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Props! to Moms

Apparently my life has turned boring because this is the third time this week that I’ve come to the computer with nothing to say. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel bored. Do I sound boring? Granted, yesterday’s post wasn’t the most entertaining topic of discussion. But other than that, am I putting you to sleep?


I planned to do a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY post on Monday, but since my mind is mush, I’ll do it now!


Do moms feel more loved on Mother’s Day? Do they feel more appreciated? I hope not. I hope that moms don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to feel that they are great mothers and that we love them dearly. I hope Mother’s Day is just a day that they get a nice card and lots of hugs and don’t have to cook or do any dishes. Maybe my mom felt more loved on Mother’s Day during my less-lovable teenaged days, but I hope that’s not the case now. I truly hope that I show my mom love each and every time I see her.


To all of you Mommas out there, I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. I hope you know how important your job is and how much you make a difference. Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOMMY! Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOTHER-IN-LAW! Happy Mother’s Day also to all the women who have been second, third, and fourth mothers to me. (Not because my Mom isn’t mom-enough to handle me! But because the Lord has placed these women in my life to teach me things.)


Reasons Why My Mom Rocks:

*She’s a hottie!
*She makes the best chicken salad in the entire world. Not kidding. Really.
*Exhibit A
*She has great hair.
*Because of her example, I know I will not fail as a mother. And I can’t wait until the day I get to prove that!
*She lets me whine to her. And almost never tells me things that I don’t want to hear.
*Even though I’m her favorite, she treats all of her kids equally. 🙂
*She loves her son-in-law and daughter-in-law.
*She doesn’t make me feel stupid when I call her with questions I should have learned in Housewife 101 class.
*She’s been in love with my daddy for 30 (ish) years and has made their marriage a priority.
*She gives and gives and gives.
*She screams at the tv like a man when she watches UT football.
*She brought Banana Chocolate Chip muffins into my life
*She accepts all of my friends as her other children.
*She has a cute, red convertible.
*She (and my dad) taught me how to be smart with money, how to parent, how to be in a successful marriage, and how to make time for family.
*She keeps her granddog when Stephen and I are out of town.
*She reads my blog!
*When I was little, she used to make homemade play-dough.
*She’s a wonderful woman of the Lord!


Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Now it’s your turn! Why do you love your momma? Why do you love my momma?

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