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My Reality

I’m not sure why our nation is so obsessed with reality television. I don’t really enjoy it. I watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 when I turn to TLC and it’s on. (I’ll ignore the obvious discussion we should have about the turmoil in their relationship because it’s not the point of the blog. And while you know I’m not really one to (quote) stay on task (unquote), that’s just not a wound I really want to pour mounds of salt into right now. So.. moving on.) I own the DVDs too. And the book “Multiple Blessings”… but that just makes me obsessed with the Gosselins, not reality TV. And of course you know that I love The Biggest Loser. Maybe “love” is an understatement. But that’s neither here nor there. I still claim that I’m not a reality tv junkie.


There are so many shows that just follow families around. Are their lives really that interesting? Sometimes I wonder if people would watch my reality television show. What would we call it? “Royal Treatment: Life in Hurst Castle”? That sounds much more interesting than I actually am. I think that if someone gave me a reality show, some exec in some fancy office would lose their job. Probably the first time Rookie licked her butt. Or maybe right after the camera showed me cross-stitching while wearing my pirate patch on the couch while Stephen played “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” on the piano. In May. Someone would definitely lose their job.


Quite honestly, I’m not sure why someone at WordPress hasn’t pulled the plug on this little number here. Certainly there is some sort of relevancy clause. “Blogger must have a minimum of one (1) relevant story per 2000 words. Failure to do so will result in termination of blog, leaving said blogger all alone at her desk, fighting back tears and wondering who will read an email about the slightly entertaining (but totally pointless) event that happened last night.” I bet the WordPress execs (does WordPress even have execs?) are sitting in their offices, hanging their heads, wishing they paid closer attention to Field of Dreams. They should have known… if they built a free site for people to write freely, crazies like me would flock to them. Their fault really. They gave me a blog. But about that tv show…


What would our show look like? Here are a few of the activities you would see on this week’s episode:


  • Stephen on the couch spitting ice cubes in the air for Rookie to catch in her mouth. Over and over.
  • Me making banana chocolate chip muffins while wearing my pirate patch. Then forgetting to set the timer. Freaking out when I remember that I have something in the oven. Seeing that they aren’t done and leaving them in a little longer. Then freaking out again because I forgot about them again. Pulling “slightly toasted” muffins out of the oven. Eating them anyways.
  • Stephen and Rookie running laps inside the house. Stephen hiding behind corners and jumping out at Rookie. Rookie hopping on and off the couches and pouncing at Stephen.
  • Me watering my garden full of weeds.
  • Me watching the last 4 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on the laptop in the front living room and crying my eyes out. Meanwhile, Stephen in the main living room watching something educational on Discovery.


Wow. I don’t think my life is that boring. I am quite fond of it actually. But I can see how, from the outside, it might look lame. And pointless.


Much like this blog.

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