on. Helen (for once) had a semi-appropriate response… take that and use it as encouragement. Show them how much of a threat you really are. Tara, on the other hand, cried. And put her hoodie on. And sulked. And then told Laura the she’s lost enough weight and is ready to go home. Okay, right. This is what we call “fishing for compliments.” You aren’t fooling anyone, Tara. But you can’t have it both. You can’t be seen as a strong player but not get picked on. Doesn’t work that way. So stop crying about it. Geez.


So then part 2. The contestants have to pull a car half of a mile. Whatever weight they were given in part 1 was added to their car. Annnnd, surprise surprise, Tara won (immunity). Sione started out with a huge lead but eventually ran out of strength. Mike kept up for a while but then fell behind. Tara started off slow but ended up pulling off a huge win. Someone check this chick for steroids. Seriously! …Seriously.


Now to the weigh-in. This was a huge week for Kristin who reached (and passed) the 100 pound mark! Yay for her! I’m glad that she did it before Tara. I think Kristin needs some credit. She’s awesome. Ron also had a good week, he lost 10 pounds! I really don’t know how he does it. It ended with Aubrey and Filipe below the yellow line. Votes ended up being a pretty even split and Aubrey went home. Sucks for Cathy, I bet she wishes she would have stayed and voted Aubrey off. Tune in next week to see some returning contestants.


Some of my comments to a few of the contestants:


Aubrey: You are a loud-mouth. Tara is right about that. Sometimes it’s okay to not say anything. If you have an opinion that you just have to share, tell the camera. You don’t make friends by sharing all of your opinions. Also, rolling your eyes is not a flattering look on you.

Mike: You’re awesome. We love you. You look great. You act great. I don’t think I single person would be unhappy if you won… except Tara.

Tara: The reason I’m picking on you is because you’re good. Stop crying.

Filipe: Sometimes I think you are bi-polar. Or just extreeemely emotional. Either way, I liked this week’s Filipe… you should be him more often!

Ron: You have a bit of a creepy factor. The way you stand there with your arms folded and your mouth shut and just nod. It’s sort of weird. But I’m impressed with your weight-loss. And I’m even more impressed with your son, you’ve raised him well.

Kristin: You rock! I’m excited for you and your future.

Helen: I still don’t like you.

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Living Life as a Lunatic

One of the greatest memories I have from high school is of the beginning of journalism class. Each day we’d go into class and pray that we’d get to hear about Caroline. She may have been a fictional character but her life was exciting. My journalism teacher would write a new chapter (almost) every night and read it to us for our devotional. This was just one of the many reasons that Tina became one of my favorite teachers people in this world! As a high school girl, I could easily relate to Caroline. I loved when she had “lunatic thinking”… I’m sure you can all relate to this phenomenon. I’d explain it as severe day dreaming. You know, the kind you don’t ever want to say out loud. When your husband says, “What are you thinking about.” You say, “Oh nothing. Just looking out the window” instead of telling him that you were really dreaming about being on HGTV’s Divine Design and having Candice Olsen tell you she’d really like to do your whole house… and for free since you’re a young, poor couple.


I think you’re a liar if you say you have no idea what I’m talking about. Lunatic Thinking is common. It’s normal. It’s proof that we are never pleased and always wanting something else. Something better. Something prettier and cleaner and better tasting with less calories. Young girls think of going to the mall and running into Robert Pattinson and getting asked out. Guys think about throwing a great game and having a scout happen to be there and being featured in next month’s Sports Illustrated as the “future of Major League pitching”. Some think about becoming a rock star. Some, a model. Some, a published author of a Tic Tac Toe strategy book. And you know, some of these daydreams come true!


Many of my lunatic thoughts revolve around money. I think this is probably pretty common. Right? Sometimes I think about Comcast “forgetting” to send me a bill and then saying “Oh well, it was our mistake. You don’t need to pay this month.” Sometimes I dream that the Student Loan people will call and say “Since you pay on time each month and even pay a little extra, we’re going to lower your interest rate. I know, this rate is unheard of… but we really think you deserve it.” I’ve thought about winning cars, the lottery, or free groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I know this sort of thinking is not healthy. And I’m sure it’s scratching the surface of some deeper issue. But it’s fun. Stephen and I love to talk about about what we’d do if we ever won the lottery. I think you’d all be pretty proud of our decisions!


Lately I have been thinking about what our tax return will be. I’m one of those people who wait until the end of March to do my taxes. I like the anticipation. How much will it be this year? “Oh, there must have been some mistake on our paychecks this year because it looks like we’re getting $4000 back. Fabulous!” Well, no such luck. Friday night I sat down with our pile of paperwork to do our taxes. (You know you’re old when you do your taxes on a Friday night.) As Stephen was beside me with his eyes glued to the series finale of Battlestar Gallactica, I worked. Edit, add, enter, correct, yes, skip, add, etc. I wouldn’t say that doing your taxes is hard. It’s simple data entry. But it is long and tedious. And of course there is the fear that if you input something wrong, the government will certainly find out about it and come to your home, take you away and lock you up. (See, lunatic thinking!) At the end, I slowly let my eyes veer up to the top right corner where it listed our return. Surely all of my wishful thinking had accounted for something, right? Isn’t that really the point? If you think it enough, it’ll happen?


Return: $39. Seriously? My thoughts didn’t help? So if our lunatic thoughts don’t help, I guess we’re all just lunatics.


Click on either link and buy these books!! And yes, Kevin Butler is qualified to write this book! He is truly (unofficially) the world’s best Tic Tac Toe player! I’ve witnessed many victories. 


(Tina, let this be your public notice to edit your bio on your website. I’m sure your other two children would like to be recognized. Also, I see now in the chapter previews that you call it Ludicrous Thinking. Did that change?? I’ll blame your editor.)


***Biggest Loser is on at 8 tonight. Apparently Obama wants to talk to us at 7. Why does he keep messing with my Tuesday nights?!

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Just a few thoughts

I’m not feeling creative today so we’ll have a Mumbo Jumbo Monday. Here’s a bunch of randomness:


-We are one step close to having an herb/vegetable garden. Saturday we tore out the old, nasty garden. And we planted a bunch of seeds in trays. I’d like to go buy a few more packets of seeds. And Stephen needs to build the new garden. But it’s all starting to come together. Yay!


-I’ve had a crick in my neck for two weeks. I don’t do well on regular pillows and hard beds… and that’s exactly what the cruise provided. I had a massage on Saturday morning but it hasn’t seemed to help. Any Houstonians know a good massage therapist?


-Stephen and I watched Twilight this weekend. Of course the book was better. But I’m really disappointed. They had a great book to work with but the movie just didn’t make all of the connections. I didn’t “feel” the closeness between Edward and Bella in the movie. Bella just seemed like a crazy obsessed high school girl… you don’t feel that they are soul mates. Also, I think Bella was a bit too twitchy and her sweet, lovable, awkward personality didn’t come out on the movie. I have lots of complaints actually. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens when you build something up.


-I had a fried Oreo at the rodeo yesterday. Actually, I had 4 fried Oreos. They were pretty delicious. I also had two diet cokes and a turkey leg. They had to use a forklift to get me home. Oh and we skipped the actual concert. (It was ZZ Top, not really my kind of music.) But we went through the Livestock show from start to finish and it was great. I had never done that. I think I want a baby wallaby now!


Sorry, boring Monday. Hopefully my brain will be back tomorrow.

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Joining the Movement

**Warning: The following post is not for the prissy and modest who are easily grossed out. Proceed at your own risk. (Or just scroll all the way down and look at today’s pictures.) Also, if this happens to be your first visit to my blog, I apologize! 

Every family has it’s own quirks. You, as an outsider, can get a glimpse of these oddities by joining them for dinner one night. If you were to join my family for dinner you would quickly see that we only drink water with dinner, we say the table prayer at the exact same time without any prompting, we never fully unwrap the foil from our baked potatoes because Dad will start a foil ball fight. Afterwards the kids clean the table and do the dishes. Dad puts the leftovers in tupperware. And Mom doesn’t have to do anything because she cooked. Of course now that we’re all grown, this isn’t a nightly ritual anymore. But on the rare times we are all together, we pick right back up where we left off. 

The Saturday before we left on the cruise my mom and I picked up my sister and her sweet friend, Lauren, from the airport and went to the Rice game. It didn’t take long for Lauren to realize what a strange family we were. As we settled into our seats at Reckling with our delicious Prince’s hamburgers I said,  “Oh Lindsay, I picked up some poop pills yesterday on the way home from work.” With a slight glance towards Lauren and a small smirk she said, “Oh good. So mom and I won’t need to get any.” Oh right, it’s not always polite to talk about poop in front of strangers. But Lauren isn’t a stranger. I had met her once before. And certainly Lindsay has broken the ice on this subject with her? They were roommates and teammates after all. Oh yes, but I am not Lindsay… so she may not be comfortable with me just yet. So I did what seemed like a good idea at the time… I explained further. “You see Lauren, I went on a cruise for my honeymoon and, well, I didn’t poop all week. I just can’t take that risk again. Not when there is so much food available. But don’t worry guys, these pills I found promise a movement within 6-12 hours of taking it. Thank God!” 

I can only imagine what was going on in Lauren’s head. The poor girl. Probably thinking “I gave up a week in Cozumel with my friends to go on a vacation with Lindsay’s nasty sister who talks about poop???” I’m sorry Lauren… Yes, you did. And if only that were the worst of it… you hadn’t even met my husband or brother yet! 

After our discussion at the ballpark, my sister decided that “movement” would now be our choice word. It definitely sounds more graceful and ladylike. It took on a whole new life when I saw a guy in the pub on the ship wearing a black shirt that said “JOIN THE MOVEMENT.” I laughed to myself and wondered how I could get my hands on a shirt like that! 

On Tuesday afternoon, all 8 of us were sitting at “our table” in the Windjammer, eating a late lunch. I have no idea how the topic came up but it once again turned to bathroom talk. Comments were flying all around the table. I shared that my stomach was much better on this cruise than the last. My dad had visited his “reading room” an appropriate amount of time. Stephen shared that he was having no trouble and had gone 8 times. (We had only been on the ship 2.5 days at this point… I swear that man eats in his sleep!) I’m not sure what Justin told us but I’m sure it was in a volume far too loud. Even Laura and my mom shared. I looked at our “guest” and said, “Well. Lauren. Have you moved?” This is how I envision her thought process during that pregnant pause: Seriously? Why would she ask me that? Is she some sort of psycho? What’s wrong with this family anyways? I thought Lindsay was normal. I have to answer though. If I don’t their liable to get mad and throw me overboard. Or worse, Justin will talk even louder at me and say something embarassing like “Yeah Lauren, have you crapped yet?” Oh gosh. What do I do? What do I dooo? 

She looked up with a cute grin and in a soft voice said, “Yes. I’ve moved.” And with that, she was part of the family. 

And here are some pictures for today: 

Look how cute and not disgusting Lauren is! Oh and also, look at Lindsay's awesome hair! Sweet!

Look how cute and not disgusting Lauren is! Oh and also, look at Lindsay's awesome hair! Sweet!

 Here are some more pictures. For Jim: So you know that we aren’t always dressed up. For Lyndsey: To make you happy. For Sarah (O): Because you asked me to post some even before we got back!

It was overcast and windy when we got to Costa Maya. Of course I was cold. Don't worry though, I still had some cold beverages!

It was overcast and windy when we got to Costa Maya. Of course I was cold. Don't worry though, I still had some cold beverages!

Stephen and Justin with the sea creatures! All of the British people from the other ship were too scared to touch them. (Yeah okay, so was I AT FIRST!)

Stephen and Justin with the sea creatures! All of the British people from the other ship were too scared to touch them. (Yeah okay, so was I AT FIRST!)


Laura, Stephen, and I during our mini-golf game. Jim, this is on the ship. See, cruises are awesome!

Laura, Stephen, and I during our mini-golf game. Jim, this is on the ship. See, cruises are awesome!


In Costa Maya. Our ship is the big one in the background. The water was pretty choppy that week, I can't imagine how bad it would have been on the smaller ship!

In Costa Maya. Our ship is the big one in the background. The water was pretty choppy that week, I can't imagine how bad it would have been on the smaller ship!

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Loser Week 11: A Lesson on Motherhood

A day late, here is the recap…


The episode picked up right where last week left off. The black team joined the blue team in the big conference room and Aly told them all they’d all be going home for the week. No trainers. Just them and their family, and all the distractions.


I enjoyed watching them all go home. It’s neat to see their family’s reactions. My favorite part of the entire episode was when Mike’s brother saw him. He is also overweight. He immediately started crying. With his dad and brother losing weight, he was the only “big guy” in the family. My mom and I really hope that Biggest Loser offers him a spot on the next season. I think he’d do really well and jump at the opportunity.


Even though the contestants were home, they still had a challenge. A tin arrived at each contestant’s house containing 13 cookies and a DVD. The DVD told them that they’d all be participating in a half marathon. Whoever had the shortest time won $10K. It also told them that each cookie was worth a 5 minute penalty for a player of their choice.


Let me now take a moment very long paragraph to complain about Helen. I don’t like her. At the beginning of the season I thought she was alright. That was probably because I was too distracted by Joelle. I don’t think it was very thoughtful of her to make her daughter stay home at the beginning of the season instead of her- but at the time I was willing to chalk it up as strategy, not a character flaw. I was wrong. We saw this when she allowed her daughter to get voted off instead of herself. What kind of mother does that?? As we’d seen, Helen was skinny a few years back. She has it in her to do it again. Shannon needs the help. Shannon probably has eating issues because her mom is so selfish and never gives her any attention. Then, after the luxury weekend I liked Helen even less. She gets 24 hours of freedom and starts drinking and smoking. Seriously? Grow up! This episode made her look even worse. First, there were at least 3 shots of her hugging and kissing and crying with her husband and son while Shannon hung in the background… yes, I know she probably misses them a lot since she hadn’t seen them but come on! Based on other contestants behavior, she should be hugging and crying with Shannon because they are closer after the experience together. Whatever. I was appalled when she ate the cookie. Her family was sitting there, convincing her to do it. That just shows that they’ve all missed the point. I really feel bad for Shannon. She needs a better support system. And, Helen, I think it’s pretty tacky to call Tara “b-baby”… we all know that’s not what you were about to say. And Tara is not a b-baby. She’s tough. She’s a hard worker. She deserves every prize she’s won. Way to set an example for your kiddos.


Cathy, you are a good mother. At the weigh-in the blue team lost again. Duh! (cough..cough..dane…cough..mandi..cough) So then it was time for them to choose between Cathy, Kristin, and Aubrey. Ron lost the most weight on the blue team so he had immunity. I don’t think I saw it on the episode (did anyone?) but I read on the Production Blog that Ron wanted to vote of Aubrey. Instead Cathy said she’d go home. She said that she’s a mother and mothers have to make sacrifices for their children. Then she added that Aubrey has become like a daughter to her. Of course she didn’t want to go home, but she did. Because it was honorable and right. And I really love her for that. I loved that team. Kristin still has a lot of weight to lose, if she doesn’t hit a wall, she could go really far.


I hope Helen is watching these episodes and seeing how selfish she is.


Oh yeah, I didn’t even mention the half marathon. No big news…. Tara won. Sione got second. But since Helen ate the cookie, Tara ended up losing. So Sione got $10K. Ron didn’t finish. He did 4 miles. I’m actually shocked with his weight loss. He seems like he can’t do anything, yet he’s lost over 100 pounds. Amazing. Also, did any of you see that Aubrey ate a couple cookies? Who were they against? Or am I making things up?


Always entertaining. Always surprising. Tune in next week when they turn into individuals again.

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Winners and Losers

I’ll post about last night’s Biggest Loser episode tomorrow. Last night I went to the (amazing) Rice/UT baseball game. We didn’t get home until pretty late. No worries though, we’ll be watching it tonight! No spoilers please.


Just so everyone knows, Rice beat UT last night, 6-3. It was a fabulous game. However, I kept noticing that if I didn’t pay close attention, I forgot who I was cheering for! (For the record, I’m a Rice fan for a few years. And yes, it’s one of the hardest things to do… I’m previously a Rice baseball hater!)


This is going to be a week of random blogging. So check back often. I know you’re all just dying to hear more about my vacation!! Since this blog had nothing to do with my vacation but I’m getting into the habit of adding photos to my posts, here’s a Rice baseball related photo:


Lauren, Lindsay, Taylor, Me, and my Mom after the Rice/Notre Dame game. Taylor was kind enough to take a break from signing autographs to take a picture with us. :)

Lauren, Lindsay, Taylor, Me, and my Mom after the Rice/Notre Dame game. Taylor was kind enough to take a break from signing autographs to take a picture with us. 🙂

March 18, 2009 at 7:50 am 1 comment

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