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Loser Finale: Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!

Seriously?? Helen? HELEN? I always wondered how I would have felt last season if Heba had won. Now I know. I did not rejoice with her. Not even for a split second. I felt terrible for Tara and Mike. They looked fantastic- AND healthy. Please please please! No companies should give Helen any endorsements. I will change the channel. I will never buy your product. Give endorsements to Tara and Mike, I can support them!


And Shanon! The poor girl. Sorry to tell you honey, but it’s not over. Now your mom has more fuel added to her fire. It’s going to be about her even longer. Helen, I hope you read the blogs. I hope you watched the episodes. I hope you hear what America has to say about you. Fix your relationship with your daughter. Put her first! You will be sorry one day… at least I hope you will be.




Wow. Jerry. Wow. Totally didn’t see that coming. As great as it is that he lost that much weight, Stephen and I were torn on our opinion about it. We would have loved to see one of our other favorites win: Blane, Dane, Kristin, Sione, Filipe, Nicole. It just didn’t seem very fair. Yeah, Jerry lost a ton of weight. But did he gain any muscle? It didn’t look that way. Sione lost a ton too, but he is extremely strong now. This could be the same case with Helen. She doesn’t look very strong. She looks super thin and sickly. Tara and Mike look thin and healthy.


So really, I’m not really pleased with either of the winners. I’m disappointed.


I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I got worked up from watching the show. I laid in bed thinking about Mike, Colleen and Jerry, Kelli and Paul, Michelle, those twin guys who won, Bernie, etc. Just trying to get the bad Helen taste out of my mouth. It worked. Until this morning when got pissed and threw up.


Just kidding about the throwing up.


Another win for the pink team. And Jillian.

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