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Loser Week 17: Winners and Liars

I am so tired of Ron. So so tired.


I would end my summary there but then I wouldn’t get to talk about Helen. So I’ll go on.


Bob met up with his team (Ron and Filipe) to talk about the loss of Kristin. He asked what happened. Ron said that Mike chose to vote her off since she was a big threat. Bob said, “It’s hard to believe that you didn’t have something to do with that.” Ron said that he didn’t. Bob asked, “Did you know he was going to do it? Did you pull him aside and tell him to do that?” Ron lied. Flat out lied. Ron, lying makes you ugly. It is a very awful trait. You should have your mouth washed out with soap. The way my dad does it… with nasty bar soap that he grinds in between your teeth. That’ll teach you how disgusting it is to lie. I’m not even sure why he lied. What difference would it have made? Now America knows he’s a liar and he hurt his relationship with Bob. Good move Ron.


The final 5 watched a video of their first workout. It was weird to see them. They all look swollen. Not fat. Swollen. Like they are allergic to bees and a whole swarm just chased them into the gym.


Tara won the challenge… again. They had to carry a bag of all the weight they had lost throught the 16 weeks. They had to climb over 16 giant hills and at the top of each, they took a pack of weight out of their bag. Each hill represented a week on campus. So the pack of weight was the amount they lost that week. Whoever won got the choice of a 1 pound advantage at the weigh in or $10,000. Whichever option they didn’t choose went to the second place winner. Tara won, Mike got second.


It was also Train the Trainer day. I don’t remember this in previous seasons but Stephen swears they had it. I kind of liked it. It made me really respect Bob. (I already respected him, but this was icing on the cake.) Each team got to take their trainer to the gym and train them. Filipe was rough. Then the team had their last chance workout. Always entertaining. Helen was extremely concerned about her hair. Ron was having a converstaion with Bob while he was lifting weights. Do you know what that tells me? You aren’t working hard enough. You shouldn’t be able to have a casual conversation while you’re lifting.


Anyways, the weigh in was crazy. Everyone lost a ton of weight. Filipe and Ron were below the yellow line. Ron lost 9 pounds (I think) and Filipe lost 10. Tara took the 1 pound advantage (turned out that she didn’t need it) so Mike won $10,000. Yay for him. So then they all went to talk at the house. Ron said he wanted to stay so he could finish this out with his son. Filipe said he just wants to make it to the finale. He doesn’t want to come this close and fail, like he has his whole life. We all know that their pleas don’t help. At this stage, it’s about the game. In my opinion, Ron is still the bigger threat. Maybe Filipe is a stronger competitor but he doesn’t have much weight to lose. He’ll be putting on muscle weight. But Ron will just lose and lose and lose.


But they thought otherwise. Mike obviously voted for Filipe. Then it was Helen’s turn. And here is where we see the second big lie of the night. She said, “This came down to the game. For once I had to vote the way that was in my best interests.” HA! Really? REALLY? You’re right Helen, up until now you have been so selfless. (cough shannon cough) Puh-lease. Anyways, with that, Filipe had two votes and was out.


So we are down to 4. Ron, Mike, Helen, and Tara. They have 30 days to be at home. Then they’ll come back for a weigh in. There will be two below the yellow line and we’ll vote one out. Then the following week will be the live finale. They’ll reveal who we voted off. Everyone will do a final weigh in and one of the “at homers” will win $150,00 (or is it $100,000?) and one of the final three will win the $250,000. I CAN’T WAIT! Although none of my favorites are there anymore. Of course I love Mike. But I almost don’t want him to win because his dad is such a schemer. We will see!

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