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If you are a blogger, you know that every experience you have could inspire your next blog post. If you’re not a blogger, you probably have many experiences that you don’t truly appreciate. I have never been more aware of my surroundings as I have the past 6 months. It makes me wonder if I was always surrounded by random hilarity or if this is a new thing.

Last week, Stephen and I took his parents to go see Up. (Fantastic movie, by the way!) It was a Friday night and the theater was packed. I’m not quite sure what was going on in the row in front of us but there were people up and moving around. There were some seat exchanges or something. So this mom was moving over a couple seats and she was holding her purse, candy, and a few cups of water. As she was walking and stepping over people’s feet, she tipped her hand and the water in her cup spilled all over the two women in the row in front of her. I was shocked. I turned to Stephen so we could be shocked together. He didn’t see it happen. My in-laws never mentioned it so I’m thinking that they didn’t see it either. This leads me to believe that I’m still having the same experiences I’ve always had, I just notice more. I live a life that is constantly searching for blog material. But the thing is… I don’t really have to search. It just presents itself.

I’m going to take for granted that you’ve been reading recently. If you are a newbie, this won’t make any sense. But to all of my loyal readers, listen to this. Remember the guy from the airport that farted in front of Kelly and I? And then proceeded to sit down next to us and join our conversation? Remember? On Saturday evening I went to dinner with a few girl friends from high school. We walked into the restaurant and we were standing at the hostess table waiting for one of the 11 high school girls to figure out where to put us. All of a sudden, I hear this man say, “I saw YOU at the airport going to Kansas City!” It was him. The Farter. At Chuy’s at the exact same time as me. And he remembered me. And pointed at me. How is that possible?? So I say, “Oh my gosh. Yeah.” And he, of course, goes on. “I was on my way to get this guy…” and points at some poor poor teenaged boy that I assume is his son. I nod, turn around, and quickly walk to our table.

Things like that just don’t happen to people without blogs. They just don’t.

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