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Loser Week 14: Nothing Has Changed, Except… Everything

After this week, we learned that:


-Kristin is still funny and lovable. (I think a few of you don’t like her, but I still do.)

-Jillian still makes ridiculously dramatic facial expressions.

-Sione and Tara continue to dominate competitions.

-Bob still can’t get a handle on his bickering team.

-Ron is still manipulative and hypocritical and so obnoxious. (Also, we haven’t addressed this before but what the HECK is up with his beard??? Why does he shave it that way? It does not look good!)

-Jillian still doesn’t know how to pronounce Tara.

-Mike is still lovable… even though he may be sort of shady.

-Tara still needs to address the deeper issue.

-I still love Allison Sweeny and think she’s gorgeous and a fabulous host!

-Ron continues to somehow lose amazing amounts of weight.


So yeah, nothing really changed this week. I will assume at this point that if you read this post each week, you actually watch the show. So I’m not going to give the play by play. Basically there was a temptation – Laura won. She won the one and only vote this week. The challenge was rough! It was running up and down the stairs in a football stadium. Tara won. Sione got a close second. And there was a lot of drama with the brown team and blue team. Ron and Mike were extremely pissed at Sione and Filipe. Which, I still don’t understand why… Didn’t Ron encourage his team to vote Filipe off?? So it’s really tit-for-tat… Shut up Ron. It’s a freaking game. Get used to it! If you’re a jerk and cocky, why would you think your alliances are going to stick with you? GO HOME ALREADY.


Sadly, he didn’t. The two people below the yellow line were Sione and Helen. With their fate in the hands of Laura, they all went to the elimination room. Laura had great things to say about both but ultimately voted off Sione. I LOVE Sione. As a competitor, as a person, as a dad, etc. I think he’s a great guy. I’m very sad to see him go. But I don’t blame Laura. She made a smart move. He’s neck and neck with Tara when it comes to being the toughest one there.


While nothing dramatic and life-changing happened this week, Sione left. And that changes everything.

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