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(A Title-less Pointless Post)

Since today is Good Friday and nobody has to go to work except me, I’m not going to write a fancy schmancy post. I’m sure you’re all out working in the yard, running errands, or visiting family. For the select 4 people who will read today (Stephen, mom, dad, Lindsay), here goes nothing:


-I have had a few people tell me that they are intimidated by the Crock Pot. Oh people, you are missing out on one of the great glories in life. Think back to those wonderful days in high school where you come home and the house smells delicious. You know your mom has been in the kitchen making something wonderful. You can have that with the Crock Pot. Throw it all in the pot in the morning and when you come home from work, it’s done! For you morning people (Jim), this is perfect. Wake up. Cut up your veggies. Make your seasonings. Do whatever you need to. For us non-morning people (me), do this at night. I put all of my stuff together in the pot, put it in the fridge, and then in the morning I just add the wet ingredients and go. And because you are slow cooking, the flavors are delicious. There is almost nothing better than carrots that have been cooking all day with your roast! So take the plunge! (I just made a roast on Monday. Will post the recipe here later today.)


-Do you want to know why my husband rocks? Well, for many reasons… but here’s a specific. He is one of those lucky souls that doesn’t have work today. If I were him, I wouldn’t set an alarm. I’d sleep until my body felt like waking up and then slowly start being productive. Not my man. He set his alarm for 6:45. Got his sweet butt out of bed and went to Starbucks to get me a mocha and a muffin! Oh I love him!! (Thanks Esteban!)


-I’m pretty sure I’ve discussed this but we have trays of herbs and veggies growing in our house. Stephen built a raised garden and filled it with a great veggie blend dirt. Today he’ll transfer the plants into the garden. Want to know why I’m annoyed? Half of my parsley didn’t grow. And my dill went limp and is tangled. I think I’ll plant some new seeds directly into the garden. I’ll spread them out a bit more to see if that helps.


-I’m baking my first carrot cake this weekend. I’m in charge of two desserts for our Easter lunch. The first is this amazing Oreo dessert that I made for Stephen’s b-day (will add this to the recipe blog at some point). I thought I’d give a carrot cake a try. Sunday is also my MIL’s b-day and she loves carrot cake. And also, I thought that making a carrot cake on Easter was kind of cute. Wish me luck. If I fail, I may never do it again!


-My cousin had a baby yesterday. Little baby Sophie Grace! She’s quite early, she wasn’t due until the middle of May. She weighs 3lbs 8oz! Precious precious baby!!! Say prayers for her and momma! She’s doing just fine, no complications. Praise God!


-My church had a member of Jews for Jesus come to church last night for Maundy Thursday. The presentation was fascinating. I encourage you to google it and learn a bit about the Jewish culture and Passover. I hope you all make it to church tonight and focus on what today is all about. I know many like to avoid it so they don’t have to “feel bad”… Yeah, it’s sad. Yes, it’s pretty depressing. But it’s important to acknowledge. You (and me of course) put Him on that cross. So at least take a minute to focus on what He did for you. “The punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.”


-We got our tax return on Wednesday! I never updated from my previous post, but thank God I had made a mistake. I had my dad review my taxes and I had left off our property taxes. So we got a bit more than $39! Whoo hoo!


-Does anyone in Houston have a good Handyman? We are thinking about removing our shower and installing a new one. We’ll need to move some plumbing. It’s a fairly big job. One we’d rather pay someone to do it than have Stephen waste a bunch of his free time on it.


Have a fantastic weekend!!!

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