Loser Week 15: Looking Hot and Losing Weight*

April 16, 2009 at 10:29 am 3 comments

 *May not apply to all contestants.


This is one of the best episodes of the year. I just love makeover week!! Okay, I’m going to do a pretty thorough summary this week. I didn’t last week  but certain people (cough Sarah cough) missed the episode and needed the recap. So here we go!


We started with a challenge. Actually we started with Filipe and Kristin crying about Sione being gone. No big surprise there… Filipe has become quite comfortable releasing the waterworks. So, like I was saying, we started with a challenge. The contestants had to walk over some cables that were hanging over a canyon type thing. Filipe, Mike, and Tara all started really well. Then Tara fell and it took her “a good minute” to find her feeting and get going again. Mikey slowed. Tara sped. And…. surprise surprise, Tara passed Filipe and won. She won a $25,000 kitchen makeover and a newly stocked fridge “courtesy of Jenny-O turkey.”


Next the contestants were taken to LA for their makeovers. They shopped at Macy’s with Tim Gunn. They got their hair done. And then they made their debut at a “movie debut” – which turned out to be a short film about the contestants’ journey. One by one they came out. Standing at the bottom of the stairs was someone special from their life. I’m sure none of them were really surprised about that, it happens every year. I do think it’s cruel that they come out on this HUGE flight of stairs, get excited, and are expected to sucessfully walk down those stairs. Especially the girls! They’ve been living in tennis shoes, now they are wearing heels! But, thankfully, nobody ate it!


Everyone looked fantastic. I was actually shocked at how handsome Filipe is now. He has a jaw bone! Helen didn’t look much different, I think they just trimmed her hair a bit. Kristin was so cute. I’m very glad they took the big blonde chunks out of her hair. I was anxious to see her husband. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ve seen much of him. And I do think it’s weird that they haven’t seen each other in so long and greeted each other with a hug. Kiss her dude!! Tara was gorgeous, but we knew she would be. And I was really hoping her mom would give Jillian a lesson on how to say her daughter’s name. we weren’t so lucky. Laura looked great. They dyed her hair red and cut it. I told Stephen that was a bad hair cut for someone that has to work out all the time. It’s too short for a pony tail. Ron looked better. They shaved his beard. WHOO HOO! Why didn’t his wife do that years ago?? He looks a lot less creepy now. Mike looked amazing. I’ve said this before but this kid is so stinking cute! I am so excited for him and his future. I hope he has mounds of confidence now. The rest of Mike and Ron’s family was there. The teeny tiny mom (seriously?! how does that work?) and the big younger brother Max. It was quite emotional. Max was crying because now he’s the big one. He said he wants to be like Mike. (They all want to be like Mike! Ha ha.. Cheesey.. Sorry… I’m hanging my head in shame.. Er.. Let’s move on..) He’s only 17 but I’m really hoping they’ll put him on the show once he’s 18. He would do so well!


Now to the drama of the day. Pretty simple drama. Laura found out she has a stress fracture in her hip. She was told she can’t put pressure on her hip. No running or jumping or anything like that for 3 months. Jillian’s face became all Jillian-like. Overly emotional, like she’s the lead role in a crappy high school play.


Last chance workout. Always entertaining. Always sweaty. Always full of yelling and cussing and cheering. Good tv!


Now to the weigh-in. Just a few highlights: Mikey broke the record of most pounds lost on the ranch. He beat Roger from a couple seasons ago. And he made sure to ask if they did it in the same amount of time. “Good, so no asterisk!” Ahh Mikey! Helen lost a ton of weight. Can’t actually remember how much. Either 7 or 9 pounds. Either way, it put her in first place by a long shot. Kristin and Laura were below the yellow line. Laura actually gained 3 pounds. They made their speeches, Laura saying that she wants to be here and blah blah and vote as if she weren’t injured. Yeah, uh, right. Then Kristin said that while, yes, she’s lost a ton of weight and she’s still a huge threat, her current weight is what many women start at. She said that in the beginning of the game everyone voted based on who NEEDED to be there, it wasn’t about game play. She asked them to do the same. She still needs to be there. Great speech Kristin. Love you! Ron made a speech (wait, Ron spoke up during deliberations? really? Shocking!) about how he’s suffered from hip problems and how Laura shouldn’t be here. She needs to go home and get better. Okay okay, so yes, that was nice. But he has other motives. He wanted to make sure team green didn’t still have two votes. We see your manipulative ways Ron! You don’t fool us!


Laura was voted off, 3-2. I was going to be really sad to see Kristin go. So glad they kept her. I’m not too sad to see Laura go. I do hope she does well at home though. Obviously she has no chance to win the at-home prize since she’s injured. But we did see that she’s managing to keep the weight off, which is great!


Okay, that was long. Once you get me going…! I’m pumped about next week. Mikey is going to confront his dad about their weight issues. Good thing, because all of America has been wondering the same thing. Ron, if your life was so awful being overweight, why did you let your sons do the same thing??? And wife, what’s the deal? You are just as much to blame – or more. You are the mom! You provide the food! Come on people! I really hope next week’s episode hits home for a lot of viewers. You aren’t just responsible for yourself, you are also responsible for your kiddos!



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  • 1. Amanda  |  April 16, 2009 at 11:42 am

    AH! Thanks! I missed it at well. Sounds like a great episode. I want to see their makeovers!

  • 2. Lindsay  |  April 16, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    I thought it was weird that Kristin’s husband was there. I didn’t even know she was married! I also thought it was weird that they just hugged, too. I mean, it was like they were happy to see each other, just not thrilled…I mean, I’m not married, but I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to be like.

    Also, Mike has gotten very cute. He looks much skinnier all dressed up than he does in those big weigh-in clothes.

  • 3. Karen  |  April 16, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    I cracked up laughing when Tara passed Fillipe in the challenge, sorry but the girl is bad. She should try out for the Navy Seals. lol j/k
    I was sad to see Laura go, but it would not have been fair to send Kristin home. Ron is such a jerk, he tells every body else why they need to go home and he has his son Max that needs support and he gives him nothing, not even a hug at the make over. I hope Mike lays in to him and I hope HE GOES HOME, GO HOME RON.

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