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Props! to George

Strait, that is.


How do you accurately give appropriate props to the greatest country music artist that has ever existed? Well, you don’t. But you can try.


Last night as I watched the tribute to George on CBS for being the Artist of the Decade, I fell back in love with him. Back in high school, I was quite the George fan. I’ve been to a many of his concerts. I’ve owned many of his CDs. I even had a poster of him on my wall! (This was way after the days of JTT and Devon Sawa and slightly after the time of Spice Girls.) As far as name recognition, talent, and success goes, very few country stars can even come close to him. He’s THE King George. He has had 44 Billboard top singles. Forty four!




I watched the two hour program with googly eyes at a 57 year old man. He sat there with his wife and son (and some other girl?) watching other country stars perform his music. What a great night. They all told stories about him and when they first met him. It was touching. What a wonderful day to be George Strait. Actually, I’m sure most days are great days to be George Strait… but you know what I mean. I’d also like to comment that I never really liked the song “Run” but I think Taylor Swift did an incredible job with that!


So I love him. And I’m pretty sure he loves me too- even if he doesn’t know it. Why wouldn’t he? I’m a great fan. And I’m sure that I’ve contributed somewhere around $320 to his bank account… not that he’s shallow enough to love me for my money.


I watched the show while facebooking back and forth with Lyndsey (you know, the friend I’m going to bribe to move to Houston by having a baby). Well, obviously I don’t have a baby, so I’m bribing her to visit with something almost as enticing as my first born. George Strait tickets. So now, I’m the proud owner of 2 tickets to the show on August 8! It’s up to her to get her butt down here for it! If she doesn’t come, I will be taking my husband. And I will post massive amounts of pictures to make her jealous.


Consider yourself warned.

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