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Babies, Babies Everywhere!

You know that whole phenomena where you don’t notice things until they apply to you.. and then it’s everywhere? Like you don’t ever see certain cars until you’re in the market to buy a car. Then, all of a sudden, you see Nissan Muranos all over the place. You can’t even see street lights because the Nissan Muranos are taking up your entire vision field.


This happened in college. Senior year I was anticipating a proposal. Stephen and I had talked about getting married after we graduate. I knew after dating him for 2 months that he was “the one.” Waiting to get engaged was more for yall’s sake (oh yeah, and that money issue). We didn’t want any of you freaking out about us “rushing things.” So we waited. Starting at our one year anniversary, I began the anticipation. Being the female side of the relationship, I knew what had to happen in order for us to have our wedding the summer after graduation. These things take time to plan. (Not that I would know…. Thanks mom!) So the one year anniversary came. No ring. My birthday, no ring. Thanksgiving, no ring. Christmas, no ring. New Years, no ring. His birthday, no ring. And, of course, everywhere I looked were weddings. Commercials, girls in my classes with bling, people asking, etc. It was mid-January. We were graduating in 4 months. Weddings don’t get planned in 4 months. When Stephen proposed, I think all of those ads went off television. I think those girls stopped coming to class. Either that or I couldn’t see or hear anything over the beauty of my ring.


We are currently going through this same thing with babies. They are everywhere! I had the great joy of holding a precious, week old baby girl last night for the better part of an hour. I don’t know how anyone can hold a newborn and not believe in the amazing power of the Lord. Babies are perfection. They are so tiny. Their ears! Their toes! And their squinchy faces! Their bellies! Those little baby sighs. Oh dear. I’m in for it…


Well that’s just one baby, you say. First of all, holding one baby is enough to consume your thoughts. Secondly, there are more. I just got sidetracked talking about baby toes. Moving on. I have gotten two emails from Stephen about pregnant women at his office. (Baby count: 3) A girl from my high school and now blog-friend, Amanda, had a baby a few months back. He’s so stinking cute! Click on her name and scroll through her blog for pictures. You’ll want to drive to Austin just to squeeze Ian’s cheeks! (Baby count: 4) A girl from my community group in college now has baby #2 on the way. (BC: 5) A couple at our church just had a baby in January. (BC: 6)


Tonight after work I’m heading to good ‘ol Alice, Texas to visit my cousin and her baby girl, Sophie. (Oh looky there, Baby Count: 7) I am beyond excited to meet her and hold all 6 pounds of her tiny preciousness! And I will do everything in my power not to squeeze her and cuddle her! I can’t even imagine a mother’s love. I’ve never met Sophie and I love her so much! I would post pictures of some of these babies but I’m sure there are a lot of mom’s out there that aren’t as eager to exploit their babies as I will be. Oh, and did anyone see The Office last night… just saying. Also, a gret friend of my sister-in-law (Courtney) just had a baby. (BC: 8 and 9)


No, this post is not leading up to me announcing my pregnancy. But it is leading up to me showing you this picture (BC:10)!


Onesie says: Grandbaby On The Way! Can't wait to meet you. Love, Baby Rosenhagen

Onesie says: Grandbaby On The Way! Can't wait to meet you. Love, Baby Rosenhagen


Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law! We are all so excited about the news! I can’t wait to see Laura gain weight! I can’t wait until the little miracle is here! I can’t wait to see you as parents! I can’t wait to see your dogs go into depression! Also, congrats to mom and dad! (Do you think I’m over-doing the exclamation marks?! I’ll try to control myself.) You’re going to be grandparents. (!) And congrats to my sister, Aunt Lindsay. And to my grandparents who are going to all be great-grandparents. And to all of our aunts and uncles and cousins… nobody is really sure what you’re going to be called but it’s still exciting. (!!) I think, as I’m typing this, that I truly understand the meaning of the term “my cup runneth over”… my Joy Cup has spilled all over my keyboard and is taking over!


Oh. Blessings. Blessings. What a joyful time to be me!


(I hope I didn’t miscount or leave out any babies. I’ve had to edit this twice because I’ve remembered more babies!)


Sidenote: Isn’t my family hot? Seriously, good genes! Too bad you can’t see my dad’s cool plaid shorts!


**Below photo added so Jim could see the shorts.

Is my dad too hip to be a gandpa? We better call him something cool like Poppi or G-Pa!

Is my dad too hip to be a grandpa? We better call him something cool like Poppi or G-Pa!

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