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Brat Beef Kielbasa Hot Smoked Sausage Cheddar Wurst

I’m not quite sure why so many companies have such a hard time making a good commercial. I’m not just talking about the crazy infomercials. Yes, Sham Wow and Snuggie and anything Billy Mays hold the top slots for most ridiculous commercials. But I think that they are intentionally ridiculous, so they don’t really count. And in all actuality, their commercials are doing the very thing that they are supposed to – promoting brand awareness. I’m talking about normal, everyday brands. You guys make it so easy to change the channel. You’re just boring. Advil, Office Depot, cereal, etc. Bor.Ing.


Think about your local car dealership commercials. They are terrible. The salesman always looks awkward. The saleslady is always wearing some boxy pant suit. They always look stiff until the very end when they point at the camera or mechanically raise their arm to showcase their fabulous inventory. They are painful really. At the end, you don’t really want to buy a car from them. You want to go hug them and tell them it’s over and that they never have to do another commercial ever again. There is almost nothing more uncomfortable than watching someone who is nervous.


There are also all of these commercials out that think they are extremely entertaining. At least the previous ones I mentioned know that they are boring. They know they are just stating facts and getting the word out. But what about the companies that think they are actually putting out great commercials? Geico? Are you kidding me? Those cavemen are terrible. Quiznos regularly puts out awful commercials. I just don’t understand why it’s so hard. These people that generate these commercials are supposed to be educated right? They have eyes and ears, right? Can’t the see that these suck? Take a lesson from Hillshire Farms, their commercials are awesome. “That salad rocks. It’s the best. Make it easy at your desk. It’s second to none. Just add lettuce and you’re done. That’s crazy girl, I swear. There’s so much stuff in there.” If you want to watch some, here you go!


Lately I’ve been especially frustrated with Jack in the Box. A few years ago they had a strong campaign. Everyone and their dog had a Jack antenna ball. Brilliant! Then every now and then they’d have a clever commercial. Their logo was easily recognizable. They had it all going right. Then something changed. Jack got hit by a bus during the Super Bowl. And while the concept was a good one, the execution was terrible. The build up sucked, the accident and hospital visits weren’t funny. And they came out with other commercials during that time with the words “Recorded before Jack’s accident” on the bottom. Lame. Has anyone seen their new logo? Okay, I was not an advertising major. But I was a marketing major. And more importantly, I’m human. With eyes. And a brain. So here is the new logo.


New Jack in the Box Logo

New Jack in the Box Logo

Okay, that’s the look from close up. Looks sharp. Looks nice. Looks fresh. Pretty good. But here is my problem. When you drive down the freeway and off in the distance you see it, this is what it looks like:


What you see when you're driving

What you see when you're driving

“Look, Jack in the Box is gone. There is some new sign there. I wonder what it is. By the looks of the sign, it’s a place called Jack in the Circle. No wait, maybe there are sides to that circle. OH! It’s Jack in the Hexagon!”




Congratulations to Jim (actually Sarah…) and Christine! You’ve wont the Beauty by the Book CDs! I must’ve slept through the lesson in computer class on how to screen print. It took me forever to figure it out. Now I have it saved and it won’t upload. Sorry. Just trust me – the Random Number Generator chose 2 and 6.

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