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Sweet Skills

I know a lot of talented people. Musicians, cooks, photographers, scrapbookers, knitters, smart people, athletes, etc. etc. etc. I believe that God gives us all talents and I’ve often wondered what mine it. What is my sweet skill? Maybe it’s something I haven’t discovered yet. Like juggling. Probably not. Usually people who don’t see 3D aren’t good jugglers… lots of black eyes and bloody noses. Maybe I’m an excellent ventriloquist. Or maybe it’s some sort of activity that doesn’t require me to join the circus.

My sister decided to go to school to be a graphic designer. Part of that major is art. She wasn’t particularly excited about it since she had no background in art and was convinced that she wouldn’t be any good at it. She soon proved herself wrong. She’s incredible. Each time we see a piece of her work, we are shocked. That girl definitely has a talent. She is truly an artist. Here’s the proof. Here is a picture of her self portrait. If you haven’t seen my sister, this is her.

lindsay portrait

Some people have incredible talents that aren’t as useful. I remember one time in college, I was in the car with my friend Lyndsey. She was like, “Hey have you heard that new song? It’s something about ‘That’s What I Like About Sundays.'” At that point, the song was brand new and I had never heard of it. She said, “Oh, it’s really good. It says something about ‘Sweet Miss Betty likes to sing off key in the pew behind me… That’s what I like about Sundays, Sing along as the choir sways, every verse of Amazing Grace. Shake the preachers had. Go home, into your blue jeans. Have some chicken and some baked beans….’ And then it says something about ‘It’s 35 cents off a ground round baby, cut that coupon out.’ I don’t know. I’ve only heard it once.” Reread that last part. She had only heard it once but somehow she memorized the tune and half of the lyrics. It was nuts. I don’t know how she did it. She often complained that she could memorize any song but couldn’t memorize facts for school. Regardless Lyndsey, I was impressed. I still think about that every time I hear that song.

Everytime I post about not having skills, you all post comments about “blah blah, you can write, blah blah, you can cook, blah blah.” Yes I can do both. I can do neither exceptionally, but I can do both in true mediocre fashion. But that’s okay, because I realized what my true skill is. Foreshadowing. Or maybe we can even say that I’m a fortune teller. Or more accurately, a future teller. Do you doubt me? Two examples follow.

One. Think back a couple month ago to when I went a bit crazy with my cooking. I stocked the freezer with casseroles, meat, and cooked turkey. I bought sandwich meat on sale and froze it. We had tons of food. I just knew that I was going to need it. I knew I would be glad that I did it. And now, here I am, praising God that I made that choice. Our bathroom is taking shape. We got new floors, a new shower, new ceiling and walls, retexturing, painting, etc. The glass for the shower has been ordered. We’re about to buy a vanity and toilet. And let me just tell you, it’s not cheap. It makes me almost want to vomit every time I spend money now. So you can imagine the relief I have when I go to the grocery store and only have to buy the perishable items. Lunch and dinner is already bought and paid for. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Somehow I knew.

Second example. A few weeks ago I got a call from my mother. She said, “Hey. Are yall busy Thursday night? We are going to meet in the Academy parking lot at 6:15. We have something we want to do with all of you kids.” I hung up the phone and my immediate reaction was “they bought something. Maybe a boat, maybe a car, maybe a vacation house. Something. They bought something.” After two days of deliberating, I figured it out. I morphed into Sherlock Holmes and used my clues. I had decided that they’d bought a beach house. Turns out, my fortune telling skills are right on. Well, almost right on. I was only slightly off. They hadn’t actually purchased it. And it’s a house in Galveston, not technically a beach house. Regardless, I’ve got to say, I impressed myself on that one.

So here is the official introduction. Blog world, meet Bella Rose. Bella Rose, Blog world.


(Yes, we like to name our homes. First my grandparents and their friends named their Colorado condo Luther’s Run. Then Stephen and I bought the Hurst Castle. Now my parents bought the Bella Rose. We just decided to name my parents’ house the Rosen Haven. That’s funny if you know us…)

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