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Just In Case You Were Wondering…

I have a post in my mind but my scanner won’t work.. and it’s pointless without the picture. How frustrating. I have no more creativity. I apologize. I could just end now and leave you with absolutely nothing. Instead, I will leave you with a few mediocre thoughts.


There is no such thing as:

too much sleep
being too kind
bad baseball
being too full for dessert
free lunch
an unnecessary apology when you’ve hurt someone
looking at too many cute puppy pictures
being too supportive
too much family


There is such thing as:

a bubble bath that changes your entire outlook on your day
being too blonde
retail therapy
a bad sermon 
too many pictures of yourself on facebook
sunglasses that are too big
drinking too much
bad press
an appropriate time to grow up
soul mates


That’s all I’ve got. I told you, my creativity is gone. Any more to add?

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Loser Finale: Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!

Seriously?? Helen? HELEN? I always wondered how I would have felt last season if Heba had won. Now I know. I did not rejoice with her. Not even for a split second. I felt terrible for Tara and Mike. They looked fantastic- AND healthy. Please please please! No companies should give Helen any endorsements. I will change the channel. I will never buy your product. Give endorsements to Tara and Mike, I can support them!


And Shanon! The poor girl. Sorry to tell you honey, but it’s not over. Now your mom has more fuel added to her fire. It’s going to be about her even longer. Helen, I hope you read the blogs. I hope you watched the episodes. I hope you hear what America has to say about you. Fix your relationship with your daughter. Put her first! You will be sorry one day… at least I hope you will be.




Wow. Jerry. Wow. Totally didn’t see that coming. As great as it is that he lost that much weight, Stephen and I were torn on our opinion about it. We would have loved to see one of our other favorites win: Blane, Dane, Kristin, Sione, Filipe, Nicole. It just didn’t seem very fair. Yeah, Jerry lost a ton of weight. But did he gain any muscle? It didn’t look that way. Sione lost a ton too, but he is extremely strong now. This could be the same case with Helen. She doesn’t look very strong. She looks super thin and sickly. Tara and Mike look thin and healthy.


So really, I’m not really pleased with either of the winners. I’m disappointed.


I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I got worked up from watching the show. I laid in bed thinking about Mike, Colleen and Jerry, Kelli and Paul, Michelle, those twin guys who won, Bernie, etc. Just trying to get the bad Helen taste out of my mouth. It worked. Until this morning when got pissed and threw up.


Just kidding about the throwing up.


Another win for the pink team. And Jillian.

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Props! to Sharpies

I fear that today’s post will be similar to yesterday’s. That’s okay. There are worse things.


I mentioned that I love getting mail from my friend Rachel because of her Tahoma handwriting. I was always envious of her handwriting. I don’t understand how at the age of 15, Rachel could write so well. How does that happen? When the rest of us were fingerpainting swirls and blobs in pre-k, she was probably meticulously writing her ABC’s. My handwriting has gotten better though. I fill out a lot of paperwork at work, so I get a lot of practice. Not that I didn’t write much throughout my life, I just never really cared how pretty it looked. I figured out the secret though. You must must must have a good pen. You know, something with great ink flow, a nice color, no friction as the pen moves along the paper. And more importantly, it needs to be a pen that makes you happy. I’m sorry, I just heard a scoff. Are you scoffing? Are you judging me? Pens don’t make you happy? I know there are people out there that’ll do a little happy dance when they get a great pen. We are the same people who own several sets of stationery and like to hold the cardstock in our hands and feel the texture of the paper. In case you’re curious, we also like labels, post its, and stamps. We are a weird breed, I know! Anyways, back to my happy pen. My pen of choice is the Pilot Precise V5, in blue ink. (Here’s the link, you have to scroll down a bit. I’m sure I’d prefer other ink colors over blue but I have to use blue for work. I’m sure those purple, pink, a teal ones would make me really happy though!)


Last night at Bible Study, there was a girl taking notes in her book with a green thin tip Sharpie. Of course I was jealous that she had such a rockin’ marker while I was using a blue Papermate ballpoint pen. But at the same time I kept wanting to scream, “Honey! You are going to bleed into your other pages! Please, oh please, stop! You’re going to cause all sorts of unnecessary chaos!” But I held my tongue. I am able to do that. It’s holding my figures that I have a problem with… hence, the blog! Anyways, it turns out that Sharpie has made a solution. Sharpie pens. I’m curious about these rumored Sharpie pens. Won’t bleed through paper? Nonsense! The people who came up with this are probably the same people feeding us the lie that a “quick 30 minute nap can completely recharge you.” Rubbish. Regardless, I’m intrigued. So I went to the Sharpie website to see if these things exist or if they are actually in the same family as leprechauns or unicorns or comfortable stilettos. The picture is there. I’ve never seen one in real life, so their existence is still in question.


More importantly, as I went to the Sharpie website, look what I found! A stainless steel Sharpie. Hello! A-maz-ing! Check out how tough and spacey it looks. I bet astronauts use this. If I were an astronaut, I’d use this! It probably costs $20 so I’ll never buy it. But I can look at it all I want! It’s so pretty….


I think I’ve officially out-dorked myself today. I apologize to my readers who don’t understand the excitement of office supplies. You are truly missing out. To those out you who do understand, I leave you with this link. It makes me happy.



Three hour Biggest Loser season finale tonight! Don’t miss it!!!

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Simple Things

There are a few small things in life that bring so much joy. Like warm towels. Or the smell of crayons. Or a cold beer on a hot Texas day. A hot bubble bath with a glass of wine. Seeing someone that cut you off get a ticket. Dark chocolate. Clean sheets. Three day weekends. Hmm… okay apparently there are more than “a few” things. There are a lot.


One of my absolute favorite things is mail. Not junk mail. Not letters from the Travis County Court. But real mail. Hand addressed, in non-legal sized envelopes. When I was in high school and my friend Rachel went to college, she used to send some of the best mail. Of course it helped that her handwriting was identical to Tahoma. But I even love getting mail from people who have handwriting identical to my dog. There is something so exciting about seeing that envelope or package… all mysterious… just calling your name. Am I right?


I was blog browsing the other day. I was reading through a blog I like but hadn’t visited in a couple weeks. You can check out her blog on your own but I wanted to tell you a bit about what I found. She’s hosting this thing called a Spring Swap. (At this point, all males can close their browser. I assure you that you’ll have no interest in this. Actually, if you don’t have a blog you may not care either. Actually, if you aren’t me you may not care. Whatever. I like it. Moving on…) You send her an email with your info and she’ll give you a partner on May 14. Then you’ll mail your partner 4 of your favorite spring time items.  So they get mail. And you get mail. How fun! I’m going to be brainstorming to come up with something fun!


Click here for details!


While we are on the topic of “the most wonderful things in life”…


At the risk of sounding like a porker, let me say this. One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is turkey skin. Oh my gracious! I love the smell of turkey. I love a big beautiful bird sitting there on the counter, covered in crispy skin, just dying to be eaten (no pun intended). Seriously. Oh dear. Excuse me a minute, I’ve drooled all over the keyboard. The problem is this. Uncle Joe doesn’t allow people to eat turkey skin. He says that removing the skin dries out the turkey. It’s possible. But if you are cutting the turkey in 5 seconds anyways, what difference does it make? But there is no reasoning with Uncle Joe. He’s from New York. If you reach for the turkey, he’ll wave his electric knife at you. So then I’m left weighing the pros and cons… Do I just go for it? Sure, I may lose a finger… but won’t it be worth it?


I, Captain Random, made a turkey on Saturday. Yes, a big 12.6 pound turkey. No, you aren’t mistaken. You are right. It’s May. I cooked a turkey in May. Why? Oh well that’s easy. Kroger gave us a free turkey in November but (try to follow this) my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s mom already bought our Thanksgiving turkey. So it’s been sitting in our giant freezer. I knew I’d be home all day on Saturday so I thought it would be a good time to cook it. So I did. And then I cut it up. I bagged it (some slices for sandwiches, some pieces for soups and casseroles) and put it back in the freezer. Fantastic huh? You know what the best part of it is? I got to eat all the turkey skin I wanted. And boy did I. I ate and I ate. And just as I was feeling sick, I ate some more. Because I know not to look a gift turkey in the mouth. I so badly wanted to eat too much and then have the “I’ll just die if I ever eat a morsel of turkey skin ever again” feeling. But I didn’t. I think I did the opposite.


I tasted the freedom. The freedom of peeling back that turkey skin without the fear or a knife chopping off my hand. And I’ve developed a new plan. The Hursts will now cook turkeys year-round. We will buy them on sale and freeze the cooked meat. We’ll eat turkey sandwiches for lunch and used chopped turkey instead of chopped chicken in casseroles. And I will eat turkey skin as I please. And that, my friends, is pure brilliance!

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Props! to Moms

Apparently my life has turned boring because this is the third time this week that I’ve come to the computer with nothing to say. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel bored. Do I sound boring? Granted, yesterday’s post wasn’t the most entertaining topic of discussion. But other than that, am I putting you to sleep?


I planned to do a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY post on Monday, but since my mind is mush, I’ll do it now!


Do moms feel more loved on Mother’s Day? Do they feel more appreciated? I hope not. I hope that moms don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to feel that they are great mothers and that we love them dearly. I hope Mother’s Day is just a day that they get a nice card and lots of hugs and don’t have to cook or do any dishes. Maybe my mom felt more loved on Mother’s Day during my less-lovable teenaged days, but I hope that’s not the case now. I truly hope that I show my mom love each and every time I see her.


To all of you Mommas out there, I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day. I hope you know how important your job is and how much you make a difference. Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOMMY! Happy Mother’s Day to MY MOTHER-IN-LAW! Happy Mother’s Day also to all the women who have been second, third, and fourth mothers to me. (Not because my Mom isn’t mom-enough to handle me! But because the Lord has placed these women in my life to teach me things.)


Reasons Why My Mom Rocks:

*She’s a hottie!
*She makes the best chicken salad in the entire world. Not kidding. Really.
*Exhibit A
*She has great hair.
*Because of her example, I know I will not fail as a mother. And I can’t wait until the day I get to prove that!
*She lets me whine to her. And almost never tells me things that I don’t want to hear.
*Even though I’m her favorite, she treats all of her kids equally. 🙂
*She loves her son-in-law and daughter-in-law.
*She doesn’t make me feel stupid when I call her with questions I should have learned in Housewife 101 class.
*She’s been in love with my daddy for 30 (ish) years and has made their marriage a priority.
*She gives and gives and gives.
*She screams at the tv like a man when she watches UT football.
*She brought Banana Chocolate Chip muffins into my life
*She accepts all of my friends as her other children.
*She has a cute, red convertible.
*She (and my dad) taught me how to be smart with money, how to parent, how to be in a successful marriage, and how to make time for family.
*She keeps her granddog when Stephen and I are out of town.
*She reads my blog!
*When I was little, she used to make homemade play-dough.
*She’s a wonderful woman of the Lord!


Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Me and my hot momma on the cruise!

Now it’s your turn! Why do you love your momma? Why do you love my momma?

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Excuse Me While I Waste Your Time

I had a fairly productive (and relaxing!) evening last night. Those two words aren’t generally used in the same sentence. Not for me at least. Unless I’m discussing how productive my nap was on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Or telling you how I was relaxing on the couch and felt productive when I finished my last Dove dark chocolate egg and was finally able to throw away the Easter packaging. But I had a truly productive evening… in the form of laundry, doing my Bible Study homework, sewing my eye patch back together, sweeping up dog hair, reading a couple chapters of Eclipse, and cutting my fingernails.


Last night I was on my own. Stephen got some Astros tickets from work and went to the game with a few of his friends. (He called me on Tuesday and asked, “Would it offend you terribly if I had 4 tickets to the game and didn’t invite you?” What a sweet man for semi-asking me and considering my feelings. For the record, I’m not offended.) So on my way home from work I stopped at my old high school to drop off some dresses for the Fairy Godmother Project. Feels good to do a little ‘good’ and clean out my closet. Anyone know a charity that is accepting holey socks or stained t-shirts? What about shoes that give blisters? Or garments that the dryer didn’t agree with? I could use a few more excuses to get rid of some of this stuff.


My sister is done with her semester so my mom flew up to Missouri and they are currently driving home together. My dad was at Bible Study. So I did the most logical thing I could think of. I went to their house and stole their dog.


I took this little monster



To play with this big monster



And this is what happened.



Oh how I love these pups! Molly recently got her hair cut so she is so tiny and soft and has this tiny green bow in her hair. Sometimes I just want to squeeze her! But I won’t. Because she’d die. And my mom would be mad.


Anyways. I let the dogs run around while I heated up my dinner. So remember the 11 meals I made and froze? Okay, we had one of the Baked Zitis on Tuesday. The recipe said to put it in a 9×13 pan. Instead, I added a little bit of extra meat sauce and put them in three 8×8 pans. I defrosted one and cooked it on Tuesday. We ate half of the pan. Stephen took some yesterday for lunch and I had the rest for dinner last night. Do you see what I’m saying? One recipe actually makes 12 servings. (More realistically, it makes 15 servings but we eat big portions. It helps the growth of our spare tires.)  None of the ingredients were expensive. So this has been one of the cheapest meals I’ve ever cooked. (Stephen doesn’t count Ramen as food. Otherwise, that’s the cheapest!) I mean really. A pound of meat, I used venison from our freezer so that was free. A package of pasta, always cheap. And then whatever else was in there- ricotta and some sorts of seasonings and sauces and cheeses. It probably cost me $6-8. Next time I may sneak some spinach in there or some sort of veggie. Anyways, in case I haven’t made my point, let me be blunt. Click here and get this cookbook!! I’ll have reviews as we eat the other items.


In other news (this is a severely haphazard post, and, no there is no point that I’m trying to reach), when I was at my parents’ house I went out to get their mail. I flipped through it. I always do this, just on the off-chance that there is something for me. There was. Actually, there was something for Chelsea Rosenhagen. It’s usually a credit card application or something but this was not. It was some letter from the courts in Travis County. Apparently I didn’t submit the proper paperwork after I got a ticket and now, if I don’t submit it or pay some fee, there will be a warrant out for my arrest. First of all, I find it hard to believe that I didn’t take care of this. That’s not like me. At all. Secondly, and more importantly, the ticket was from January 2005. People, that was 4 years ago! Four years! Ridiculous.


This was a crazy post. There was no point. No funny story. No wisdom. Nothing. Basically, I just wasted 3 minutes of your life. For that, I do not apologize. It’s really your fault, you saw the title.


But, in an effort to make it up to you, here’s a cute picture.


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Loser Week 18: The Marathon

Great episode! It started with flashbacks of the first week. They also did this really cool photo-progression thing. That was really cool. Anyways, the remaining 4 (Ron, Mike, Helen, Tara) were told they were going home for 30 days. Then they’ll come back to the ranch and do the weigh-in to see who the final three are.


So they all head home. Each come home to a party and give a speech to their guests. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t like Helen. I think she’s selfish and doesn’t know how to be a good mother to Shannon. What? I’m mentioned that before? Oh okay. Well here’s one more time for good measure: Helen is selfish. Very very selfish.


Shortly after the contestants get home they get a Biggest Loser package delivered. It was a DVD that told them that their final challenge would be to run a marathon. Wowza. They all freaked out. Of course. That’s insane. So they all worked out and trained. Jillian and Bob surprised each of their contestants. Jillian talked to Helen and Tara about balance and learning to relax. Tara really needed that talk. She gone all Ali Vincent on us. She looks great though. Very pretty!


I specifically enjoyed Bob’s visit with Ron. He took time to hang out with Max. He took them to Subway and talked to him about nutrition. Then he took Ron and Max to the gym. He spent a lot of time training Max. He pushed him and encouraged him. And eventually Max threw up. It was nice to see! You could see how much this helped Max. He really respects Bob (moreso than Jillian, duh). He says that Bob has some quality that makes you want to do good work, you don’t want to let him down. That is what makes a good trainer, my friends. Yes, I know that Jillian has 3 contestants left and Bob only has 1. But I would argue that Bob’s team has more confidence and seem to be a bit more level-headed.


Anyways, onto the marathon. Each contestant that completed it got $10,000 to donate to the charity of their choice, complements of that protein powder that Ali Vincent is on the package of. Tara and Helen were the only ones who ran it. Tara, of course, completed it first. Mike had injured his hip and wasn’t allowed to run. I felt bad for him, you could tell her really wanted to run. Ron walked. And took many breaks. At one point I thought he was going to have to quit. His body was shaking and his blood pressure was up. But he kept going. It only took him like 36 hours. Just kidding. It didn’t take THAT long, and I really am proud of him for finishing. I’m sure it was really painful. For the first time in 18 weeks let me say, Congrats Ron. One of the cool parts was that old Loser winners showed up to run with them. Ali, Michelle, Bernie (yay Bernie!), Heba (vomit!), was that it? I feel like there was someone else.


Back to the ranch for the final weigh-in. Two people would be safe. Two are under the line. I was pretty shocked at how little weight they all lost. In 30 days, the most weight lost was like 10 pounds (or something, not really important). So Tara and Helen are above the yellow line. Ron and Mike are below. Now its up to us to vote. Do we want Mike or Ron to be in the final 3? Go here to vote. This is a no brainer for me. Mike all the way!


A few thoughts to leave you with:

-Did you see Shannon?? She hasn’t lost much weight. Poor girl. Stupid mother.

-Okay NBC. You suck. Why oh why oh WHY would you play a “Vote After The Show” commercial showing Ron and Mike’s faces BEFORE the weigh-in? Are you complete idiots? Thank you for ruining the anticipation on the weigh-in. Ugh, I’m so annoyed. Stephen says, “It’s okay, you would have found out in 5 minutes anyways.” Not. The. Point. Did anyone else notice this and get annoyed??

-The final online voting is even an ad. “Who would you like to SHIELD from elimination?” Brought to you by Ziplock Fresh Shield.

-Did anyone see Jillian rub Helen’s thigh in the weigh-in. Weird!

-I think Max is just great. I no longer think they are going to put him on next season. I think they are going to hook him up with a trainer though. I think it would be cool if he got the chance to be on Loser but if he’s starting to lose weight now, there may not be any point. I don’t know. Either way, he’ll do just fine.

-Three hour season finale? Really? Not that I’m complaining. I’ll watch every second of it! But sheesh!

-If Mike wins, all three finalists will be from Jillian’s team. Poor Bob. I love you Bob!

-I already miss it. When does next season start??

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Meet the Potters

The purpose of this post is not to debate the Twilight series. Let me just throw that out there. If you haven’t read it and you’re a female who enjoys reading, get on it! And I don’t want to hear about it being too long or the writing style (Sarah) or that you don’t like that type of book. Just read it. Okay? Moving on.

As I was reading the first Twilight book, I became suspicious of everyone I encountered. All of a sudden, anyone could be a vampire. As far as I was concerned, I was Bella in a world full of Cullens. And it was my responsibility to narrow down the Cullen family tree. My sister is way too tan, she’s obviously not a vampire. My brother eats food. Lots of food. So he’s not a vampire. My grandpa? No, he grew up on a farm. And I don’t think sparkly farmers are taken seriously. Wait, maybe that’s why he quit farming and moved here. No, he eats too. Not a vampire. My friend Lyndsey? Heaven’s no. She sleeps. A. Lot. What about my dear husband? He has fair skin. He doesn’t go in the sun unless completely covered. He has black eyes. Obviously though, he’s not. While he does have a few vampirish (vampiral? vampiric? vampirian?) traits, he’s far from being a Cold One. He loves to sleep, he loves to eat. He’s aging. And he very rarely has the desire to kill me. Emphasis on the ‘rarely’… I will not go so far as to say ‘never’.

So I’m not married to a vampire. And I may not know any. And I know you’re lying if you’ve read the book and haven’t thought “Oh, maybe ______ is a vampire!” We can’t help it. We get into the story. If you watch X-Men you may walk down the street and think “I bet he’s a superhero.” Or after you watch Sixth Sense, you wonder if you are surrounded by dead people.

I never got on the Harry Potter bandwagon. Maybe one day I’ll read all 42 of those books. I’ve never really had the desire to read them but I’ve heard they are really good. I wonder if people who read those books wonder if there are wizards and witches and giant chessboards somewhere out there. I wonder how many kids have run into walls hoping that they could take a magic train to Hogwarts. Harry Potter is still a popular Halloween costume. People want to be magical. But are you magical? Does your Swiffer Wet Jet fly you to the grocery store? Does your Snuggie make you invisible? Hmm… Intriguing. Maybe Stephen is a wizard! I don’t know much about wizard characteristics. Are they hot? Cold? Do they age? Are they smart? Are they funny? Do they have to know how to play chess? I don’t know! All I know is this. Harry has a scar that means something special about something having to do with his wizard-dom. See. (I should note that I got this picture for some other blog, wasn’t sited… don’t want to break any copyright rules. I have no idea how that works…)

Doesn't he look tough with that Z scar on his head? And magical. He looks magical for sure!

Doesn't he look tough with that Z scar on his head? And magical. He looks magical for sure!

Well if a funny, permanent  mark on your forehead is all it takes to make you a wizard, it looks like I’ve snagged myself one of those. Meet the newest member of Gryffindor:


He looks normal enough, right? Don’t be fooled though. These wizards are good at fitting in with us human-folk. Take a closer look.

The evidence

The evidence

See that dark spot on my hubby’s forehead? It’s been there since Sunday afternoon. I know. It’s small. Not very noticeable. Hey Stephen, will you turn your head so we can get a look at the other side of your face?

Further evidence. And the reason Stephen can no longer keep his Wizard status a secret to his friends, family, and coworkers.

Further evidence. And the reason Stephen can no longer keep his Wizard status a secret to his friends, family, and coworkers.

 So he’s either a child who somehow gets random stains on his skin, or he’s a wizard. Lets, please, go with the wizard theory.

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Hoarding At It’s Best (Or Worst)

Rachel- You requested a post on this topic. Here you go! I hope I don’t disappoint!


We’ve already discussed that I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have a hard time letting things go. This includes all things: furniture, books, pictures, a can of asparagus tips that I bought when I was curious but am now too scared to try, magazines (I’m getting better about this one- I usually only keep an issue about 3 months now), email, anything with any sort of sentimental value, shoes that I no longer wear or don’t fit properly, Rookie’s hair (this isn’t intentional… it just doesn’t go away), gift bags- even though I always wrap gifts, …should I keep going?


I think it’s fair to say that I’m also a hoarder of memories. Which is one reason I dove headfirst into blogging. Thanks to this blog, I will never, ever forget about the awful games I had to play for vision therapy. Although I’m not quite sure if that’s a memory I will want to revisit! That’s not the point though. The point is that I know I can reread it if I want to. This is the same reason I have kept all of my old birthday cards and graduation cards and wedding cards. This is why I have a box in my closet full of notes from high school friends. I like to know I can go back and revisit those memories when I want to. It’s comforting.


Of all of my hoarding tendencies, I don’t think my memory hoarding is too damaging. For the most part, it’s contained to a fairly small area. After all, its just a bunch on cards and notes. Words really. And words don’t take up too much space. I guess that depends on if we are measuring the volume or area… Because if we’re going by surface area, I’m in trouble.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet my memory hoarding at it’s worst:


My old bedroom.

This is my old bedroom. It began in 4th grade when I splatter-painted my walls. It got worse in 5th grade when I started writing phone numbers on the wall in pencil. (Remember those days… when you had to know phone numbers to call people?!) I think 8th grade is when this idea gained momentum. I asked permission to draw this Forever Friends thing:


At which point all the “BFFs” drew their names. And, well, you know how BFF’s are really just BFForNow’s… and I couldn’t very well hurt the feelings of my new BFFs. So that’s when it got out of control.


Incase you were wondering, the reason the writing along the bottom is arched is because Rachel drew around the outline of my bed. Very creative, that girl! She definitely wins the award for prettiest graffiti! Joel does not. He apparently gave up after coloring in the “Jo”… Although I’m pretty sure the drawing of the man at the top was his self-portrait. Moving on…


Jennifer (or Jen Lynn in this instance) also has many posts. The flag and gibberish is by Michael, our German exchange student. And this (below)would be Lucy’s Sophomore Will. All inside jokes from our sophomore year. (After reading them, I seem to be on the outside of some of those jokes now.) She definitely won the award for most words. There are paragraphs from her all over the place.


Oh, and incase you’re wondering, here’s the ceiling:



Due to my feelings that everyone should have “artistic freedom” and use whatever tools necessary to make their mark, my mother now has quite an issue on her hands. Apparently nail polish, glitter paint, crayon, and Sharpie don’t cover well. I may be bias, but I think it’s worth it!

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Props! to Dinner Creations

When you’re married, all of your plans revolve around your spouse. You make plans together. You do things together. Even if you do things separately, they are somehow interrelated. Last weekend I was home alone. My hubby was off on a men’s retreat so I was left home to entertain myself. How do you entertain yourself when the weather is disgusting, you have two dogs with you, and you don’t want to clean? You cook! And cook and cook. All the live long day! And then you collapse into a hot bath because your back is throbbing in pain and you wonder why you decided to spend all day grocery shopping and standing in the kitchen when you have a herniated disc and are prone to severe back pain. But that’s beside the point. Wait, what was the point? Oh, you cook!


I know. You’re confused. Who were you cooking for, you ask? I see your confusion. I was cooking for Stephen and I. But, Chelsea,  you just said Stephen was gone… why were you cooking for him? It’s complicated, I know. But try to keep up. Have you ever heard of Once a Month Cooking (OAMC) or Make Ahead Cooking (MAC)? I imagine you have, but let me explain anyways. I’ve already caused enough confusion. OAMC is when you prepare meals and freeze them. Then, throughout the month, all you have to do is take a meal out of the freezer and stick it in the oven. All the hard work is done! This ranks up there with the Crock Pot as far as easy-peasy cooking goes!


Let me be careful not to deceive you. It takes some work. It takes preparation time, planning time, and cooking time. But I assure you that it’ll pay off. Stephen has this weird theory. Actually, I’m not sure if it’s really a theory… maybe just a thought. What’s the difference? Anyways, if he has a decision to make, he often thinks about this: Do I want to screw Present Stephen over? or Future Stephen? Example: He’s on the way home from work and as he pulls in the driveway he sees that the car needs gas. Does he screw over Present Stephen and go fill up the tank now? Or does he screw over Future Stephen and know he has to wake up earlier in the morning to get gas before work? Get it? Okay, look at your calendar. Find a free Saturday or Sunday. If you can devote a few hours to cooking, you’ll thank yourself over and over in the weeks to come. Yes, I’m saying to screw over your present self to benefit your future self. Although I don’t see it as screwing myself over… it’s cooking, it’s not bad!


There is a family friend of ours that used to own a business that did this sort of thing. You go in, prepare a bunch of meals and take them home and put them in your freezer. But the economy is terrible so Dinner Creations had to close their doors. She has now put out a cookbook that includes all of the amazing recipes they used. I spent a couple hours last week reading the cookbook (yes, I know that’s weird… I like to read cookbooks… you can stop laughing now) and found quite a few I’d like to try. Most of the recipes tell you to assemble them in a 9×13 pan. But Stephen and I are only two people. So I use 8×8 foil pans instead. I made 4 recipes and now have 11 meals in our freezer. Wait, maybe you didn’t hear me. Let me turn my music down. There. I made 4 recipes and now have 11 meals in our freezer. ELEVEN.


There are plenty of websites out there that have OAMC recipes. I have tried a couple. But I’m not about to waste my time making meals that turn out to be gross. Also, sometimes those websites don’t give you clear instructions on how to freeze. This cookbook gives you instructions on how to prepare the meal as if you were cooking it tonight. Below that are instructions on how to freeze and package so it’ll taste wonderful in the future. It’s super easy. The cookbook also includes breakfast food and desserts. How cool is that?


Well, as much as I’d love to post a few of the recipes on my recipe blog, I’m not going to. I’d so much rather you buy the cookbook. Diane has been a friend of the Rosenhagens for years. Her family is fabulous and her cookbook is amazing. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve posted the information below. If you want more details, ask me or Diane.


Your Future Self Will Thank You For Clicking Here!

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