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Getting a Return on Your Investment

There was a story released about Dane from Biggest Loser. (You can read it here.) The cliff’s notes version: Dane didn’t complete the marathon. He wasn’t going to make it to the finish in time for the cutoff, so a field producer drove him to the finish line so they could film him and his wife running at the end. So then he “finished” in 5:53, but because of some bad lights it looked like 3:53. This caused people to do some research and that’s how the truth was let out. My question to Dane is, what is worth it??


I think his accomplishment was amazing. And I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that the producer convinced him to do this. He even went back and finished the part he skipped so that he could say he ran the complete 26.2 miles. But now he’s got to be regretting it. Very few people will remember him as the man who ran the majority of a marathon right after leaving the ranch. They’ll remember him as the guy from Loser who cheated in the Arizona marathon. Because that’s how America is. They like controversy. Sad to say, I don’t think his efforts were worth it.


This makes me wonder. What have I worked for that wasn’t worth it? Have you ever put forth effort for something that proved to be a dud?


A few weeks ago I painted my hallway. It took me a long time to pick a color. I just couldn’t decide. The color I chose is okay. But it looks awful with the tile. The hall looks like a baby girl’s nursery. Painting is not quick. It’s not that easy. And it definitely was not worth it. We expect a return on our investments. If I spend my Saturday night painting my hallway, I want that hallway to spend the rest of it’s life looking nice for me. And I don’t think that’s an unreasonable request.


This weekend Stephen and I went to three Rice baseball games at the Minute Maid College Classic. Between late starts and long games, we spent upwards of about 14 1/2 hours at the ballpark. If you add in the time to drive to and from, park, stand in line, etc. it was that majority of our weekend. Had the games been bad, it may not have been worth it. (Who am I kidding though, even bad baseball is still baseball… ) But that wasn’t the case. All three games were fabulous. The hours we put into the weekend were more than worth it. Friday night went into extra innings before pulling out a victory over UCLA. Saturday night the Owls beat the stupid Aggies. It was glorious. This ridiculously amazing pitcher threw a two-hit complete game. And then Sunday… oh Sunday! My wonderful cousin pitched 6.1 innings and the Owls were more than victorious over the Baylor Bears. Check it out: My cousin is awesome!


Going to baseball games is not cheap. You have to pay for parking, tickets, and if you are crazy, food. Stephen and I decided we’d only eat at one game. So Saturday night Stephen decided he’d get a foot-long hot dog. I can’t think of anything more disgusting, so I decided I’d have nachos. The game before ran long so I had plenty of time to get my food. And plenty of time I would need! I walked to the top of my section. The nacho cart was only a section over but the line was already a mile long. Slowly the line got shorter and shorter. I stood there people watching and not paying much attention. I happened to spot a friend of mine so I was able to wait in line while visiting with one of my most favorite people in the world. (Too bad he was cheering for the wrong team.) After about 15 minutes, I released him and allowed him to go wait in whatever line he needed. By this time it had been about 30 minutes. I looked ahead and there were only about 5 people in front of me.  I asked the two high school boys in front of me if they knew what was going on. They ran out of cheese. And then chili. So someone somewhere was on a cheese hunt. Word on the street was that a manager was involved and there was cheese in transit. At this point I had spent over 30 minutes waiting, I wasn’t about to leave now. So after 45 minutes, it was my turn. Once I had my big bowl of calories and processed cheese in hand, I headed back to my seat. I ate like a happy fat girl and, man, it was worth it!!


Sometimes it’s not worth it. But sometimes a girl just needs her nachos.

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