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Props! to Sharpies

I fear that today’s post will be similar to yesterday’s. That’s okay. There are worse things.


I mentioned that I love getting mail from my friend Rachel because of her Tahoma handwriting. I was always envious of her handwriting. I don’t understand how at the age of 15, Rachel could write so well. How does that happen? When the rest of us were fingerpainting swirls and blobs in pre-k, she was probably meticulously writing her ABC’s. My handwriting has gotten better though. I fill out a lot of paperwork at work, so I get a lot of practice. Not that I didn’t write much throughout my life, I just never really cared how pretty it looked. I figured out the secret though. You must must must have a good pen. You know, something with great ink flow, a nice color, no friction as the pen moves along the paper. And more importantly, it needs to be a pen that makes you happy. I’m sorry, I just heard a scoff. Are you scoffing? Are you judging me? Pens don’t make you happy? I know there are people out there that’ll do a little happy dance when they get a great pen. We are the same people who own several sets of stationery and like to hold the cardstock in our hands and feel the texture of the paper. In case you’re curious, we also like labels, post its, and stamps. We are a weird breed, I know! Anyways, back to my happy pen. My pen of choice is the Pilot Precise V5, in blue ink. (Here’s the link, you have to scroll down a bit. I’m sure I’d prefer other ink colors over blue but I have to use blue for work. I’m sure those purple, pink, a teal ones would make me really happy though!)


Last night at Bible Study, there was a girl taking notes in her book with a green thin tip Sharpie. Of course I was jealous that she had such a rockin’ marker while I was using a blue Papermate ballpoint pen. But at the same time I kept wanting to scream, “Honey! You are going to bleed into your other pages! Please, oh please, stop! You’re going to cause all sorts of unnecessary chaos!” But I held my tongue. I am able to do that. It’s holding my figures that I have a problem with… hence, the blog! Anyways, it turns out that Sharpie has made a solution. Sharpie pens. I’m curious about these rumored Sharpie pens. Won’t bleed through paper? Nonsense! The people who came up with this are probably the same people feeding us the lie that a “quick 30 minute nap can completely recharge you.” Rubbish. Regardless, I’m intrigued. So I went to the Sharpie website to see if these things exist or if they are actually in the same family as leprechauns or unicorns or comfortable stilettos. The picture is there. I’ve never seen one in real life, so their existence is still in question.


More importantly, as I went to the Sharpie website, look what I found! A stainless steel Sharpie. Hello! A-maz-ing! Check out how tough and spacey it looks. I bet astronauts use this. If I were an astronaut, I’d use this! It probably costs $20 so I’ll never buy it. But I can look at it all I want! It’s so pretty….


I think I’ve officially out-dorked myself today. I apologize to my readers who don’t understand the excitement of office supplies. You are truly missing out. To those out you who do understand, I leave you with this link. It makes me happy.



Three hour Biggest Loser season finale tonight! Don’t miss it!!!

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