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A Watched Pot

It’s really quite amazing what can happen when you aren’t paying attention. To prove my point, I’d like to point out that it’ll be April in two days. I’m not really sure how that happened. Wasn’t it just Christmas?! It’s almost Easter! I’m not really having that much fun, why is time flying so fast?


As many of you know, Rookie loves squirrels. Or she hates them. I’m not sure which is true… all I know is that if she’s outside she chases them and if she’s inside she barks hysterically at them. It’s really a lose/lose situation for us. We can’t let her outside to chase them since we are still missing a significant part of our fence. So she’s stuck inside, leaving paw prints and puppy nose prints on our windows. Since it was a gorgeous weekend, the squirrels were out in full force, frolicking around in our front yard. Rookie was running to each window that faces our front yard, fussing and barking. I finally went to the front living room to try to calm her down. I sat by the window with her. This, shockingly, seems to settle her down a bit. What does this have to do with a watched pot?? Well as I was sitting there staring out the front window (which I very rarely do) I noticed that we have tiny vines curling around up around the beams on our porch. Clearly I don’t spend much time staring out my front window because these vines were probably 6 inches high. I’m sure that according to green thumbs and gardening guru’s, these vines are considered a nuisance but I thought it was kind of cute!


I think there are a lot of pots we watch on a regular basis. Weight, bank account, to-do lists, investments, success, etc. I’m sure you have a few pots of your own. I urge you to quit watching them. It’s not healthy. And it’s certainly not entertaining! I know, it’s easier said than done. And I’m not really one to talk. I’ve recently learned to quit looking at the “Remaining Balance” line on our mortgage statements. That pot won’t boil until our kids are out of college! (When I was little, I always thought mortgages were good things. In Monopoly, you got lots of money when you mortgaged your property. Nobody ever told you that you’d need to make monthly payments on that for 30 years! I thought MOnopoly was supposed to be an educational game. I wonder if we can blame the housing crisis on Parker Brothers…)


This morning I saw a pot boil. Over the weekend (when I wasn’t watching!) I officially reached (and passed) the 5000 hits mark on this site. As a new blogger, that’s pretty exciting! So thanks to all of you for reading and for continuing to read!! And many thanks for the comments and emails!


-Do any of you Houstonians have an eye for design? If so, please email me.
-Does anyone know where I can find a tall, skinny cabinet for our bathroom? I’m having a hard time finding ones that are over 5 feet.
-My cold is almost gone! There is minimal mucus today. And last night I slept on only one pillow and slept through the night with only a half dose of NyQuil!

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