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Loser Week 16: NOOOO!

Terrible. Horrible. Depressing. Let’s get this going….


We started with a breakthrough for Kristin. She made it through the elimination and was extremely grateful. She had a talk with Bob and realized that it’s okay to want to win this competition. She realized that she deserves this just as much as any of the other contestants. It was touching. She looks so amazing. I’m so proud of her. I love you, Kristin!


The first competition was a game show. Questions about nutrition. There was a tie between Mike and Kristin. The winner would win a 3 day trip to NY. The final question was “How many calories are in this fried fish sandwich?” Mike won, he was only off by 5 calories. Kristin was devastated. I agree with the trainers though, these contestants should have done MUCH better at this challenge. They are a week away from going home. There is no reason you should underestimate the calorie count of something by 200 calories!


Last night we experienced something awful– the longest “commercial” in Biggest Loser history. They always do these terrible plugs… Brita, Extra, Jenny O, Ziplock, Subway, Quaker… Newsflash to the companies: This does not make us want to use your product. If we happen to see them using it, we might be more interested. But none of these skits and camera shots of only a pack of gum. It’s lame. We aren’t idiots. I will never purchase Extra gum, or Jenny O Turkey. And we all know how much I love this show. I’m glad yall support it, but I will not buy your product. Period. So back to the awfulness of last night’s commercial. It started with Bob talking to his team about what they eat. He was acting all disappointed because they aren’t getting enough protein. (My first thought: There is no way that this late in the game they don’t know how to eat. No way.) So he tells them he wants them to video tape their meals for a day so he can see it. This is when I spoke up. I told Stephen that this is all a set up. He already knows what they eat. I’m sure they write it all down and he reviews it. There is about a 0% chance that the trainers don’t know what the contestants are putting into their body. Ugh. Once again, we are not idiots. So they film and, oh look at that, they aren’t eating enough protein. Well, look, here is a solution. Some powder stuff that Ali is on the cover of. How convenient. LAME!


Now to the challenge. The contestants were suspended in a cage 45 feet high. They had to hold onto a rope that was connected to a pulley system that held them up. If they let go of the rope, they fell and were out. Winner gets $10,000 or a 1 lb. advantage. Really, no surprises. Tara won. Helen was so dumb. Trying to convince Tara to both let go at the same time and split the money. First of all, don’t complain that someone wins all of the time. They win because they are good – not because they are an evil person. It is fair. So stop saying that you are tired of her winning and she needs to give someone else a chance. Clearly you don’t understand the game. Second, Helen, why in the world would Tara agree to split the money if you’re saying, “Hurry and make up your mind, my hands are about to slip.” If your hands are about to slip, she has no reason to forfeit. Dumb! You should say, “I could stay here all night, want a truce?”


Last chance workout was tough. I haven’t seen everyone sweat that bad in a long time! Except Helen. I’ll try not to judge… because I don’t sweat either. But I do, however, think that it’s odd that she did her last chance workout with her hair down. Wouldn’t that be hot and annoying? Anyone? Jillian told Mike to confront his dad about their issues. He did. It wasn’t dramatic. Stephen and I don’t think Mike got any closure. Only time will tell.


Weigh in. Kristin and Helen were below. Poor Kristin gained a pound. My heart broke for her. They said their speeches. Nothing new. I am pretty tired of people saying “I’m not ready to leave yet.” Who is? Ever? Really? That’s not an argument. So Kristin pulled Ron aside and asked for his vote. Early on in the game, Ron said he’d never write Kristin’s name down. Throughout the show we heard him say he’ll “do everything in his power to get her and his son to the finale.” Hmm… interesting. Liar. He stayed true to his word that he wouldn’t write her down. However, he told Mike to vote her off. That way, there would be a tie between her and Helen. Kristin would automatically go home since she lost the least. And that’s exactly what happened. Ron, time and time again you have a chance to show us that you can be wonderful. Time and time again you prove to be a shady, manipulative man. America is not very forgiving. You’re lucky your son rocks or else you’d have very few redeeming qualities.


Oh yeah. And Tara took the mopney instead of the pound. Jillian said she thinks its great that she did that because that means she believs in herself. Wrong. Jillian only said that because Tara ended up losing enough weight. Jillian normally would say “Why would you take the money? Obviously she doesn’t know why she’s here. Blah blah.” Come on Jillian.


Only two weeks left. Then what will I blog about?

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