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Loser Week 9: Neuroticism Looks Good On You

Last night was all about unfinished business. I think I need to find someone with the inside scoop because I was left extremely dissatisfied last night. I went into the episode with two questions… 1. How was Bob going to react to his team’s decision to vote off Dane? 2. Who was going to be next? Would the next team make a stupid decision as well?


I didn’t get my answers. For some reason, they didn’t show Bob’s reaction. I’m going to guess that this was the first time in Biggest Loser history that they haven’t shown the trainer meeting up with his team. I think this is lame. I’m dying to know how he reacted. I thought for a while that maybe it was too controversial. But this show likes controversy. So why now show it? I haven’t googled it so I don’t know if there are any answers out there.


Instead we started with a challenge. Rocco came back for a cooking challenge. Each team had to make a healthy version of a hamburger, burrito, and pizza. The winners would receive dinner cooked by Rocco. The losers had to do the dishes. The Black team won. It wasn’t very exciting.


The blue team headed to 24 Hour Fitness for a Shadowbox class. Little did they know, Sugar Ray Leonard was going to be leading the class for them. It looked like they had a great time. Once again though, not too exciting.


Jillian decided she need to sit down with Sione so they could get on the same page. He was still upset about leaving Bob and she needed him to commit to her. Then they went to work out. She did some intense circuit training with him until he rolled his ankle and fell. They made it look awful. They interviewed some of his teammates and they all talked about how important he was to the team. Filipe said, “I thought, ‘oh no, what are we going to do if he’s out all week?'” So I honestly thought we’d find out he’d be out the rest of the season. Jillian said she’s going to need an MRI on his ankle. End scene.


Next scene, all of the contestants are walking up to a food bank. (Sione walking, no crutches, no more discussion of his ankle… what?) Now it was time for their big challenge of the week. Bag up food kits, run them to the other side of the warehouse, and load them into the truck. Whoever loaded 150 first, wins. The prize this time was great. Free groceries for a year and letters from home. It was a close game but the black team won. So then the black team celebrated and the blue team cried. I can’t even tell you how many times I yelled at the blue team, “You shouldn’t have voted of DANE!!!” (Mom, Stephen, did ya’ll keep count?)


I think I’ve bragged on Mike a lot this season, but he really is a great kid. Since he’s on the black team, he won a year of free groceries. But then… wait for it… (Vicky and Heba, this is why we still talk about how awful you two were)… he GAVE his prize to Aubrey because she has 5 kids. He even said, “Will you allow me to give this to you?” He was so sweet, being very careful not to offend her. And while I’m tooting his horn, let me just say that this kids looks great!! He is going to be so handsome! He has the cutest smile and he is just so darn sweet. Mike, you said you’re a bit neurotic… the title of this post is for you.


During the last chance work out, Jillian tore Laura apart. I don’t really want to get in it to much. Let’s just say that she was trying to break her down so that she’d put forth some effort. I’m torn. Although I think she was pretty brutal, I also think she knows that she’s doing. Jillian may be part crazy, but she’s good at her job. We’ll see next week. But I think she may have gotten through to Laura.


Now to the weigh-in. There was a twist (surprise surprise). They’d all weigh in as one big group. They had to lose an average of one pound per day, per person. So a total of 77 pounds. If they did this, they all won immunity. If they didn’t, one person from each team had to go. The weigh-in didn’t start off well. There were a few 4 pounders and even a 3 pounder. Sione didn’t lose much (and I believe we’ll see some emotions from him and Filipe next week about that). So everyone had weighed in except Mike. They needed 9 pounds. He got on the scale and the numbers started beeping…. to be continued….


Dear Producers,

You have loyal viewers. I stuck around through the drama of Heba and Vicky last year even though I wanted to vomit every time I saw their faces. I stuck around two years ago even though those blue brothers cried all the time. However, if you keep changing things and pissing us off, we’re not going to stick around. I need to know important details: how did Bob react? what is wrong with Sione’s foot? is Laura mad at Jillian or did they really make up? how much did Mike lose? These are important details. You’re walking on thin ice here. Read the blogs and find out what your viewers want to see… without us, you’re nothing.

Your Loyal Viewer (Unless You Keep Pissing Me Off),


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