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Living Life as a Lunatic

One of the greatest memories I have from high school is of the beginning of journalism class. Each day we’d go into class and pray that we’d get to hear about Caroline. She may have been a fictional character but her life was exciting. My journalism teacher would write a new chapter (almost) every night and read it to us for our devotional. This was just one of the many reasons that Tina became one of my favorite teachers people in this world! As a high school girl, I could easily relate to Caroline. I loved when she had “lunatic thinking”… I’m sure you can all relate to this phenomenon. I’d explain it as severe day dreaming. You know, the kind you don’t ever want to say out loud. When your husband says, “What are you thinking about.” You say, “Oh nothing. Just looking out the window” instead of telling him that you were really dreaming about being on HGTV’s Divine Design and having Candice Olsen tell you she’d really like to do your whole house… and for free since you’re a young, poor couple.


I think you’re a liar if you say you have no idea what I’m talking about. Lunatic Thinking is common. It’s normal. It’s proof that we are never pleased and always wanting something else. Something better. Something prettier and cleaner and better tasting with less calories. Young girls think of going to the mall and running into Robert Pattinson and getting asked out. Guys think about throwing a great game and having a scout happen to be there and being featured in next month’s Sports Illustrated as the “future of Major League pitching”. Some think about becoming a rock star. Some, a model. Some, a published author of a Tic Tac Toe strategy book. And you know, some of these daydreams come true!


Many of my lunatic thoughts revolve around money. I think this is probably pretty common. Right? Sometimes I think about Comcast “forgetting” to send me a bill and then saying “Oh well, it was our mistake. You don’t need to pay this month.” Sometimes I dream that the Student Loan people will call and say “Since you pay on time each month and even pay a little extra, we’re going to lower your interest rate. I know, this rate is unheard of… but we really think you deserve it.” I’ve thought about winning cars, the lottery, or free groceries. Don’t get me wrong, I know this sort of thinking is not healthy. And I’m sure it’s scratching the surface of some deeper issue. But it’s fun. Stephen and I love to talk about about what we’d do if we ever won the lottery. I think you’d all be pretty proud of our decisions!


Lately I have been thinking about what our tax return will be. I’m one of those people who wait until the end of March to do my taxes. I like the anticipation. How much will it be this year? “Oh, there must have been some mistake on our paychecks this year because it looks like we’re getting $4000 back. Fabulous!” Well, no such luck. Friday night I sat down with our pile of paperwork to do our taxes. (You know you’re old when you do your taxes on a Friday night.) As Stephen was beside me with his eyes glued to the series finale of Battlestar Gallactica, I worked. Edit, add, enter, correct, yes, skip, add, etc. I wouldn’t say that doing your taxes is hard. It’s simple data entry. But it is long and tedious. And of course there is the fear that if you input something wrong, the government will certainly find out about it and come to your home, take you away and lock you up. (See, lunatic thinking!) At the end, I slowly let my eyes veer up to the top right corner where it listed our return. Surely all of my wishful thinking had accounted for something, right? Isn’t that really the point? If you think it enough, it’ll happen?


Return: $39. Seriously? My thoughts didn’t help? So if our lunatic thoughts don’t help, I guess we’re all just lunatics.


Click on either link and buy these books!! And yes, Kevin Butler is qualified to write this book! He is truly (unofficially) the world’s best Tic Tac Toe player! I’ve witnessed many victories. 


(Tina, let this be your public notice to edit your bio on your website. I’m sure your other two children would like to be recognized. Also, I see now in the chapter previews that you call it Ludicrous Thinking. Did that change?? I’ll blame your editor.)


***Biggest Loser is on at 8 tonight. Apparently Obama wants to talk to us at 7. Why does he keep messing with my Tuesday nights?!

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