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100th Post

Today marks a milestone for R&R, it’s my 100th post. I know what you’re thinking… that’s it?! I thought I’d read at least 843 days of random crap. Nope, only 100. It just seems like much more because I don’t quite understand the art of brevity… so what you could say in 20 words, I need 200. Anyways, as I always say, I don’t apologize for this. It’s your fault for reading. I never claimed to be anything that I am not. Like relevant. Or helpful. You just get me. Plain and simple.


Many bloggers do “100 Things About Me” on their 100th post. And as much as I love reading those, I’m not going to do that. Maybe I will at some point. But not today. Today will be all about the  blog. Enjoy.


One thing I love about WordPress is the extensive stats. I can see how people end up on my site. Below is a list of some of the most hilarious things people have typed into a search engine to end up here. Keep in mind that it only shows me a certain number of characters, so sometimes you don’t get the full sentence. (My comments are in parentheses.)


-“roots and rings > chelsea hurst” (Obviously this person was just typing in everything they knew to make sure they found the blog, but this is funny because this is actually saying that Roots and Rings is greater than Chelsea Hurst… and as true as that may be, it’s hilarious that someone would type that.)

-“squished under my shoe”

-“biggest loset blue team dane stupid” (They misspelled “loser”, I didn’t.)

-“google catipiller” (Once again, their misspelling.)

-“poop on stoops hurst”

-“pronounce tara- jillian” (haha)

-“i ate a tiny bit of sharpie what’s going” (Seriously??)

-“sharpie pen hurt pregnant women”

-“ike bradley’s family life” (What does that even mean?)

-“the pros and cons of stopping sweat”

-“quitting chapstick” (Two things: 1. See, I told you it’s a normal problem! 2. Whoever googled that shortly learned that they wouldn’t be getting any advice on the topic from me! Poor googler!)

-“did helen from biggest loser starve hers” (Probably.)

-“arthur of the very hungry caterpillar” (Arthur? Really?)

-“chelsea hurst prom 2009” (Seriously? I’m 24… 24 year olds that go to prom are probably put on some sort of list. It’s not normal. Or socially acceptable.)

-“ancient chinese torture methods” (Are yall trying to tell me something?? You don’t HAVE to read this!)

-“why does vomit smell?”


Another stat that I think is interesting is which posts are read the most.  Here are the top 10 R&R posts. If you click on the title, the link will go to that post.


1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

2. There Are No Words

3. Altima vs. Murano

4. Making An Educated Decision

5. 25 Things

6. Buying the Perfect Shoes

7. Loser Week 8: Idiots

8. What’s In A Name?

9. The Curious Case of Me

10. Brat Beef Kielbasa Hot Smoked Sausage Cheddar Wurst


These are probably the posts that show up most on Google or WordPress searches. They aren’t necessarily your favorites, or mine. Actually, I only like about 4 or 5 of those posts. Here are a few of my faves:


Diagnosis: Ignoritis

Fearing the Offering Plate

Release The Hounds

Don’t Ever Ask Me To Save The World

Boys Will Be Boys


Anyways, happy 100th Post Day! Thanks for reading and commenting. You guys are awesome! I hope you’ve enjoyed these 100 posts as much as I have!


Have a wonderful 4 day work week!!

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