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The Grass is Always Greener…

What’s our problem? By “our” I mean humans. By “problem” I mean problem. We are never satisfied. If you have straight hair, you want curly. If you have curly hair, you want straight. When plates arrive at a restaurant, you always want what someone else ordered. His car is better. Her job is better. Their house is better. It’s ridiculous and irrational. Is it because we truly aren’t satisfied with our lives? I don’t think so. I think it’s because we can’t see ourselves. But we see them. We see them enjoying their life. So I don’t think the issue is really about being dissatisfied. I think it’s all about envy.


I’ve recently learned that dogs suffer from this as well. They always want what the other has. And there is really no reasoning with them. Trust me, I’ve tried. Rookie and Molly are best friends. Normally Rookie naps next to the coffee table and uses the ledge of the table as her pillow. That’s her spot. Not when Molly comes over. Apparently the hard floor looks much more comfortable.


As close as they can get without Rookie squishing Molly.

As close as they can get without Rookie squishing Molly. Please ignore our stained grout.


I think Rookie is the bigger conformer in their relationship. It’s not until Molly comes over that Rookie decides that she’s not too cool to play with her toys. If we’re alone with Rookie, playing fetch is out of the question. We can throw her toy and she’ll just stare at it and then look back at us. On a good day, she’ll watch us throw it, slowly get up and walk over to it and look at it. Then she’ll walk back over and ignore us. The only game she willingly plays is chase. That’s her favorite. But not when Molly comes over. When Molly comes, Rookie proudly shows off all her loot. Check out my rope! Let’s play with Stinky, my stuffed skunk! What about this rope? Or my kong!


Molly is spending the weekend with Aunt Chelsea. She came over yesterday. They normally play, lay around, nap, then spontaneously start chasing each other. They get along really well and know when play time is over. Normally, Molly sleeps in her kennel and Rookie sleeps by our bed. But I thought I’d let them both sleep in our room on the floor. Rookie is low maintenance. She sleeps on the carpet. She doesn’t like blankets. If we ever put them in her kennel, she pushes them aside and lays on the hard plastic. I don’t know why. That’s just the way she is. I’ve laid blankets out next to the bed so she can sleep on them. Instead, she just lays next to them. Molly on the other hand, is high maintenance. Or maybe her momma just makes her appear that way. That’s still up for debate. Molly sleeps on 2 folded blankets. You know, so it’s more comfy. (We’ll ignore the picture of her above where she is passed out on the hard tile.)


Last night, I laid out these two blankets. I’d say that they’re about 2’x3′. The instant I put them down, Rookie curled up on top of them. I’m sorry, what? Rookie, have you forgotten? You’re low maintenance. You don’t sleep on blankets. Molly just stood there staring at her. Rookie ignored her. She’s not scared of a 7 pound fluff ball. Over and over I would make Rookie get up and walk away. And over and over she’d run back over and lay down before Molly could get there. Molly refused to lay on the carpet. She just stood there staring at Rookie, mentally begging her to move and doing her impatient dance. I decided that I’d unfold the blankets so that they are about 6’x3′. That way, they could both fit on the blanket. All would be happy and I could go to sleep. I immediately turned off the light and told them to go night-night.


After a few minutes, I heard that they had settled down. I used the light on my cell phone to see if they had agreed with my compromise or if Rookie was still being a bully. I never expected to see that they were BOTH laying on the carpet. Stephen and I got a good laugh out of that one. At one point in the middle of the night, I checked on them again. This time, they were both sleeping on the blanket. It’s cute, yes. But Rookie is a poseur. On Sunday night, when she’s all alone at the side of the bed, she’ll refuse a blanket. She’ll look at me like I’m some idiot and walk away, offended. Rook, I already know you’re a chameleon. Is it really that awful to add ‘high maintenance’ to your list of undesirable traits? Your grass is green. Stop looking over the fence!



Here’s one more cute photo. Don’t you just want to squeeze her? She’s so stinking cute!

Happy Friday.

Rookie is outside. This is Molly, waiting for her to come back!

Rookie is outside. This is Molly, waiting for her to come back!

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