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Excuse Me While I Waste Your Time

I had a fairly productive (and relaxing!) evening last night. Those two words aren’t generally used in the same sentence. Not for me at least. Unless I’m discussing how productive my nap was on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Or telling you how I was relaxing on the couch and felt productive when I finished my last Dove dark chocolate egg and was finally able to throw away the Easter packaging. But I had a truly productive evening… in the form of laundry, doing my Bible Study homework, sewing my eye patch back together, sweeping up dog hair, reading a couple chapters of Eclipse, and cutting my fingernails.


Last night I was on my own. Stephen got some Astros tickets from work and went to the game with a few of his friends. (He called me on Tuesday and asked, “Would it offend you terribly if I had 4 tickets to the game and didn’t invite you?” What a sweet man for semi-asking me and considering my feelings. For the record, I’m not offended.) So on my way home from work I stopped at my old high school to drop off some dresses for the Fairy Godmother Project. Feels good to do a little ‘good’ and clean out my closet. Anyone know a charity that is accepting holey socks or stained t-shirts? What about shoes that give blisters? Or garments that the dryer didn’t agree with? I could use a few more excuses to get rid of some of this stuff.


My sister is done with her semester so my mom flew up to Missouri and they are currently driving home together. My dad was at Bible Study. So I did the most logical thing I could think of. I went to their house and stole their dog.


I took this little monster



To play with this big monster



And this is what happened.



Oh how I love these pups! Molly recently got her hair cut so she is so tiny and soft and has this tiny green bow in her hair. Sometimes I just want to squeeze her! But I won’t. Because she’d die. And my mom would be mad.


Anyways. I let the dogs run around while I heated up my dinner. So remember the 11 meals I made and froze? Okay, we had one of the Baked Zitis on Tuesday. The recipe said to put it in a 9×13 pan. Instead, I added a little bit of extra meat sauce and put them in three 8×8 pans. I defrosted one and cooked it on Tuesday. We ate half of the pan. Stephen took some yesterday for lunch and I had the rest for dinner last night. Do you see what I’m saying? One recipe actually makes 12 servings. (More realistically, it makes 15 servings but we eat big portions. It helps the growth of our spare tires.)  None of the ingredients were expensive. So this has been one of the cheapest meals I’ve ever cooked. (Stephen doesn’t count Ramen as food. Otherwise, that’s the cheapest!) I mean really. A pound of meat, I used venison from our freezer so that was free. A package of pasta, always cheap. And then whatever else was in there- ricotta and some sorts of seasonings and sauces and cheeses. It probably cost me $6-8. Next time I may sneak some spinach in there or some sort of veggie. Anyways, in case I haven’t made my point, let me be blunt. Click here and get this cookbook!! I’ll have reviews as we eat the other items.


In other news (this is a severely haphazard post, and, no there is no point that I’m trying to reach), when I was at my parents’ house I went out to get their mail. I flipped through it. I always do this, just on the off-chance that there is something for me. There was. Actually, there was something for Chelsea Rosenhagen. It’s usually a credit card application or something but this was not. It was some letter from the courts in Travis County. Apparently I didn’t submit the proper paperwork after I got a ticket and now, if I don’t submit it or pay some fee, there will be a warrant out for my arrest. First of all, I find it hard to believe that I didn’t take care of this. That’s not like me. At all. Secondly, and more importantly, the ticket was from January 2005. People, that was 4 years ago! Four years! Ridiculous.


This was a crazy post. There was no point. No funny story. No wisdom. Nothing. Basically, I just wasted 3 minutes of your life. For that, I do not apologize. It’s really your fault, you saw the title.


But, in an effort to make it up to you, here’s a cute picture.


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