Loser Week 10: Godfather Ron

March 17, 2009 at 8:19 am 3 comments

I’ve read some other reviews about this episode and many people are saying that they loved it. I’m not sure why I feel so differently. I hated it. If every episode is like this, I wouldn’t watch.


We began with a challenge. The contestants had to do wall-sits. Whoever lasted the longest had a lot of power in their hands. Of course it was Tara. She then got to match each member of the blue team against someone on the black team. I don’t remember all the match ups and it doesn’t really matter. Basically, at the weigh in you only had to beat the person you were matched up against. Whichever team won the least amount of “face offs” had to send someone home.


The other challenge was a relay. They had each team doing a number of obstacles to move 24 medicine balls to the next person. Tara is a beast. Mandi was amazing. Ron was terrible (as usual). And the black team won, again. And the black team will continue to win each challenge because the blue team is SO stupid and continues to vote off their good contestants.


I’m going to assume that everyone who reads my Loser reviews actually watches the show. (If you read it and don’t watch, why?? That’s weird!) So I’m not going to recap what happened with the whole Jillian/Filipe drama, just my thoughts. This is one of those fights that I’m not taking a side on… I’m mad at both of them. Jillian, it’s your JOB to work each contestant out. Skipping Filipe is not an option. Even if you’re jealous or bitter about the relationship he has with Bob. Get over it. Do your job. Filipe, you’re not handling the situation well. You should have said something while you were in the gym. Just say, “Hey Jillian, I’m ready for my turn.” And then she works you out, and then it’s over. But blowing up the way you did and then deciding to work out with Bob… well you’ve just caused a LOT of unnecessary drama. Your team is torn now. And in a game of TEAMS, this is huge. I’m annoyed.


So the blue team lost… surprise surprise. And they made a stupid decision… surprise surprise. In the meeting to see who they are going to vote off King Ron said, “It’s Mandi’s turn to go home.” What?! Why is Ron in charge?? Have they not noticed that he is the reason they are losing?? I still think that none of them have watched the show. Because, like complete idiots, they voted Mandi off. It wasn’t as simple as that. There was a lot of scheming. I’m not going to get into that because it doesn’t change the outcome of the voting. But basically, Mandi took the high road and helped her sister out a lot. I love Mandi and I’m really sad to see her go. Ugh, Ron.


This season is messed up. I love Bob, but his team sucks. I’m not crazy about Jillian, but her team rocks. Although after this week and their “24 hours of luxury” I’m not crazy about them. Helen, grow up. I’m not sure who I want to win at this point. I like Kristin a lot but I feel like she should be punished for her poor voting decisions. I like Sione a lot too. I like the way he carries himself and handles his anger. I guess my favorite is Mike. I’m trying to separate him from his dad. I’m really not a fan of Ron. I used to like him but somehow he’s managed to manipulate his team. Good game play, but I still don’t like him.


My opinions are all over the place and I can’t really figure out where I stand on all of this. I’m ready for the next episode so I can stop being so angry at everyone.


Oh, and I think Jillian will be gone next year. That’s my prediction. Statistically speaking, my predictions are wrong… but I’m still throwing it out there.


Dane, your departure marked the death of the blue team. Know that you are missed.


**I’m going to the Rice/UT baseball game tonight so I won’t be watching tonight’s episode. NO SPOILERS!!!!! I’ll post my recap Thursday for that one.

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  • 1. osarah  |  March 17, 2009 at 8:32 am

    I didn’t like last week’s episode either. I wish Ron had been sent home long ago. I don’t get why the blue team listens to him. Kristen and Kathy keep saying they’re sticking with Ron because they’ve always been together but that’s stupid! Ron is keeping their team from winning any challenge.

    Filipe annoyed me this week. His behavior during the 24 hours of luxury was ridiculous. I like Sione, Tara and Mike the best now I guess for the win (hehe FTW)!

    Have fun at the baseball game tonight!

  • 2. osarah  |  March 17, 2009 at 8:33 am

    Oh and I think (hope) they’ll do something to mix the teams up again this week. Blue team has 4 people and black team has 6. I can only hope. I’m tired of seeing the same people win the challenges week after week.

  • 3. Lyndsey  |  March 19, 2009 at 12:17 pm

    Ron is dumb. The blue team is dumb. The challenges are dumb. Tar-UH gets on my flippin nerves. And baby Mike is starting to be such a cutie.

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