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Making An Educated Decision

I feel like I just graduated from college. In all actuality, I graduated two years ago. Two years! That’s 50% of my actual college career. Those two years have been quite eventful too. I’ve gotten married, gained weight, rented an apartment, bought a house, had two jobs,  been on two cruises, started blogging, been through 2 facebook layout changes (hated them both), and learned that I like cucumbers. So when I think back to high school, when I was making my college decision, it’s amazing that I can remember much about it.

I was recently talking to someone about their child’s college choices. This girl had a few years before she even had to apply, but she was thinking about it. (So much more refreshing than the “oh crap, now what?” mentality.) She had been set on a certain school. She liked the location, athletics, academics, etc. but after a quick trip to another campus, she immediately changed her mind. I asked her mom what it was that made her change her mind. “Oh I don’t know. I think she just liked the way it looked.” You and I are old and wise and we know better than to make such a huge decision on such a small detail. Oh youth! Wait a second. I was youth. Rewind….

Anyone who knows me and my family knows that I have orange blood. Seriously, prick my finger. But sometime around my junior year in high school I realized that you aren’t actually born into a college. When my mom got pregnant, she didn’t actually call the registrar and say, “Please put us down for a spot for fall of 2003. We’ll get back with you on the name later. Just know she’s one of us… Thanks!” No, my name wasn’t written in the Great Book of Future Longhorns. So with this revelation, I decided to break my parents’ hearts and look at other schools. Kendall’s parents went to Baylor and thought there was something special about that school… maybe I should be a Bear. Jennifer seemed to think there was something special about that school out in Lubbock… maybe I should be a Red Raider. Since we’ve rewound, let’s take a look into my 16 year old analysis.

Baylor. This is my first look at a college that isn’t UT or Lutheran. How exciting. I’m growing up! I’m actually looking at colleges! Wow, this place is pretty. And look! They have a bear. An actual bear, on campus! This place is awesome. Oh and a bookstore with all things Baylor! I could come here and have a green and gold comforter! And a hoodie! And a handheld fan! Oh, and this foam block! Kendall, let’s buy this foam block! Oh my gosh, look at all these college boys… And this is a Christian school so they must all be good Christian boys! Wow, I think I’m in Heaven. George’s! THE George’s?? Do you SEE the size of those margaritas? Too bad I’m too young, I’ll buy a shirt instead. Pat Green would want it that way. Oh my gosh, I love Baylor! Ahhhhh Sic ’em Bears!

Texas Tech. Whoa, what’s that smell? Seriously, it’s poop? Wow, this really is country. So all these college boys must be real cowboys? Amazing. Good thing I wore my boots! Since Baylor has already won my heart, Tech needs to work harder. Let’s take a campus tour. Wow, these buildings are beautiful! And wow, look at that hill! Who said Lubbock was flat?! Seriously, does that smell ever go away? They have a winery? Sweet! Let’s go. Gross, I hate wine but, hey, look how old and mature we look with wine glasses in our hands. Quick, take a picture! Oh my gosh, prairie dogs! How cute. I’d come here all the time if I was a Red Raider! I once knew a guy on the Texas Tech baseball team, we better see if Tech has a bookstore so I can get a Texas Tech baseball shirt! Ahh Sic ’emHook ’em… What the heck do they say? Put Your Guns Up (?) !! Yay Tech!

A&M. Ha! Yeah right. I never had that big of a lapse in judgment!

UT. Ugh, why am I visiting this place? I’ve been here before. Plus, I’m having a hard enough time deciding between Baylor and Tech. But I guess I’m a smart girl, I need to make an educated decision. Here goes nothing. Gosh this place is huge! Look how many people are walking arou– … wait, is that guy not wearing pants? What the…? Neither is he! Neither is she! This place is disgusting. This would never happen at Baylor. Wait, what, I’m not a student… why are you handing me all of these fliers? Mom, did you read this? It’s No Pants Day. Why did you come here? Ugh, lets just go to the bookstore and buy something.

Application time. I’ll go ahead and apply to all three schools. I can decide later.

Acceptance time. First letter. Check it out, Mom and Dad. I got into Tech. And look, they’re offering me money. Awesome. But I don’t think I want to go there. It’s pretty far. And I don’t really think it’s for me. Second letter. Oh my! Look how much money Baylor wants to give me. This is amazing. Third letter. Okay. “What’s that Chelsea?” Oh, nothing Mom. It’s just my letter that says I got into UT. “UT? Or UT business school. Because that’s a big difference” Um… UT business school.

Decision. Clearly God knew what he was doing. He always knew I’d be a Longhorn. Maybe He was the one that wrote my name in the Great Book of Future Longhorns. He brilliantly made sure I was naive and unaware of the difficulty of getting into UT… and more importantly, the UT business school. It’s possible that I wouldn’t have applied for fear of failure. He gave me a hint of interest in other schools to take the stress away from me.

Choosing a college is a big deal. I don’t think we are extremely logical when we are making these decisions. So maybe this girl will choose her college based on the way it looks. Maybe she won’t. I chose a school that decided it was okay to not wear pants. Completely illogical.

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