Loser Week 12: All About You

March 25, 2009 at 11:54 am 3 comments

This week the contestants broke out of their blue and black teams and became their original colors. I enjoy this stage of the game. I think it should be every man for himself. There’s more pressure, less blame, and a better sense of pride in what you’re doing. The first thing the contestants had to do was pick their trainer. I’m pretty sure this is the first time this has happened. And I’m pretty sure the producers wanted to do this to cause drama. I really thought more people were going to choose Bob. I keep thinking that they are going to replace Jillian next year, so everything I see is through those eyes. But I was wrong. The teams were split. I think Laura is stupid for choosing Jillian though. She should have given Bob a chance, I’m sure she’d enjoy working with him more. Mike chose Jillian, to which Ron said “My son is 18. All 18 year olds are idiots.” or something like that. I disagree. Mike is going to lose weight no matter what. I think it’s best that he does it on the opposite team of his dad. He needs to grow on his own. So at this point, it looks like Jillian’s team is stacked to win again.


The shift to singles isn’t the only reason I’ve titled this week “All About You” – it’s also in honor of Tara. Yes, she’s a machine. Yes, she’s amazing. Yes, she’s one of the fiercest competitors the show has ever had. But she’s also a baby. She wants all of the attention, but only if it’s good. (This reminded Stephen and I of last week’s Office. “I’m going to be honest. I want all of the credit and none of the blame.”) Besides Joelle, Tara is the most talked about player this year. She’s always in the spotlight. Yes she’s good, but she’s also vocal. And needy. And flirty. And complainy. Tara you can’t be a tough competitor in this game and be loved by all. Unless you are Mike! So the first part of the challenge this week was pretty simple. Each player had 5lb blocks that represent how much weight they’ve lost. They could split those blocks up however they wanted and give them to the other contestants for them to use in part 2 of the challenge. The majority of the weight went to Tara. Helen got the second most. Everyone thought it was funny that Tara and Helen were being ganged up on. Helen (for once) had a semi-appropriate response… take that and use it as encouragement. Show them how much of a threat you really are. Tara, on the other hand, cried. And put her hoodie on. And sulked. And then told Laura the she’s lost enough weight and is ready to go home. Okay, right. This is what we call “fishing for compliments.” You aren’t fooling anyone, Tara. But you can’t have it both. You can’t be seen as a strong player but not get picked on. Doesn’t work that way. So stop crying about it. Geez.


So then part 2. The contestants have to pull a car half of a mile. Whatever weight they were given in part 1 was added to their car. Annnnd, surprise surprise, Tara won (immunity). Sione started out with a huge lead but eventually ran out of strength. Mike kept up for a while but then fell behind. Tara started off slow but ended up pulling off a huge win. Someone check this chick for steroids. Seriously! …Seriously.


Now to the weigh-in. This was a huge week for Kristin who reached (and passed) the 100 pound mark! Yay for her! I’m glad that she did it before Tara. I think Kristin needs some credit. She’s awesome. Ron also had a good week, he lost 10 pounds! I really don’t know how he does it. It ended with Aubrey and Filipe below the yellow line. Votes ended up being a pretty even split and Aubrey went home. Sucks for Cathy, I bet she wishes she would have stayed and voted Aubrey off. Tune in next week to see some returning contestants.


Some of my comments to a few of the contestants:


Aubrey: You are a loud-mouth. Tara is right about that. Sometimes it’s okay to not say anything. If you have an opinion that you just have to share, tell the camera. You don’t make friends by sharing all of your opinions. Also, rolling your eyes is not a flattering look on you.

Mike: You’re awesome. We love you. You look great. You act great. I don’t think I single person would be unhappy if you won… except Tara.

Tara: The reason I’m picking on you is because you’re good. Stop crying.

Filipe: Sometimes I think you are bi-polar. Or just extreeemely emotional. Either way, I liked this week’s Filipe… you should be him more often!

Ron: You have a bit of a creepy factor. The way you stand there with your arms folded and your mouth shut and just nod. It’s sort of weird. But I’m impressed with your weight-loss. And I’m even more impressed with your son, you’ve raised him well.

Kristin: You rock! I’m excited for you and your future.

Helen: I still don’t like you.

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  • 1. Karen  |  March 25, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    Tara is still my hero, I agree that she may have sulked a little too much, but after the 10K from last week being taken from her and then every body gained up on her this week, with Filipe laughing like some kind of hyena I would have felt the same way. Just leave me alone, let me cool down.

    I can not stand Ron, the godfather, dictator, would you shut up already. Sione, she is going to need luck training with Jillian, who has won every season so far, really Sione who should be able to but can not drop double digit numbers, you are with Bob now, what is your excuse, still all Jillian’s fault?
    Filipe, yuk, simply yuk, what is your excuse for not dropping big numbers, you have been with Bob long enough, the answer to your prayers and your weight loss sucks. I know, all Jillian’s fault.

    Helen, I do not dislike you, but you are annoying. Kristen, congrats on the weight loss, but please get over your jealously of Tara. Aubrey I hope you survive. Mike, just keep on keeping on, you are getting cuter everyday, I love your big compassionate heart. Laura, way to step up, you are growing, tough love seems to work on you.

    I would be happy if any one of these three win it all. Mike, Tara or Laura.

  • 2. Lindsay  |  March 25, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    I love Tara..she’s awesome. I would be having a rough time if I were in her shoes too…I don’t like it when people are against me..even if it it’s because they see me as a threat.

    Still don’t like Ron or Helen….

    and YAYYYYYYYY! AUBREY’S GONE!! She was my least favorite.

  • 3. alicesworld  |  March 26, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Ok I LOVED your comparison to Michael on the Office. I loved that episode and that’s EXACTLY how Tara was. She’s a freaking rockstar though. A rockstar that needs to be loved.

    I agree with your analysis of everyone else, too, with the exception of Kristen – what you said about Ron is awesome. Filipe bugs me lately, but in this show he was endearing. Laura has come a long, long way.

    But if Kristen misuses the word “literally” one more time, I am going to throw something at the TV. My Gosh that girl likes her camera time. I bet if they did an analysis of who has hogged it the most, the winner would be Kristen. She’s cute, I like her, I just wish she’d stop talking so much. She gives like a 5 minute speech every time she’s up for the weigh in. She kills me.

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