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Loser Week 18: The Marathon

Great episode! It started with flashbacks of the first week. They also did this really cool photo-progression thing. That was really cool. Anyways, the remaining 4 (Ron, Mike, Helen, Tara) were told they were going home for 30 days. Then they’ll come back to the ranch and do the weigh-in to see who the final three are.


So they all head home. Each come home to a party and give a speech to their guests. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t like Helen. I think she’s selfish and doesn’t know how to be a good mother to Shannon. What? I’m mentioned that before? Oh okay. Well here’s one more time for good measure: Helen is selfish. Very very selfish.


Shortly after the contestants get home they get a Biggest Loser package delivered. It was a DVD that told them that their final challenge would be to run a marathon. Wowza. They all freaked out. Of course. That’s insane. So they all worked out and trained. Jillian and Bob surprised each of their contestants. Jillian talked to Helen and Tara about balance and learning to relax. Tara really needed that talk. She gone all Ali Vincent on us. She looks great though. Very pretty!


I specifically enjoyed Bob’s visit with Ron. He took time to hang out with Max. He took them to Subway and talked to him about nutrition. Then he took Ron and Max to the gym. He spent a lot of time training Max. He pushed him and encouraged him. And eventually Max threw up. It was nice to see! You could see how much this helped Max. He really respects Bob (moreso than Jillian, duh). He says that Bob has some quality that makes you want to do good work, you don’t want to let him down. That is what makes a good trainer, my friends. Yes, I know that Jillian has 3 contestants left and Bob only has 1. But I would argue that Bob’s team has more confidence and seem to be a bit more level-headed.


Anyways, onto the marathon. Each contestant that completed it got $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, complements of that protein powder that Ali Vincent is on the package of. Tara and Helen were the only ones who ran it. Tara, of course, completed it first. Mike had injured his hip and wasn’t allowed to run. I felt bad for him, you could tell her really wanted to run. Ron walked. And took many breaks. At one point I thought he was going to have to quit. His body was shaking and his blood pressure was up. But he kept going. It only took him like 36 hours. Just kidding. It didn’t take THAT long, and I really am proud of him for finishing. I’m sure it was really painful. For the first time in 18 weeks let me say, Congrats Ron. One of the cool parts was that old Loser winners showed up to run with them. Ali, Michelle, Bernie (yay Bernie!), Heba (vomit!), was that it? I feel like there was someone else.


Back to the ranch for the final weigh-in. Two people would be safe. Two are under the line. I was pretty shocked at how little weight they all lost. In 30 days, the most weight lost was like 10 pounds (or something, not really important). So Tara and Helen are above the yellow line. Ron and Mike are below. Now its up to us to vote. Do we want Mike or Ron to be in the final 3? Go here to vote. This is a no brainer for me. Mike all the way!


A few thoughts to leave you with:

-Did you see Shannon?? She hasn’t lost much weight. Poor girl. Stupid mother.

-Okay NBC. You suck. Why oh why oh WHY would you play a “Vote After The Show” commercial showing Ron and Mike’s faces BEFORE the weigh-in? Are you complete idiots? Thank you for ruining the anticipation on the weigh-in. Ugh, I’m so annoyed. Stephen says, “It’s okay, you would have found out in 5 minutes anyways.” Not. The. Point. Did anyone else notice this and get annoyed??

-The final online voting is even an ad. “Who would you like to SHIELD from elimination?” Brought to you by Ziplock Fresh Shield.

-Did anyone see Jillian rub Helen’s thigh in the weigh-in. Weird!

-I think Max is just great. I no longer think they are going to put him on next season. I think they are going to hook him up with a trainer though. I think it would be cool if he got the chance to be on Loser but if he’s starting to lose weight now, there may not be any point. I don’t know. Either way, he’ll do just fine.

-Three hour season finale? Really? Not that I’m complaining. I’ll watch every second of it! But sheesh!

-If Mike wins, all three finalists will be from Jillian’s team. Poor Bob. I love you Bob!

-I already miss it. When does next season start??

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