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I Dare You

I’m addicted to my planner. I never go anywhere without it. I never do anything that isn’t written in it. I can tell you what I have planned each day from now until December 31, 2009. I don’t understand people who don’t have planners. How do you keep your life straight? How do you remember that you have an eye doctor appointment on July 13? Are you non-planner people just that much smarter than us planner people? (This is not a rhetorical question. I really am curious.)


Stephen is awful at planners. I bought him one and wrote in it. I told him I’d update it as often as he wanted me to. Stephen, I’ll take you out for ice cream if you can tell me where that planner is right now. I don’t know if it’s a man thing, or a Stephen thing. He’s just not good with plans. We met up for lunch yesterday at Taco C and discussed the pros and cons of going to Port Aransas for a weekend in July with my family. I pulled out my planner so we could see how busy we are and if it’ll be a “much needed vacay” or “just another thing to add to the calendar.” Stephen looked down and said, “Wait, you’re going to Kansas City this weekend?!” Sigh….


We had a deadline of May 30 to get Stephen switched over to Verizon. Previously he had been on his parents’ plan. He decided that if we could just find a phone with a user-friendly calendar, his problems would be solved. That’s a great thought. There’s really no way for a guy to carry around a planner and still keep his Man Card. But a phone… that’s manly. And he already carries that around, so it won’t be anything new. Ding ding, we have a winner. But wait, that still leaves an issue. How will the events get on to that calendar? Am I going to have to steal his phone and update it? That wasn’t a very appealing thought but, hey, I’ll take one for the team. We started looking at phones and doing some research. I talked to my people who talked to their people and word on the street was that the LG Dare has an excellent calendar and, even more amazingly, you can sync up two calendars. What?! If I have a Dare and Stephen has a Dare, I can add an event to my calendar and with some sort of Bluetooth technology that I don’t understand, it’ll somehow find it’s way onto his phone. A-mazing.


We took the plunge. We bought two fancy phones. I’ve never had a fancy phone before. I’ve always had the freebie phone that comes with the upgrade. And that was just fine with me. Until now. I don’t think I can go back. I didn’t know what I was missing. Kind of like people who don’t like Texas. Clearly they’ve never been. They don’t know what they are missing. Or like people who don’t like chocolate. Or naps. We all know that they are just eating crappy chocolate or trying to nap on an uncomfortable couch. They just aren’t doing it right. But I think Stephen and I finally got it right. We got great phones. And my people’s people were right, we can sync up our calendars.


Turns out, that’s not the only thing the Dare is good for. Friday night we were at Reckling Park. (What’s new?!) Stephen decided it would be a good time to read my blog. He pulls out his handy dandy notebook phone and with a few touches, he’s there. Out of the corner of my eye I see him scrolling down the page really quickly. This is unacceptable. He is my husband… which means he’s forced to read every word of every post on my blog. Til death do us part.


Chelsea: Why are you scrolling so quickly??? Why aren’t you reading it?

Stephen: (Nonchalantly…) Oh, I’m looking for my name.

Chelsea: What? You can’t just read your name! You’ll miss the point.

Stephen: I’m looking for my name. I’ll read what you say about me and then I’ll go read all that other stuff around it.


Wow, Dare. I didn’t see that coming. A calendar and an ego boost, all in one little contraption?!  At least he’ll know the plans for he and his big head*…


*Although Stephen actually has a physically large head, this is meant purely in the I’m-so-awesome-that-I-only-read-about-myself way.

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