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One Small Step For Man

Let me first repeat my last statement from yesterday- I was at the Rice/A&M game last night and wasn’t able to watch Biggest Loser. I will watch it tonight. Please don’t say anything!




As you know, I’m going through vision therapy. Today marks day 63 of my therapy. I went to see my eye doc this morning to see if I’ve made any progress. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about this appointment. It’s been 63 days of Space Balls and Number Jump and Chipmunk Chase. It’s been 63 days of knitting and cross stitching. It’s been 63 days of living the patched up life of a pirate. And to be honest with you, I haven’t noticed any improvement. I still only use my right eye, I still don’t see 3D, I still get insanely tired at the end of my therapy. But I was hanging on to some glimmer of hope. Certainly all this work would pay off. Certainly I haven’t spent 63 hours of my time just to find out it’s not helping.


You may be sitting there and thinking “Chelsea, it’s going to take some time. Even if you don’t see improvement, keep going. You’re teaching your brain to use your eye… that’s not a quick and easy task.” Thank you. Please keep those positive thoughts coming. If you weren’t thinking that, start thinking it. I need you all to believe that this is going to happen! Try to imagine my hatred for this therapy. Playing these awful computer “games” each night is wearing on me. Think about how hard it would be to reserve an hour each evening to do something you love… got it? Okay, now think about how frustrating it would be to cut out an hour each night to do something you hate. Are you with me?


Anyways, this is why I was nervous about today. If I didn’t see any improvement it would mean I would need to do therapy much much longer. So I settled in my chair, told my doc I’m not feeling any different. She didn’t look concerned. She never does. She already knew I was going to say that. So she ran all of my tests and did all of the measurements and boy oh boy, I was wrong. I have improved!! Not a ton, but some. And some is all I ask for! She said this is pretty normal. Maybe slightly less than what she would have liked to see, but still something to celebrate.


Want to hear the highlight of the trip? Okay, so you know that test where you put on the funky glasses and look in that book and point out which cartoon cat is popping off the page? (It’s the test to see 3D, in case you couldn’t figure that out.) Well I’ve never been able to do that. They all look like they were squished to the page. You know, like in real cartoons when the cat gets run over and he lays on the road in the exact shape he was just standing in. And someone had to peel him off and shake him out like a floor mat until he puffs back into shape. Yeah, that’s what I see. Today, I was able to do one! The first line, the easy one, I was able to point out the 3D cat. And with a few more blinks and some encouragement, I did another one! The third one was still squished to the page, but it’s okay. Maybe he’ll decide to pop out in a few months when I go back.


So give my brain a few high fives! Well, maybe just a few “hip hip hoorays” – we wouldn’t want to ruin all of that hard work with a few celebratory high fives… And give God the glory for a job well done! There’s a long way to go but at least we’ve taken this small step. I think that you’ll agree that this small step for me, is a giant leap for my brain.

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