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Keep Austin Amazing

Stephen and I spent the weekend in Austin. It was fabulous. I’m a Houstonian. I know Houston isn’t the greatest city but I love it. It’s my home. I don’t mind the humidity. Or the lack of quality restaurants. We’ve already discussed how I’m a pretty mediocre person. I guess this adds to it. I obviously live in the greatest state, but I don’t live in the greatest city. And that’s okay. It fits me. And it makes my visits to The Great City even more special. There were many many days in college that I took Austin for granted. Now that I’m gone, I truly enjoy my visits. Today, I’m going to tell you the reasons I love Austin. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order and this is (obviously) not a complete list. Feel free to add to it!


*The University of Texas. The greatest university! I love the campus, the presence it holds in the city, the sports, the rankings, the color, the hand sign, the mascot.


*Casey’s Sno Balls – Located on Airport and 51st I believe. Best. Snow Cones. Ever. Snow Beach has nothing on them! They have a million flavors (my favorite being strawberries and cream). I can only handle a small and even then, Stephen usually has to finish it for me. It’s cheap, family owned, and so delicious.


*The views. Because of the hills in Austin, you are never more than 5 minutes away from a spectacular view. It’s breathtaking. (But also really scary to drive on those hilly, curvy roads!)


*The Austin Stone. I love this church. I love it’s teachings, it’s passion, it’s focus on missions and community. I love that I met my husband and many wonderful friends through this church. I love that when I started attending, there was only one service – now there are 4!


*Maudie’s Rockin’ Ruthann. A burrito sent straight from the man above!


*Everyone is always outside. Whether they are walking, biking, kayaking, studying, drinking, eating, sleeping, etc. They are outside. And while you may run into the occasional crazy man, you’re never really in much danger.


*Disch-Falk Field. Wow. This stadium is incredible. I loved it when I was there. It was my home. But now, after all the renovations, oh my! It’s amazing. And so beautiful. And they have awesome kettle corn!


*Bob Armstrong Dip at Matt’s El Rancho. There are no words.


*The wardrobe. At any given time, at any given restaurant, you can find a woman wearing a dress and $300 shoes. And in the table next to her, you can find a woman wearing a ratty t-shirt and pj pants. Both are acceptable. Both patrons are treated the same.


*The cute stores. Everywhere you go there are boutiques and family owned businesses. They are charming and personal. (Shout out to Ethnic Loft, a store that is near and dear to my heart. If you’re ever in Austin, check it out!)


*Kerbey Lane. Specifically the one on Kerbey Lane. Their blueberry pancakes are worth the wait. And the Kerbey Queso is lick-the-bowl good. (Please note that it’s never really socially acceptable to lick a queso bowl… Stephen…)


*The music. Music is ingrained into this city’s culture. Everywhere you go has music playing. Live music is all over the place. There are numerous music festivals and millions of bars that hold nightly concerts.


*Personal Faves: Diamonds, our CG, Tanglewood North (where Stephen proposed), Lyndsey’s apartment on Riverside, the Gentry’s house on Duval (where Stephen and I met), Hancock Center (where I did all my grocery shopping and got my pedicures), Rudy’s cups, the B-School— specifically the M-Lab, the SigEp house where I experienced my first frat party and first crawfish boil, Boat Parties, walking to Taco C or Marble Slab from campus, oh I could go on and on….


I think it’s fair to say that even if you’re an Aggie or Sooner or Raider, you still agree that Austin is a wonderful city. If you don’t think this, it just further proves the opinion that you’re all fools!


Once and Austinite, always an Austinite. I miss you guys and our memories to my very core. Stephen and I will always treasure our time in Austin. We are already looking forward to our next visit.

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