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Loser Week 13: Cameos

So last week Aubrey got voted off. But during the deliberation, Ron was fighting for Filipe to go. So this week’s episode started with Kristin, Sione, and Filipe discussing how Ron is a traitor. Which, yes, he is. I can understand how, as a father, he’d want to get rid of all of his son’s competition. I don’t blame him for this. But his manipulation and holier-than-thou attitude is what I don’t like. And his crazy, unreasonable double standards. Agreed?


The contestants were called into the gym and greeted by Ali. Not Ali-the-host-Sweeny, but Ali-the-oh-so-skinny-previous-winner-Vincent. Alison Sweeny was out having her baby (yay!) so Ali was the guest host. Now I like Ali, I really do. I think she did an amazing job when she was on Loser. But her hosting skill are awful. It was painful to watch actually. I’m so glad her cameo only lasted about 20 minutes! I do understand the significance of having her there. This week, they brought back three of the at-home contestants. Those three had a weigh-in and only one got to stay. It ended up being Nicole from the red team. She lost 87 pounds, which meant that she had lost the second highest percentage. (Cue drama for Tara.) Nicole got immunity for the week as long as she didn’t gain weight.


The challenge this week was a balance game. All of the contestants were standing on their own board. That board was resting on 40 ropes. One by one, the ropes were cut so it became harder and harder to balance. The winner received a one pound advantage during the weigh-in. I thought this was a cool competition. It came down to Kristin and Sione, who happen to be two of the strongest competitors right now, and seem to also be good friends. Sione won. It was good to see him win. I really like him. Although I love Kristin too and would like her to win. Oh! And Michelle came back to host that part of the show. She was fabulous. I just love her!!


During one of the workouts, Ron started getting light headed and having chest pains. They took him to the ER and ran some tests. Turned out that he had two ulcers in the “stomach he doesn’t use” from his surgery. He was at the hospital a few days and they pumped him full of fluids so it was pretty safe to say he wasn’t going to have a good week. I was just crossing my fingers that he’d be under the yellow line and sent home.


Well, as luck would have it, Nicole came and worked her butt off and gained 5 pounds. Laura gained one. Lucky for her, Ron gained 3. So into the elimination room they went. Nicole or Ron. Nicole is fierce, so it would be a good game-play decision to get rid of her. However, Ron is manipulative and annoying so I think it’s a good decision to get rid of him for peace and sanity. It ended up being Nicole. But not without drama. Ron gave Filipe a “look” when Filipe announce he was voting for Ron. He tried to call him out on his decision. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Filipe doesn’t give a crap what Ron thinks about him anymore and wasn’t about to suck up. We’ll see what unfolds next week, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining.


Nicole, it sucks that you got sent home. However, I think it’s the best thing that happened to you. You are probably pretty pissed off and I think that’ll just light a fire under you. You’re going to be the at-home winner. AND you get to avoid the game-play in the house. It was kind of funny to see your reaction to it all. You seem very sweet and innocent. I like that. But I also think you would be just like them if you had stayed on the ranch all these years. So be careful not to judge! Best of luck.


Ron, how the heck are you still in this game?!

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